How to Play Xbox One on Laptop Screen With HDMI?

How To Play Xbox One On Laptop Screen With Hdmi
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xbox one game chairsAs we know, Microsoft Xbox one is a gaming beast and can play every game with maximum graphics settings. This modern gaming machine supports 4k and HDR displays, giving a new experience to the users.

These gaming consoles are generally attached to a smart TV screen or an LCD for the display. However, an alternative to these flat screens is to connect Xbox one to laptop screen and have the same gaming experience. Linking your console with your laptop screen makes it portable, easier to use, occupies less space, and less expensive than buying a separate flat screen.

Here, we will discuss some of the methods you can use to connect your Xbox One with your laptop screen via an HDMI cable. Not only this, some various other alternative methods for merely connecting your console to a laptop screen are also included. Check out and see which way suits you the best.

How to play Xbox on laptop using HDMI?

You will need the following things while connecting your Xbox One gaming console with your laptop screen:

How To Connect Xbox One To Laptop

Several other things need to be paid attention to while making a connection between your console and laptop screen via HDMI cable. First, you need to check out your laptop’s limitations, laptops of different brands, and various models that have several variations in their display and connection properties. Second, you need to know the difference between the HDMI input and HDMI output. Here we are going to give you a brief description of all of these things.

HDMI Input or HDMI Output?

Recent generation consoles such as Xbox One support a standard type of connection for transmitting audio and video signals to and from the console. This standard connection is provided by using HDMI cables. HDMI inputs are a set of high definition sources and often hook up with an HD TV or an LCD. In this case, the output source is connected to the Xbox One. Which, in turn, sends information to the HDMI input source.

Laptops, on the other hand, provides a different type of connections. While connecting your Xbox One with the laptop, you will need to identify your laptop supports type. If it is an HDMI output port only, this means you can send high definition audio and video signals from your laptop to the monitor instead of the laptop itself. So, we need to find a laptop that supports HDMI input source. Some of the gaming laptops are suitable for this kind of connection.

Connecting Your XBOX One with HDMI

Connecting Your Xbox One With Hdmi

For connecting your Xbox One with your laptop, you need to turn off your console first. Then close every application and program running on your laptop, including downloads and installations in the background. After making sure that no task is pending, you can now proceed further.

Now, you need to ensure that your HDMI cable works perfectly and then connect one end of your HDMI cable to Xbox One’s HDMI port at the console’s back. And the other end should be connected to the laptop. If your laptop doesn’t support HDMI connections, then it must have a VGA connection port. You can get connect the HDMI cable to your laptop using an HDMI to VGA converter.

After making a secure connection between both of the devices, turn on your Xbox One gaming console. Your console will prompt a message for you about having a connection between the console and the laptop. Wait for a few minutes for your console to recognize your laptop.

Suppose your console takes longer than expected than you need to make some changes in your laptop’s display settings. These settings can be adjusted and customized from the control panel.

The point that needs to note down here is that your laptop must have an HDMI input for proper connection with the gaming console. Both HDMI cables need to be connected properly for the adequate broadcast of your game. By making a decent connection, now you can use your laptop screen as an alternative screen with your gaming console.

Connecting Your XBOX One Without HDMI

Connecting Your Xbox One Without Hdmi

If you want to connect your laptop with Xbox One without an HDMI cable, follow the following procedure. First, make sure that the latest version of windows is installed on your laptop, such as windows 10. Windows 10 supports a wireless connection between your Xbox One and laptop.

Now, make sure to install DirectX 1 feature in your laptop and the Xbox application available on windows store for free. This application provides a convenient connection and various other features.

You can also enable remote control for your gaming console using this application and play games directly on your laptop. However, it would help if you had a proper Wi-Fi or internet connection and this application for a successful connection. The performance depends entirely on the strength and latency of your internet connection.

You also need to sign in your application using a Microsoft account or register yourself with your email address if you haven’t used it before. After sign in, you can toggle between settings and make changes stream and control settings according to your preferences. These settings are synced to your linked account.

After making all these changes, you need to press the connect button, and your laptop will automatically connect to the XBOX One if both are connected to the same Wi-Fi. If not, then you need to connect them using the correct IP address.

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You may find it challenging to go for an optimal gaming setup with your Xbox One gaming console. You can connect your console with your laptop screen using an HDMI cable or Xbox application on your windows store. However, there may be a lot of change in the experience of playing games on a laptop screen or a full HD TV monitor.

But, on the other hand, this type of setup is less expensive, more convenient, and requires less space for your gaming setup.

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If you have any suggestions or queries, kindly let us know below.

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