Discord Groovy Bot (Features, Commands and Setup)

Do you wish to make your discord music experience more fun and seamless? You can do that using the Groovy Bot. You can use the Groovy Bot to connect to music apps such as Youtube, SoundCloud, or Spotify to play your favorite music.

We already know that discord has loads of interactive servers, and the discord community has been growing over the past few years. Moderation, managing the chat rooms, voice rooms, and music servers can be difficult tasks. That’s where the groovy music Bot, like Hydra Bot, Pancake Bot, Rythm Bot, and many other helpful bots, comes in. Let’s go into the details of the infamous groovy bot on discord.

discord groovy bot
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What is groovy bot?

As the name tells us, Groovy Music Bot can be used to play your favorite songs and tunes via apps like SoundCloud, Youtube, and Spotify. Another popular Bot to play songs on discord is the Rhythm Bot. Groovy Bot has supremacy over it in that you can play your tunes easily without any inconvenience, and it is also easier to download and install on discord.

Groovy Bot has been on Discord for quite some time. It has been through various changes and upgrades in its design and features. It is one of the best Bots on discord out there to play your music without any lags, delays on the Discord server, or audio quality issues.

Groovy bot features

After ensuring that you have the Groovy Bot installed onto your Discord server, you can get started on availing yourself of the incredible features groovy bot has to offer to you. Some of the amazing features are enlisted below.

  • To be able to play your favorite music from websites like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and more.
  • Queueing up your music of choice, saving playlists, pausing, resuming, and skipping tracks anytime.
  • Display the users list connected to the groovy Bot and display lyrics too.

The features above are free, but additional features can be obtained by subscribing to the app’s premium version.

Discord groovy bot commands

Below is a list of commands you can access using the Groovy Bot on discord.

PlayUsing this option, you can play your song of choice through a link or search box via Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. Now enter to start playing.
ShuffleUsing the shuffle option, you can play your queued songs randomly.
QueueUsing the queue option, one can queue up music according to your choice and then access the tracks list.
ResumeUsing the resume option, you can resume any previously paused track.
Bass boostTo add mose bas boost to your songs, you can boost them using this command. Pressing reset will reset the volume settings back to default.
NightcoreUsing the night core command, you can create a different ambiance and a more fun experience by revamping the tracks.

Groovy bot premium version

Suppose you invest in the premium version of the groovy bot. In that case, you can avail many amazing features such as playing music 24/7 without stopping, adding new audio features, queueing your songs of choice, accessing the groovy bot on more than one server at one time, Groovy 2 & 3, and loads of other options.

How to upgrade your server to a premium version?

If you want to upgrade your server to the premium version to get the amazing features of the premium Groovy bot, follow the simple below steps.

  • Open your server dashboard.
  • Select the server you want to upgrade to the premium version
  • After selecting your desire server, you will find the “upgrade” button on your screen.
  • Press the “Upgrade” button and select “confirm.”

After the complete upgrade, you will find a purple star on the top left of your server.

How to add groovy bot to discord?

If you’re wondering how to add Groovy Bot to discord, here’s what you need to do. Follow these steps.

  • First, go to Groovy Bot site.
  • There is an option to ‘login.’ Click on it to log in if you are already registered in the upper right corner.
  • If you are logged in, click on ‘add to the discord server.’
  • If you are new, register yourself and sign in.
  • Next, select the permissions that you wish to grant to discord. You may select the discord server you wish to add to in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on ‘continue’ , then ‘authorize’
  • You may have to verify that you are human, so follow the steps on the screen to do so.
  • Now return to your Discord server dashboard, and you will see that Groovy Bot has been added to the server.
  • Now enjoy your favorite songs and change the settings using the commands we have given above. Queue them up and groove to the beat.

How to invite on Groovy 2 & 3

If you wish your groovy Bot experience even more exciting, here’s how you can do that by adding the other 2 Groovy Bots. Below is a detailed guide about how to do it.

  • First, locate your upgraded server. You can check whether you’ve made the upgrade on your discord server dashboard.
  • Now select the server you wish to add the Groovy Bots 2 and 3 to.
  • To invite the bots, click on the two buttons highlighted in blue that read ‘ add groovy 2’ and ‘ add groovy 3 ‘
  • If you have permission to invite the bot, you will be redirected to Discord’s authorization page by clicking on this button. From there, follow the instructions displayed on the screen to make the invite.
  • If you don’t have permission to make the invite, you will see a copy-able link displayed on the server; you can forward this to your server administrator to make the invite.
  • You’re done and good to go! You’ve successfully invited groovy bot 2 and groovy bot 3 to your server.
  • Now running commands like play, you can continue playing your songs.

How to fix groovy bot not working

If you’re having issues connecting the groovy bot to your server, are unable to hear any sound, or if it’s lagging or glitching for you, here is a tutorial to help you fix the issue.

Most of the time, the issue is with the Discord voice servers. A solution is to change the server region to a different one and then switch it back.

Another issue can be that the groovy bot has gone offline. First, make sure if it is online or offline. If it is online, the issue may be an outage at the discord headquarters. In such cases, contact groovy support.

A common issue that you can fix by taking a quick look is to check whether the prefix you are using is correct. Type @groovy prefix to check whether the prefix is correct. If the bot responds, then it is affirmative.

Try looking into these issues as these are the most frequently faced issues. Hopefully, you can fix the issue of discord not working.


As you can figure out from this tutorial, the Groovy bot is very easy to set up and usually does not give many issues. Follow the steps above to set up your Groovy Bot.

Groovy Bot is one of the best Bots to pick as the hassle is minimal when it comes to playing music on discord seamlessly. You can also access more cool features by subscribing to the premium version.

If you face trouble setting it up, there’s a section above on how to fix that. Hopefully, this article has been helpful for you to learn about Groovy Bot.

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