Original Xbox Emulator for Android Phones – (Free Download)

Do you wonder how fun would it be if you could play Xbox games on your android phone? Well, an original Xbox emulator for android can do wonders for you! Having the urge to play Xbox and can’t carry the console everywhere? Don’t worry, get the original Xbox emulator and enjoy!

But, what does original Xbox emulator for Android mean?

The original Xbox emulator for Android mimics the Xbox gaming experience on your small android device. These Xbox emulators are a collection of specific files that help you play Xbox games with the same fun on your android device.

We suggest you to keep reading to get your hands on information regarding original Xbox emulators for Android devices.

original xbox emulator for android
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How to run Xbox games on android?

It would be a ‘dream come true’ situation if you can play your Xbox games on android devices. Well, to run Xbox games on android; all you need is the original Xbox emulator app!

With the launch of new Xbox and PS consoles over time, the charm of the first Xbox console and its games might have toned down. However, a lot of gamers still wish to play those games in the current times.

Understandably, not everyone would have the first Xbox console today, but that does not mean that they can never enjoy their favorite Xbox games. In such cases, the original Xbox emulators are the saviors!

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What is Xbox emulator?

The term ’emulator’ means to imitate something positively. When we talk about an Xbox emulator, it means a source that can provide you with the same gaming experience that you would have on your Xbox console.

The Xbox emulator apps, also known as APK (android package kits), allow you to play Xbox games like Minecraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, etc., on your Android device.

Though the Xbox emulator apps are also available for IOS devices, this article contains a handful of information on how you can enjoy Xbox games on Android devices only!

The APK is a collection of files like source codes, audio, video files, etc. allows you to have the Xbox gaming fun on your small Android device.

The APK is not just one application, and once you have installed it on your Android device, different files will start getting decompiled and work as an Xbox emulator app!

How to get the Xbox emulator for android?

Getting the APK for your Android device to fulfill your Xbox gaming experience’s urge is pretty much tricky. Unlike any other officially recognized apps you can download from Google play store, you cannot find the APK on the play store, since the app is illegal.

You can install the APK from an unknown source. However, you would still need to make a few changes to your Android smartphone settings given below;

For Android 4.0 or above, you need to go to Settings > open Security Tab > check/tick the ‘unknown sources.’

In addition, you must stay vigilant because download files from unknown sources may call unwanted viruses on your phone.

Though the Android smartphones contain strict security that keeps the viruses away from the operating system, you never know!

Original Xbox emulator for android

Download your original Xbox emulator for Android. As mentioned earlier, the APK is not available on the Google play store. Therefore, you have to be quite careful when downloading the original Xbox emulator for your smartphone from an unauthorized source.

To continue downloading APK, you must have the VPN (Virtual Private Network), since the APK is unavailable at the Google play store. However, there are many VPN apps for free available on the Google play store, which will solve your issue. When you have successfully installed the VPN app, you will need to connect to it.

As mentioned earlier, the APK is a collection of many files. Once you have downloaded it, you can look for it in your Files app on your smartphone. Next, you will need to press the ‘completed download.’ You will see that the Original Xbox emulator will start getting installed!

After the successful installation of the Xbox emulator on your Android smartphone, you will be able to enjoy your favorite Xbox video games on it!

Xbox 360 emulator for android

First of all, you can download the Xbox 360 emulator for your Android device. The developers have designed the app so that Xbox 360 lovers can have a gaming experience similar to what they have while playing their favorite video games on the console.

The app provides you with full emulation and is compatible with Android 6.0 and above. Besides, you can exclusively enjoy nearly all the Xbox 360 video games on your Android device using the app.

However, the app itself does not contain Xbox 360 games; you must have them already. Moreover, the app does not consume your device’s battery at all!

Which are the best games for Xbox android?

Once you have successfully installed the Xbox emulator on your Android phone, you are all set to have the best Xbox gaming experience. You can play many games using the emulator, depending on what games you have purchased! We will enlist a few best Xbox games to play on Android;


The game is full of action and adventure. All you need to do is to destroy your enemies to win the game. Besides, the game is very much similar to that of today’s PUBG mobile. In Fortnight, 100 people play together, and the one who defeats all the enemies wins the play!


It is one of the oldest Xbox games! Though Microsoft bought it in 2014, the launch of the game dates back to 2011. Millions of active users of the game worldwide, which shows the game has many admirers everywhere. Mine craft is an artistic game where you can make up many things using the available material when you are in game play.

Call Of Duty

Though Call of Duty’s mobile version is available now, the one that came with Xbox in older times was unique and became everyone’s favorite! If you want to enjoy COD on your Android phone as you would have on your Xbox console, the emulator is your savior!

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Without any doubt, you would not want to miss something that can give you feels of Xbox video games, right? Using the Xbox emulator, aka APK, you can have the high-end Xbox video gaming experience on your Android device.

In this article, we have tried our best to guide you about the Xbox emulator and how you can install it! Hopefully, the information provided will prove helpful!

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