[6 Easy Ways] – How to Fix PS5 Green Screen of Death?

The PS5 green screen not only freezes your game, but ruins your mood and gets on your nerves for sure! It is no rocket science to learn how to fix the PS5 green screen of death, but do you have any idea what it means?

So, what does PS5 green screen mean?

The PS5 green screen means the console is connected to the TV incorrectly. So, you might question yourself ‘why is my screen turning green?’ Well, it could be due to multiple reasons like faulty HDMI cables or an incompatible TV.

Please continue reading to learn more about why you encounter PS5 green screen of death, and how you can fix it!

how to fix ps5 green screen of death
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Why is my PS5 screen turning green?

Before we move on to educating you on how to fix the PlayStation green screen problem, we have to first find out why this issue occurs in the first place.

 The PS5 Green Screen of Death appearing on your PS5 might be caused by your TV.

Here are the causes for PS5 green screen of death:

  • Your console might not be connected right to the TV.
  • There might also be something wrong with the HDMI port/cable of the TV.
  • The settings of the TV might not be suitable.

Read on to get step-by-step instructions to get rid of this error.

How to fix the PS5 green screens of death?

Now that we know what could be causing this error to appear, Let’s discuss how can you fix the PS5 Green Screen of Death.

Well, there is absolutely nothing to worry about since we have just the perfect solutions for you.

Here are the methods to fix PS5 green screen of death:

1. Keep your tv updated

You can try this to see if this helps with the PlayStation Green Screen problem.

Always make sure your TV is updated, making it easy to deal with the changes initiated in the PlayStation5. This can aid in fixing this error.

Update it, then restart, and lastly, link it to your console to see if it solved the problem.

Updating your device can entirely prevent you from being faced with this issue.

2. Disconnect TV

This is one thing that has helped PS5 players. Disconnect your Tv to then change to another HDMI port entirely.

Turn your console on again, plug your TV back in, plug in the cables. Now see if this works.

Restarting yourPS5 might even help solve this problem. Also, powering your TV on, and off might also make a difference.

Changing to another HDMI port may help since this issue is usually caused by your TV’s HDR switching on and off, or improper HDCP link.

3. Avoid rest mode

Never keep your console in rest mode. Many have reported that the Green Screen of Death appeared because of doing this.

The Rest Mode is usually the reason for this error appearing. This is why you should avoid it at all costs.

If you are using the rest mode, just disable this mode, and this might help you.

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4. Turn off HDR & gaming options

Another one you can try is to turn off the HDR, and the Gaming modes on your TV. You can only do this if your TV possesses an HDR mode as well as a Gaming mode.

This method has been known to work, and causes your home screen to appear, even without restarting or disconnecting anything.

5. Remove corrupt files

Any corrupt files or even useless files can affect the working of your device in the long run, and cause issues such as this one.

Make sure you delete these types of files so that your device does not end up with any errors, or performance issues.

6. Reset TV settings

Link the PlaySttaion5 to another TV to see if this helps. If this proves to be effective, it indicates that the problem was with your TV all along.

The way you do this is:

  • Open your TV settings
  • Change the settings on your TV to actual default settings
  • Now see if resetting helped solve the problem.

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Hopefully, the above steps helped you know how to fix the PS5 green screen of death on your PS5.

If you end up trying all the solutions above, and nothing ends up working out for you, there might be some problems with your hardware.

To get this fixed, you can take your console to any of PlayStation’s customer care locations to where you can just get this fixed, or get a new one. Getting in contact with their customer care might take some effort but it is also the fastest way of solving this problem.

Do you think this guide helped you in any way? Let us know your answer, talk to us in the comment section, and also tell us what you would like to see more of from us.

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