How to Fix Xbox One HDMI Not Working? [Xbox No Signal]

No doubt, the entire Xbox One system’s gaming fun depends on its HDMI functionality. Therefore, when you encounter the Xbox one HDMI not working, that’s where the trouble begins! If you’re stuck with Xbox HDMI not working, don’t worry since we’ve got your back!

But, why is my Xbox one HDMI not working?

Well, your Xbox one HDMI might not be working due to incorrect arrangements of the cables. Besides, at times using outdated software version may also lead to Xbox HDMI ‘no signal’ errors.

To dig into details about Xbox one HDMI not working, and how you can fix it smoothly and without hustling much; please keep reading our short guide!

how to fix xbox one hdmi not working
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What Causes Xbox HDMI No Signal Issue?

Xbox HDMI ‘no signal’ issue is uncommon with Xbox one. However, when it comes to different variants like Xbox one X and one S, you will find the problem in a greater ratio.

There is no definite cause for why your Xbox HDMI not working, but you might want to check with the cables. Connecting the cables improperly may lead to Xbox HDMI ‘no signal’ error.

Next in line are the system glitches. Though, Xbox consoles are considered flawless, but tech tends to err. Therefore, at times, it’s not a human mistake for why you encounter the Xbox HDMI ‘no signal’ error; but system’s.

No matter the cause, you can fix the Xbox One HDMI black screen/no signal error in most cases.

How To Fix Xbox HDMI Not Working?

To fix Xbox HDMI not working problem, you can try using a new HDMI cable and see if the issue resolves. However, you must ensure first that all the HDMI cable connections are correct before you opt for other fixes.

Undeniably, you would not appreciate a scenario where you sit down to play your favorite games on your Xbox One console and find out the HDMI is not working in error on your TV. It would frustrate you, indeed! But, you don’t have to worry anymore!

Here are the methods to fix Xbox HDMI not working error:

1. Check If The Xbox Is Active

Before you jump into complex methods to fix the HDMI no signal issue, you must check whether your Xbox One is active or not. Sometimes, what happens is that your wireless Xbox controllers may disconnect on their own. Therefore, your TV screen goes blank or gives a no signal error.

You can check the Xbox logo button on your console, which lights up when the console is active. In cases of inactivity, you need to press the logo button to turn on the console.

Moreover, sometimes, the controllers will not open even when you press the logo button; if that is the case, please check the battery of your controllers.

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2. Look Into The HDMI Connections

As mentioned earlier, mostly the Xbox HDMI, no signal error occurs secondary to human mistakes. Like, it is pretty much typical for a human to forget about connecting any cable. Usually, there are two connections of the HDMI cable that are very significant. One is with the TV, and the other is with your console.

If your console is active entirely along with its controllers, you must recheck your HDMI connections with the TV and console.

3. Try Connecting The Cable With HDMI Out

If the processes of connecting and reconnecting HDMI cable with HDMI IN fail to help you resolve the no signal error, then you must try connecting the cable with HDMI OUT.

The fix is quite simple and primarily pretty much effective as well. It is a matter of switching the ports of the plugged-in cables, and if your console turns on like usual and you can see the game on TV, you know your issue has been resolved!

However, on the contrary, connecting the cable with HDMI OUT may not work for you.

4. Use A New HDMI Cord

If the measures mentioned above do not help you, you can buy a new HDMI cable and check if it solves the error. However, if you already have access to an HDMI cord, you do not have to buy a new one.

If using a different functional HDMI cord resolves your issue of HDMI no signal, you will know that your console is working fine, and the old cord got weary. However, unfortunately, if your Xbox needs repair, then the new HDMI cord will be useless!

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5. The ‘Low-Resolution’ Mode Can Be A Savior

The Xbox One console comes with a low-resolution mode which can help the overall system to run faster and smoother. In addition, many gamers claim that turning on the low-resolution mode solves HDMI no signal error as well. To turn on the mode, please follow the steps as under;

  1. First of all, you have to turn off your console by holding the power button for a few seconds.
  2. Next, you have to press and hold power and eject buttons on the console simultaneously for around 20 seconds until two beeps are audible to you.
  3. By performing the above two steps, you have successfully turned on the low-resolution mode.

6. Reset The Console Through The Power Cycle

Performing the power cycle on your Xbox One is relatively easy, and sometimes, when nothing else works to solve the HDMI no signal error, a simple console reset will help!

All you have to do is press and hold the power button on the console for a few seconds until the Xbox turns off. Then, please wait for 30 seconds before you turn on your Xbox One again. For most gamers who come up with Xbox HDMI blank screen issues, the power cycle reset works wonders!

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7. Look Into The Xbox One Power Brick

As the name suggests, the power brick connects the Xbox One console and the main power outlet. In addition, it only comes with the original Xbox One model and not with its variants. Sometimes, the problem lies within the power brick of Xbox One, which leads to Xbox One HDMI black screen error.

When the power brick is functional and active, it gives a white light through its LED. However, if the light is red or orange, it might signal a problem. You can disconnect the brick from your Xbox and power outlet and reconnect after five minutes. Then, hopefully, it would work fine!

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8. Disable The 24hz On Your Xbox One

You might be unaware of the enabled 24 Hz on your Xbox one console. It usually causes errors while you attempt to connect the console and TV through HDMI. You can disable 24 Hz by following the steps given below;

  1. Navigate to the ‘profile and systems,’ and then ‘settings.’
  2. Select ‘general,’ and then ‘TV and Display options.’
  3. Next, you have to click on ‘video mode’ and turn off the ‘allow 24 Hz’ by unchecking the box.

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In Conclusion

Of course, seeing the HDMI no signal error on your TV screen will irritate you because you cannot continue with your Xbox one games for a while. However, the Xbox HDMI not working or black screen errors are pretty common and therefore fixable.

In this article, we have tried our best to provide you with easy fixes to help you resolve the Xbox One HDMI no signal issue without putting in an extraordinary effort. Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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