How to Use Lightning Headphones on Laptop?

The major problem with Apple products is their compatibility issues with other electronics. Such is the case with apple lightning headphones that comes with any iPhone. However, they have very appealing features like a built-in volume adjustment facility, controlling playback of music or videos, answering the calls, etc. But the major issue is that these are not compatible with your laptops, PCs, or any other device. But there has to be a way of using those headphones with your other devices such as laptops.

How to connect my lightning headphones to my laptop?

You can use the lightning headphone on a laptop via an adaptor. The most famous one is a USB-C adapter that is easily available in the market. However, you can also use the USB-A adapter if your laptop doesn’t support the USB-C connection.

Keep reading to learn how to use lightning headphones on a laptop, the types of adapters, and if lightning headphones are worth it.

How To Use Lightning Headphones On Laptop
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How to use lightning headphones on laptop?

If you’re wondering whether you can use lightning headphones on pc or not, it is to inform you that there are some ways to do so. Lightning hand free could be used on a laptop through an adapter.

The adapter converts the lightning cable into a USB one, and if your laptop supports outputting audio through a USB port, you can connect the adapter through a USB port and connect it with your laptop.

Though it is a solution but it comes with a lot of restrictions as well. Such as different laptops have different types of USB ports. And the adapters also come in different types and shapes. So in order to use them, you need to make sure that your laptop has the ports supported by the adapter you’re picking.

Why is it necessary to use an adapter?

Types Of Adapters

An adapter is used to connect two different devices with each other. To connect laptop and apple lightning headphones, a Lightning to USB adapter is used. It is necessary to use that because there is no other way to do this yet.

For an adapter to connect apple headphones lightning to the PC, it is necessary to have two main features:

  1. The USB side has to be Male for it to support the laptop’s USB port.
  2. The lightning side has to be Female for it to plug in headphones with.

While you shop for an adapter, make sure to carefully read its functionality.

Buy the one that allows using a mic as well as headphones with the laptop. Most adapters for apple products are compatible for data transfer or charging only. They are not capable of transmitting audio as they don’t allow using a mic.

Types of adapters and their benefits

For choosing the right adapter to use iPhone headphones on the PC, we have done the research and found the most suitable adapters for you. Given below are the two compatible adapters according to the version of headphones and the type of USB ports your laptop contains.

USB-A Adapter

If your laptop has a USB-A port, you can get one Lightning to USAB-A adapter. Although USB-C ports are more famous and advanced, but there are plenty of devices that still contains USB-A ports.

But due to USB-C being in the limelight, finding a USB-A adapter could be a task.

SO if your laptop only supports USB-A ports and adapter, you will have to go some extra mile to connect the lightning headphones with your laptop. You can connect USB-(female) to USB-A (male) adapter and then connect the USB-C with your laptop port.

Well, in that case, you need to purchase both the types of adapter, but this is the only solution if you can’t find a USB-A adapter to connect to your PC port.

Apple Headphones Adapter

USB-C Adapter

USB-C ports go way back, even before the existence of lightning headphones. Most Apple devices contain these ports. That is the reason for USB-C adapters taking over the market. That’s why you need a USB-C adapter to connect the advanced lightning headphones with the previous versions of Apple products.

The USB-C ports are not only limited to Apple products only. Many Windows supporting Laptop brands have started offering them too. This makes using your iPhone lightning headphones with other than Apple laptops easier.

Are lightning headphones actually worth it?

Since we have covered the methods and products to connect the lightning headphones with our laptop, there is still a question that either the whole hustle is actually worth it?

Well, that entirely depends upon your choice. If you’re a big fan of Apple products and don’t like android, windows, then you must try them.

But using other electronics has always been and will always be simpler and comfortable. The gadgets, connectors, adapters, headphones, and everything related to these electronics are very much available in the market. There is no rocket science or need to buy several products to connect your iPhone related gadgets to other devices.

But since apple devices are way more secure and offer exciting features, people who prefer iPhones do not want to change their choice. So they need to know the methods of connections. But lightning headphones are not a wrong choice either. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of lighting headphones over regular headphones.


  1. Let’s just admit that the audio quality of lightning headphones is outstanding and high-resolution. It’s very hard to find a product matching their level and supporting iPhones.
  2. The reversible connection is another unique feature that lightning headphones offer.
  3. They support a hi-fi connection and allow you to move around freely without tangling wires.
  4. Like any other Apple product, they are considered a status symbol (makes you look rich).
  5. They have literally kicked 3.5mm jacks out of the way. The technology has allowed removing the headphone jack from iPhones.

Lightning Headphones


  1. The primary issue with lightning headphones is their incompatibility with any device other than limited apple products.
  2. They are way too expensive for having such a limited usage.
  3. You can’t charge the device while you’re using lighting headphones.

Final words

Choosing lightning headphones un-doubtfully have many benefits over other regular ones, thus have a vast number of consumers around the world. But as they don’t support additional devices, it isn’t easy to have only apple products in the possession or carry different sets of headphones for your phones and laptop. That is why we have searched for the best possible solution, as well as product types for you to connect your lightning headphones on your laptop.

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