(8 Easy Ways) – How to Fix Xbox One Turns on and Then Off?

Clearly, it would frustrate you when you sit down to play your favorite game on Xbox one to find out that your Xbox one turns on then off itself. There are many reasons behind Xbox one turns on then off instantly. However, you must not worry since the problem is fixable!

So, can I fix Xbox one turns on then off instantly?

Yes, you can fix Xbox one turns on then off instantly. To do so, you can try pressing the power button or eject button several times. Having the console in standby mode and then turning it on may also help with eliminating the problem.

We suggest you to keep reading to find out why your Xbox one turns on then off itself, and what measures you can take to fix it!

how to fix xbox one turns on and then off
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Why Does My Xbox Keep Turning Off?

The entire issue revolves around that your Xbox One keeps turning off randomly when you have not made a single attempt to do so!

How unpleasant such a scenario would be that you set up everything to have a fun time on your Xbox, and it decides to disappoint you! Well, as mentioned earlier, it is not only your Xbox One console that keeps turning off randomly; the issue is quite common.

Here are the causes of why your Xbox keeps turning off:

1. Exhausted Console

Sometimes, if you have been playing games on your Xbox One for a long time, let’s say you have been on your console for continuous 7-8 hours, it probably heats up! An exhausted console will act according to its energy. Therefore, you might get turned off itself and will not turn on even when you try to do so!

If that is the case, you can wait for a while and let your console rest. You can try turning it on after a few hours when it has cooled down. Most probably, it will turn on!

2. Flawed Power Supply

There is nothing wrong with your console at times, but the main power supply unit turns out faulty. You must know that your Xbox One needs to have a specific power to turn itself on. If the main unit does not provide the necessary power, your Xbox will keep refusing to turn on no matter what you do.

3. Did You Get The Motherboard Wet?

Well, a careless attitude towards your console may cost you a lot. If you see your Xbox One getting turned off or on itself, please try to remember if you have ever spilled any liquid on it. If yes, most probably, the motherboard of your console is problematic, which results in the relevant issue.

How to Fix Xbox One Turns on Then off Instantly?

As mentioned earlier, the problem is fixable. All you need is to be consistent when trying to fix the problem.

Here are the methods to fix Xbox one turns on then off instantly:

1. Perform a Factory Reset

If your Xbox One turns off after a while, you can perform a factory reset on it and see if the issue vanishes for you. Factory reset usually resolves many disturbing glitches without you having to lose your games and their data.

You can follow the steps given below for factory reset;

  1. First of all, while your console works fine after getting turned on, navigate to the menu and settings.
  2. Select ‘system’ and then move to ‘console info.’
  3. You will come across the ‘reset console’ option, select it, and then click on ‘reset and keep my games and apps.’

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2. Shift Your Console To ‘Instant-On’ Mode

For many of you, shifting your console to ‘instant-on mode will work. It is a matter of changing the power settings of your console, which will probably fix the issue.

You have to navigate to the ‘settings’ and then move to ‘general.’ Next, you have to click on ‘power mode and start-up,’ and then choose the ‘instant-on mode.

By shifting your Xbox One to this mode, it will turn on without any delay, and you can even use voice commands to turn it on.

However, for the rest of the cases when your Xbox One console keeps turning off immediately right when you turn it on, you can try the following fixes;

3. Try Changing The Main Power Outlet

As mentioned earlier, the problem sometimes lies within the power outlet that does not supply adequate power output to your console. You can try changing the power outlet and then turn on your console.

If your Xbox One does not turn off after you have changed the power outlet, it ensures that there is nothing wrong with your console.

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4. Try Removing The External Hard Drives

Many times, gamers install an external hard drive in their Xbox One to overcome the storage issues. However, these external hard drives may cause different issues. You can try unplugging the external hard drive and then turning on your console. If the console turns on and does not turn off randomly, you are good to go!

However, for you, it might not work! If that is the case, you don’t have to worry about it! There are many other fixes that you can try!

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5. Try Pressing The Power Button Multiple Times

It might sound childish and impatient, but sometimes, when you repeatedly press the power button for a few minutes, you may hear a sound coming from the console. At this point, when you press the power button one more button, the chances are that your Xbox One will turn on normally and will not turn off randomly!

6. Shift The Console In Standby Mode, Then Turn It On

If your Xbox One keeps turning off right after turning it on, you can also try pressing the power button for straight 10 seconds. By doing so, you shift the console in standby mode. You can also consider it a refreshing or resetting method for your console.

After a while, you can try turning on your console and see if the problem persists.

7. Unplug The USB Devices

If you have recently performed software updates on your console, the chances are that it might result in various problems, one of them being the console turning off randomly. You can try removing all the USBs from your Xbox One and then try turning on the console. In most cases, the issue resolves!

8. Try Pressing The Eject Button Multiple Times

It is another simple and quick method to get rid of the Xbox One turning off the problem. You can keep pressing the eject button 8 to 10 times and see if the issue resolves.

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In Conclusion

Undoubtedly, either of the cases where your Xbox One turns on automatically or turns off instantly is pretty annoying. However, the latter causes more disturbance and frustration. Since the issue is quite common, you can try to continue having the best gaming experience on your Xbox One console.

In this article, we have tried our best to brief you on the causes of Xbox One turning on and off randomly and what you can do to fix it! Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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