How to Stop Avast From Blocking a Program (1 Mint Guide)

Despite Avast’s competent framework to protect our computers from unnecessary data breaches, it manages to interrupt some risk-free programs from running on our computers. This intervention can be irritating, and you probably want to prevent it while installing your favorite and trusted programs on your computer.

That is why we bring this article to help you prevent Avast from showing unwanted pop-ups and warnings about safe and trusted programs. However, you have to be careful and only install programs from the sources that you surely trust.

If you are sure, proceed reading to learn two methods that will mute these unnecessary security warnings.

how to stop avast from blocking a program
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How to stop Avast from Blocking a Program

The first method to stop Avast from blocking a program is to disable its security features temporarily. It does not seem appropriate if you have not downloaded the program from a trusted source because safe and well-known programs can be modded and repacked with viruses.

In case you are sure, follow the below-listed steps.

  1. Right-click on the Avast icon in the bottom right pop-up menu.

disable avast shield

  1. Locate and drag the cursor to “Avast Shields Control“, so a new drop-down menu appears. Click on ‘Disable All shields’ in the new menu.
  2. Click ‘OK’ in the message alert window to confirm.

accept avast disable

Now Avast services are turned off, which will prevent any interruption in your installations. But at this time, your computer is at risk, and you should activate the security shields after you are done with the installations.


To revert the changes,

  1. Click Avast Icon then drag the pointer to Avast Shields Control
  2. Click on “Enable All Shields” in the new pop-menu

enable all avast shield

And if you are not comfortable with disabling Avast, you can try our next method.

How to add a Program to Avast Exception List

When in the Avast Exception List, a program is left uninterrupted by the unnecessary security warnings. That does conclude that the exception list is meant for the highly trustworthy software, programs or files. You can also enlist websites in Avast’s Exception List.

Follow these steps to add a program in Avast Exception List.

  1. Open Avast Security window and go to the ‘Menu’.

open avast

menu setting

  1. In the drop-down window, click on ‘Settings.’

avast setting

  1. In the General Settings, Click on ‘Exceptions

avast exception

  1. Click ‘Add Exceptions
  2. Click ‘Browse’ and select the folder or program. Or you can enter the path to that folder or Web address of the website.

avast add program to exception


Antiviruses can detect some harmless software as viruses for different services they require to be enabled. But you don’t have to worry while the Avast security measures are disabled, Windows Firewall is in forced somewhat preventing security risks.

If you want to close Avast, check this article on How to close Avast Antivirus.

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