How to Stop Avast From Running at Startup (2 Proven Ways)

Avast is considered to be one of the leading and most reliable antivirus software these days, as it has several benefits for users. Regardless of its proficient features, it makes your PC slower during startup which often affects your PC’s speed performance.

In this section, you will learn how to turn off this feature from the setting for preventing your PC from delays after booting to Windows. It will also help you to increase the speed of the operating system.

how to stop avast from running at startup
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How to Stop Avast from Running at Startup?

You will find this article very helpful in activating the interruption Avast Startup feature which permits obligatory Windows services to run initially, and after that, Avast will run. In this manner, the program won’t reduce the speed during startup. Let’s have a look at this easy method which will require just two minutes for implementation.

Below instructions should be followed for preventing Avast antivirus from loading at startup.

  1. Click the “Windows” and “R” keys at the same  time for opening the Run dialog box.
  2. Then Type “msconfig.exe” into the dialog box.

system msconfig

  1. Afterward, click “Enter” to take off the System Configuration window.
  2. Choose “Startup” and then press the “Startup Item” option to alphabetize the startup program.

system configuration startup

  1. Find the “Avast!” or “ashDisp.exe” in the list of items.
  2. Next, Untick the box to the left of the application to deactivate it from working at a startup.

avast delay

  1. Finally press “Apply” and then press “OK” for turning off the System Configuration window.

This interruption feature will have a defense-less impact on your computer throughout startup. Hence, it is recommended to avoid launching any application during the first 2-5 minutes of startup.

If the above method doesn’t work we still have an option to make Avast not run at startup

Prevent Avast From Loading at Startup Through Settings

  1. Open Avast antivirus by clicking the Avast icon from system tray

open avast

  1. Open the “Settings” by clicking the “Menu” from the top right

menu setting avast setting

  1. Make sure you are in General tab and select “Troubleshooting

delay avast startup settings

  1. Scroll down the window and find “Delay Avast startup
  2. Enable it by clicking the checkmark icon

It will delay the launch of the Avast at the startup so the other programs start first.


Avast antivirus is currently the most popular and authentic antivirus tool around the globe but it can interfere with the system startup process, which results in slow loading of the operating system, so it’s essential to make it disable until Windows completes the process.

Now that you have all the information on how to stop Avast from running at startup, we hope that you will easily implement this method. We also suggest you do deactivate few startup applications and shift to AHCI  (Advanced Host Controller Interface) for allowing your PC to have a faster booting process.

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