Discord Owo Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Owo Bot is a fun discord bot that offers a range of interactive games as well as lively and cool commands that make it popular among those looking for a good time. The creator of Owo Bot is discord user scuttler#0001. With its growing popularity, it is a great addition to your server to have a light and fun-filled time.

If you’re looking for a bot that specifically revolves around animal and zoo games and hunting adventures? Check out owo, which is the coolest discord bot for that purpose. Stick around as this article will guide you about what does owo bot do, its commands and features, how to set up, its premium features, etc.

discord owo bot
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Owo bot commands

Owo Bot has a range of awesome commands that may be used. The main/frequently used ones involve hunting, sacrificing, selling, or buying animals.

Thrilling action commands

These commands represent emotions and can be used to express them. These include:

  • Insult
  • Hug
  • Kill
  • Slap
  • Stare
  • Bite

Cool animal commands

They include:

  • Auto hunt: Auto Hunt command can be used to hunt or auto hunt animals. You can upgrade them for more efficient hunts.
  • Hunt: you can hunt animals to add to your zoo using this command.
  • Zoo: This command displays your zoo. Some animals are rare. You can use the ‘display’ option to display all your animals.
  • Sell: You may use this command to sell animals/ranks/weapons/rings etc.
  • Inventory: This command can help you display your inventory. You may use the ‘owo equip’ to use your weapons.
  • Rename: You can use this to rename an animal from your zoo.
  • Crate: You may use this to open a weapon crate.
  • Battle: Using pets from your current zoo only, you can fight with other members. This will make your pets stronger too.
  • Equip: using this command; you can use any item out of your inventory.
  • Loot box: This opens a loot box. You may get a max of 3 loot boxes/ day.

Owo bot emoji/emote commands

These commands are used to express emotions such as blushing, cry, happiness, dance, scoff, etc.

Fun and helpful economy commands

  • Cowoncy: This command will help you check your cowoncy balance.
  • Daily: Grab your daily cowoncy. Maintaining a streak will grant you extra cowoncy.
  • Give: using @mention and the amount to be sent, you can send currency to others.
  • Quest: You get one quest per day. You can complete them to earn rewards.
  • Checklist: Using this command, you can list all the things you need to do.
  • Vote: By voting on the discord bot list, you can gain daily currency.
  • Buy: Use this command to buy an item from the shop:

Some fun commands include

  • Define: You may use this command to define a word.
  • 8b: This is the command for the game 8 ball pool.
  • Gif: Get a gif/pic easily.
  • Translate: The default language is English. This translates any language that you want to.
  • Roll: This command is used to roll a die.
  • Bell: This is a game called the bell. It tests your strength.
  • Choose: From a list of commands, you can choose a question.

Some interesting gambling commands

  • Slots: This command allows you to bet your money on a slot machine.
  • Lottery: This command allows you to bet your money in the lottery.
  • Blackjack: This command allows you to gamble money in blackjack.

Some interactive social commands

  • Cookie:
  • Ship
  • Pray
  • Curse

Some useful utility commands

  • Ping
  • Link
  • Rules
  • Merch

How to use owo bot?

Going through the cool commands and features of OWO Bot must make you want to add it to your server. Here’s an easy guide on how you can do that in no time. All you need is a little guidance. Follow the steps below.

  • First, go to http://owo-bot.xyz/. You will see the owo discord icon.
  • Next, you will see three options to click, namely: * invite * server * support.
  • Click on invite to be directed to invite
  • Click on sign in if you’re not already signed in.
  • Under the ‘add to server’ option, click on the server you wish to add OWO bot.
  • Now press continue.
  • You may now go back to check whether the bot has been added to your server. Hopefully, it has been added.

Owo bot premium version

The premium membership is of 6 kinds:


Charges: $1
Features: Patreon exclusive animal access features


Charges: $5
Features: previous features along with double cowoncy for dailies and votes.


Charges: $10
Features: previous features plus a custom role in discord.


Charges: $25
Features: previous features plus customized pet.


Charges: $75
Features: previous features plus customized command.


Charges: $125
Features: previous features ( except for mythic) plus custom commands.

Frequently asked questions

Can I un-equip a gem?

No, it has to be used until it breaks completely during hunting.

How can I gain Cowoncy?

A way to do it is:

  • Claim daily cowoncy
  • Vote twice a day
  • By selling animals and weapons.
  • By using the uwu or owo prefix every 10 seconds.
  • Leveling up
  • Completing quests.
  • Completing checklist.

Can I use the animal for battle if I sacrifice it?

If you have caught your pet, it can be used for battle. You may even sell or sacrifice it.

What can I use the gems for?

The gems can only be utilized for hunting. They cannot be used for sold or combined.

If I sell all my weapons, will the ones equipped by my pets also be sold?

No, the ones on your pet will not be sold.

Some helpful links to access the server


OWO Bot is quite a popular bot these days to have a light and fun addition to your server as it offers games and many fun commands too.

This is an easy and holistic guide to understanding what the owo bot is, what is the enormous range of cool commands it has to offer, how you can add it to your server, what are the frequently asked questions regarding it, features that the premium version has to offer and some helpful links to access it through. It is super simple to use, and hopefully you’ll adjust to it in no time.

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