Is It Safe to Put Your PS5 to Rest Mode?

The rest mode in PS consoles have been the most beloved feature since it saves energy. But, the PS5 rest mode has been different. Many users don’t seem to be satisfied with the PS5 rest mode for various reasons. Do you also face issues with PS5 rest mode?

So, can you use PS5 safe/rest mode?

Yes, you can use PS5 rest mode. But, we suggest you not to do so. As per reports, turning on PS5 safe mode can crash your console, or create bugs that all your games start to malfunction later.

To get your hands on current reports on PS5 rest mode, whether it is safe or not, and the alternatives to PS5 rest mode; please keep reading!

ps5 rest mode
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PS5 Rest Mode Issue 

Some games were known to crash the PlayStation 5 console leaving the system dead, refusing to turn on normally and requiring a complete system rebuild in order to be used again.

This issue has affected hundreds of thousands of consoles in all parts of the world. Some games such as Spider-man: Miles Morales, were prominent to be causing this issue but it is also reported by players playing other famous games.

Whatever the reason might be, it had wasted a lot of data, progress and time of the gamer who are resultant angry with Sony and show it through online reports, article and videos.

But you don’t need to loon any further as we will give you both, info about Sony’s response and all the available solutions online.

Sony’s Response to the Matter

Sony has claimed no acknowledgement on this subject so far. There have been thousands of forums discussing the problem online yet the tech giant is seemed distracted from the issue and hasn’t even addressed it in a single official statement.

Which raised many more questions that even the audience should wait for the issue to be fixed or accept it and make peace with the traditional shutting down of the system. However, safe mode was a great convenience for gamer and without it, the console is less efficient.

Current Updates on the issue

As per August 2021, the issue is still unresolved and people are desperate for the fix of this issue. You can also send in a report to Sony to request the fix as soon as possible. But this hasn’t proved effective so far.

But do you know that people have came up with their own solutions and most of them are provenly effective to fix the issue. You can learn about them in the next heading.

Alternative Solutions

The issue has been discussed so much online that it grabbed the attention of unofficial tech experts and they came up with their own solutions which most of the time resulted in fixing the issue completely. One such example is this thread on Reddit, guiding some useful fixes of the issue.

If you learn to miss out on the feature, you are also good to go as the PS5 can be enjoyed fine without this mode. You only need it when you are resting and you should just pause your game while small breaks and complete savings and exiting before going to bed. This feels a bit of extra work but it will prevent your system from crashing deleting all your data and progress.

Important Fix

Some techies claimed that using the rest mode which the game is stored in the internal memory rather then using it on the external space, fixed the issue with the console’s rest mode. You must try this once but make sure to save your data on cloud before taking the risk.

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The safe mode has some issue that are still unresolved. They might be associated with some games or where they are stored. There is no official solution to the problem but you can try a couple of unofficial solutions which are known to work for a lot of people online.

If you have any latest updates on the issue, you should let us know in the comments and we will add that to our website. Also share any queries or suggestions regarding this content, in the comments below.

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