How to Connect Brother Printer to Chromebook? [Solved]

Are you wondering how to complete the Brother printer Chromebook setup without additional help? Don’t worry! First, gather all the information about your wireless network, and then set up Google Cloud Print on your printer to connect Chromebook to the Brother printer.

Why is my Chromebook not detecting my printer?

You must open the Chromebook and click on the clock in the bottom right corner. Next, click the ‘Settings’ option and select the ‘Advanced’ option. Now go to the ‘Printing’ section, select ‘Printers’ and press the ‘Add Printer’ option. Finally, select your printer displayed on the screen and click on the ‘Add’ option.

Keep reading to learn the detailed steps to connect the Chromebook to the Brother printer.

how to connect brother printer to chromebook
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How to connect Chromebook to Brother wireless printer?

Follow the below-given steps to connect your Chromebook to your Brother printer without additional support. Before beginning, connect your Chromebook to a 2.4Ghz band if you are using a dual-band router, or else your Brother printer won’t recognize it.

1. Gather all the information about your wireless network

To connect Chromebook to the Brother printer wirelessly, write down the following information on a piece of paper;

  • Network name or SSID of your router
  • Your Network password or key.

You can find the default settings of your router on the equipment label. However, contact your router manufacturer or internet service provider if you have forgotten your custom SSID and Network password. The Brother printer Chromebook setup will remain incomplete without your router’s information. Also, copy the exact password and SSID even if they contain lowercase and uppercase letters.

2. Set up Google Cloud Print on your Brother Printer

After gathering your Google account information, go through the following steps to connect your Chromebook to your Brother printer

  1. Firstly, press the Wi-Fi icon on the touch screen of your printer.
  2. Select the ‘Setup Wizard‘ option from the list.
  3. Add your network name manually if it’s set to hide.
  4. Now Select your Network name or SSID and press ‘OK‘.
  5. Enter the Network key using the touchscreen of your Brother printer.
  6. Next, confirm that the network key is correct and select ‘OK‘.
  7. Lastly, press ‘ok‘ once the wireless connection is made.

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3. Set up your machine on your Google account

After a wireless connection is made between the router and your Brother printer, follow the below-given steps to complete the Brother printer Chromebook setup.

  1. Turn on your computer and open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Log in to your Google account if you are not logged in.
  3. Next, click the menu button and select ‘Settings‘.
  4. From the settings, choose ‘Show advanced settings.
  5. Go to the ‘Google cloud Print‘ heading and select the ‘Manage‘ button.;
  6. Next, go to the ‘New devices‘ heading, and a list of printers on your network that are currently not connected to Google Cloud Print will appear.
  7. Select the printer model from the list you wish to connect to and choose ‘Register‘.
  8. Choose ‘Register‘ again to confirm the registration.
  9. If your Brother machine asks you to confirm the registration, press ‘Ok‘.

Congratulations, your brother’s printer will be ready for cloud printing when your printer displays under the ‘My devices’ heading.

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Frequently Asked Question

How to Install your Brother Printer on a Chromebook?

  1. Click on the task tray on your computer and select ‘Settings‘.
  2. Go to ‘Advanced‘ and then select ‘Printing‘.
  3. Now click on ‘Printer‘ and select your Brother device from the list.
  4. Click ‘Add‘ or ‘Save‘.
  5. If your Brother printer is not on the list, check if the Chromebook and printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Why my Chromebook won’t print to a Brother printer?

The Chromebook and Brother printer might not be connected to the same wireless network.


We hope now you know how to print from a Chromebook to a Brother printer without any difficulty.

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