How to Stop Avast From Blocking a Website? [Unblock a site]

Avast is considered to be the world’s most well-known antivirus due to its multiple features including Ads blocker, Malware Detector, Anti- Tracking, and many others. Besides all the features, it becomes annoying sometimes for the users too.

Multiple customers have reported complaints regarding the Avast website issue. It marks the regular and harmless websites as unreliable ones. Due to which customers are now seeking a way for blocking access.

In today’s article, we have gathered the method on how to turn off Avast web shield. You will learn the easiest process for this issue. Let’s move forward and see the step-by-step guidelines.

how to stop avast from blocking a website
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How to Stop Avast From Blocking a Website

Follow the below steps for bypassing Avast site blocking:

  1. Press the “Avast” icon in the lower side and right corner of your screen (in the system tray) and choose “Open Avast! user interface” from the list of options.

open avast

  1. Press the Protection button.
  2. Then choose the Core Shields button.

avast core shields

  1. Afterward, disable the Web Shield

avast web shield

  1. Choose the period to temporarily disable the shield or press “Stop Permanently” to disable the module forever.

avast web shield turn off

  1. Press “OK, Stop” for confirming the action.

stop avast web shield 

  1. Finally, the Web Shield has been deactivated and now Avast will not stop any websites.

There might be a notification alert for Core Shields’s status. As Web Shield is an essential element for safety, you have to enable it over again as soon as you finished your process.

How to Whitelist a Website on Avast?

There’s an alternative way for bypassing Avast site-blocking simply by allowing an exclusion on your trusted websites. In this manner, Avast will prevent blocking these selected websites. Let’s see the steps:

  1. Press the “Avast” icon on the lower side of the screen for launching its interface.

open avast

  1. Go to “setting” by clicking on the “menu” from top right

menu setting avast setting

  1. Make sure you are in “General” tab and click on “Exceptions
  2. Press the “Add Exception” button

how to whitelist a website on avast

  1. Next, type the website URL and press the “Add Exception” button for adding the trusted websites.

add website to avast exception list

  1. Website has been successfully added on the Avast exception list

whitelist website on avast


Avast antivirus has incredible benefits but a few times this website issue has irritated the majority of the user. After learning these two methods, you can handle this issue very easily. Now that you have all the information for stopping Avast from blocking a website, we hope that you will implement it whenever it is needed.


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