Why Discord Rythm Bot Not Working? [7 Proven Fixes]

If you are searching for a Bot to take your Discord server music experience to the next level, our pick is the ‘Rythm Bot’. There may be lots of bots to pick from, such as Groovy Bot, Carl Bot, Octave Bot, Hydra Bot and many more.

With such a fun and incredible range of bots to choose from, the rythm bot surely stands out due to its cool features and minimal glitches. Currently, the rythm Bot is being used by millions of servers and helps moderators and admins make their servers a more interactive and vibrant place. Do keep in mind that it comes with its share of problems that the users occasionally have to deal with.

To learn more about the rythm bot and the troubleshooting issues of the rythm bot, stick around with us as we give you the complete overview.

discord rythm bot not working
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What is Rhythm bot?

Rhythm bot is a discord bot used for playing rhythms and tunes only. It is popular in the discord community and a feature of millions of servers worldwide. It supports apps such as Twitch, YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify and allows users to connect to these apps without much hassle. Using the Rhythm Bot, one can listen to music easily while chatting with friends on discord.

Fix Discord Rythm Bot Not Working

We’ve already discussed above that the Rythm Bot is an amazing bot to play songs hassle-free within a voice channel. While it has its special place in the discord community, it comes with its share of glitches and issues.

If you’re also facing this issue and are disappointed by the new addition of the rythm bot to your discord server, there’s no need to lose hope yet. If you want to learn to fix the rythm bot not working issue, here is a quick step-by-step guide that will allow you to fix the issue in no time. Try the tips and trick given below, one by one, to rule out the causes and figure out which one is causing the problem for you.

Check if the rythm bot is muted

Admins, moderators and members with advanced permissions can mute the rythm bot in a specific channel or throughout the server. This might be why you cannot hear anything from the rythm bot. If one of the members with special permissions has made the change, regular members can’t do much about it.

If you are one of these members, you can right-click on the rythm bot to check if it is muted, which is why the rythm bot won’t play and then unmute it. If you are a regular member, you can request them to unmute the rythm bot.

Volume of rythm bot may be the issue

A frequently encountered reason for the rythm bot not paying is if the voice is kept at zero. By right-clicking on the rythm bot and checking if the voice bar is kept at zero or not, one can quickly make sure if this is the issue.

Suppose this is the issue; simply swipe the bar to the right to increase the volume. This will help resolve your issue.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting the rythm bot

If you own a discord server and are facing the issue of discord rythm bot not working, a hack to fix the rythm bot is to disconnect and reconnect it. This may only work in some cases, but it is worth trying. Especially if you cannot figure out what the issue is, you can quickly run this hack.

Try rejoining the channel

If you are not a server owner but one of the regular members facing the rythm bot not working, you can try leaving and rejoining the channel after a couple of minutes. This may help if there is a temporary internet issue from your end. Rejoining may help you restore the connection and fix the issue.

Alternatively, you may try to refresh the page and check if that solves the problem. A shortcut is to select CTRL+ R using your keyboard.

Recheck your computer’s audio settings

Another cause of the issue may be that the computer’s audio settings have not been set right. Ensure that your macOS, Windows or Linux operating system’s audio output is set right. You may choose between headphones and stereo boxes. You should ensure that the volume has not been set to zero accidentally.

Recheck discord’s audio settings

Sometimes your discord account’s audio settings might be set wrong, which may cause the issue. First, open your audio settings and check if the right audio output has been set. This is an option between stereo boxes or headphones. You should also ensure that the volume has not been set to zero accidentally.

Check if rythm bot is offline

If none of the above hacks works for you, you can check if your discord server’s rythm bot is offline. This may occasionally happen if the discord server is under maintenance or an unexpected outage from the main offices.

A hack to check this is by using the command !invite and then clicking on the discord app’s official option.

Another very simple way is to check the #outages channel to see if the rythm bot is currently unavailable due to an outage, as is usually the case.


Rythm Bot is a great bot to help you connect to popular music apps easily and enjoy a seamless experience. As we have already discussed, It has amazing features and commands that have evolved over the years so that the user can enjoy their time on discord fully,

With its pros, there are some cons. Occasionally, the discord server glitches, but we have managed to educate and inform you on how to fix it in no time. All you need to do is to try their solutions one by one to figure out which one works for you.

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