How to Install Xfinity Stream on Firestick (3 Tested Ways)

Xfinity is the most amazing and popular streaming app available these days. It was possessed by Comcast. Through this app, you can easily get access to the top demanded TV series, current affairs, movies, and all other latest videos. Enjoy your time simply, by plugging in a fireset or any compatible device with a television set.

This fantastic streaming app is accessible on all mediums from IOS, windows, and android. Now you can enjoy your favorite content stress-free anywhere you want. It allows the user to stream live TV, providing more than 200 channels at a time. With the help of xfinity app’s offline mode, you can watch all great shows later as well.

Let’s move towards some of the best features of this streaming app and how to install Xfinity on Firestick.

how to install xfinity stream on firestick
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  • Xfinity streaming app features over 200 channels live at a time
  • Even if you somehow skip your favorite show, you can watch it later using its offline mode through the Xfinity Firestick application.
  • It also features options like forwarding and rewinding in its offline mode
  • It contains a user-friendly interface, making it very simple for the user to find their desired content according to different categories.
  • The DVD library selection is also accessible on the app, which allows you to watch multiple contents based on type, actor, title, and other categories.

How to Install Xfinity Stream on Firestick and Fire TV?

It is quite known that firestick has its application store through which any application can easily be downloaded with a click. The firestick app store or Amazon app store is directly available, and you can easily install xfinity app through it.

Let’s have a look at the methods to install xfinity stream on firestick via the Amazon app store.

Install Xfinity Stream On Firestick Via Amazon App

  1. Initially, you have to set upon the Firestick device
  2. On the home screen type ‘Xfinity’ on the search bar and press on the search button, you can either use the voice search option for it.
  3. By using the assistance of the Firestick remote, scroll down to check Xfinity app option accessible on the drop-down menu.
  4. An additional screen will appear where you have to press the install button.
  5. Shortly after this, the app is installed within a few time.
  6. Once the installation process gets finished, you can open the app and enjoy all your favorite shows.

Substitute Method for Xfinity Stream on Firestick

Due to the geo-limitations executed on the service, there’s a chance that you might not be capable to install xfinity app through the Amazon store. However, some third-parties’ installers are enabling a solution to this issue. The Xfinity app can be download via ES explorer, Downloader, and FireDl.

How to configure Firestick from unidentified Sources

Following are the substitutions you can implement to download xfinity stream on firestick

  1. Press the Settings icon on the Firestick Home Screen.
  2. After that, press the My Fire TV option/ Devices option.

developer option from firestick

  1. Select the Developer Choice.
  2. Below Developer option, mark Apps from Unidentified Sources to turn on.

enable apps from unknown sources

  1. Click on the “Turn On” button in the popup notification

xfinity popup notification

  1. Finally, you are prepared to download the Xfinity Stream on your Firestick

How to install xfinity on firestick via Downloader App

Below is the instruction for downloading xfinity app on firestick via Downloader App

  1. Open the Downloader app on your Firestick. Then, press Allow button right after a notification appears.

search apk file

  1. Press the Home switch to acquire the search bar.
  2. Type this URL “” in the search bar and press the Go button for accessing xfinity app.
  3. This will start downloading the app. As the app gets downloaded, press the Install switch for installing the app.
  4. After completing the installation procedure, press Done.
  5. As the next notification appears, press Delete for deleting the apk file, as there’s no necessity for keeping the apk file after installation.

delete xfinity

  1. To check, press deletes again. The apk will be deleted.

confirm delete xfinity

YouTube video

If you face any issue while using Downloader app, then there is one more alternative accessible to download the app by using the help of ES File Explorer. Let’s see how we can do that

How to Put Xfinity Stream On Firestick with ES File Explorer

  1. Firstly, Open the Amazon app store and search for ES file Explorer

search es file explorer

  1. Then press on download and the app will start downloading.

download es file explorer

  1. Once downloading gets complete, it will automatically start installing the Es File Explorer.
  2. After complete installation allow access the access for Es File Explorer

allow permission ot es file explorer

  1. Press on the open button and the Es File Explorer app will open.

es file explorer download manager

  1. Get back to the home page and press the downloader selection.
  2. Choose the add icon and paste this URL “”.
  3. Choose the install option now, the installation will start.
  4. Afterward, the installation gets complete then press the open button and installs the Xfinity Stream application.
  5. Once the installation process gets finished, you can open the app and enjoy all your favorite shows.

How to use Xfinity Stream on Firestick?

After successfully downloading the Xfinity Steam app, here are some steps for using it.

  1. Xfinity app will now be accessible on the Your Apps & Channels grid.
  2. Now, Open the app and press get started.
  3. Click Get Started button.
  4. Create an account and enter your credentials for Signing In.
  5. Enjoy your favorite shows now. And you can also find any on-demand video, movie, or TV series from the search bar.


Now that you have all the information regarding the installation of Xfinity stream on firestick and fire TV, we hope that you will find any method from the above helpful in downloading the app.

The accurate Firestick device will help in providing stability to the app. It is recommended to use the newest version of the app for the stress-free availability of movies and TV shows through the app. This app is very simple to download, without having any technical knowledge. Hence, Xfinity is considered to be an ideal solution for your home entertainment.


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