Why Wont My PS4 Turn On? (9 Easy Fixes)

PS4 is heaven for gaming freaks, and they can just not get enough of playing games on it. But, it keeps coming up with minor problems. However, encountering a scenario where your PS4 won’t turn on would be truly frustrating and require an urgent solution.

So, how will you fix when the PS4 won’t turn on?

To fix the PS4 that won’t turn on, you must check whether the power supply is retained. If yes, you can move to power cycling your console. Besides, you can also try with turning on PS4 in safe mode. Keep your console clean from dust and bugs to avoid problems.

We suggest you to keep reading to learn more about why your PS4 won’t turn on, and how you can fix it.

why wont my ps4 turn on
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Why won’t my PS4 turn on?

As for what they say, it is always necessary to know the reason behind the problem for a long term fix. So before going on to the techniques.

Here are the reasons for why your PS4 won’t turn on:

  • Issues in hardware. For instance, broken power buttons interrupted supplies, etc.
  • Issues in software. Corrupt software can cause the issue.
  • Firmware issues.
  • Power issues.

Hardware problems are not recommended to solve on your own. You might end up hurting yourself or worsening the problem. Software issues are easy to track and resolve. You can easily resolve any software related issue by yourself at home without having to call a technician for this.

Try out the below mentioned techniques to troubleshoot and implement the recovery process before seeking external help.

How to fix PS4 not turning on?

Once you identify the reason or fail to do so, you need to move on to resolving it. There are some possible ways to resolve the software related issues and we have listed all of them for you to try in this article.

Here are the methods to fix PS4 not turning on:

1. Power supply cut

The foremost thing to check when the PS4 won’t turn on is to check the power supply. Make sure that the wire is plugged, adjust it if required, and then check if the power button is on or if there is a power cut in your house/area.

2. Power cycle

Turning off and then on is the universal way of refreshing electrical devices. Do the same for your PS4 pro if it won’t turn on. Hold the power button to turn the console off even if it already seems off.

Once the light stops flashing, cut the power supply. Let the console cool down for 20 minutes. Then without plugging the console, hold the power button for a few seconds. After that, plug the console back and check if the console turns on and the problem is resolved.

3. Remove the dust

Dust or blockage in the vents of the console can also lead to turn it off. Use canned air to blow the dust off and clean your console. Thoroughly clean it and then try turning it on to check if that solves the problem.

If your PS4 is in warranty, do not open the console to clean it and try to blow off the dust from outside only. If you open it, the company will not give you warranty benefits for opening the device in case of any issues.

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4. Gaming disk technique

If the PS4 won’t work, try the gaming disc technique. Insert a disc into the console and see if it pulls it in and starts working. In many cases, PS4 starts working normally when you try this.

If this does not work, that means there is some issue with your hard drive or system files. Such issues are recommended to be resolved in safe mode.

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5. Start your console in safe mode

Safe mode only allows the basic functions of your console to operate. So even if there is some software issue, the PS4 will turn on in the safe mode. Try doing that if the console does not start up normally.

To operate the console in safe mode, follow the below listed steps:

  1. Shut down the device completely.
  2. Push and hold the power button until the beep sounds twice.
  3. Connect a controller to your device through a USB and push the PS button.

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6. Bugs

This is also a very common problem that happens around the world. The gaming console is the favorite hiding spot for the bugs inside your house for being warm, dark, and cozy. They hide inside and damage the interior of the console and that leads to PS4 not turning on.

The issue can’t be resolved unless the damage is fixed and still there be a chance of this happening again since the bugs haven’t left the house. Try to keep the console protected to avoid such incidents.

7. Removing hard drive

Remove the console’s hard drive and then start the PS4 normally. Any issue in the hard drive can also cause the problem. If the hard drive is the problem, this way the console will turn on normally, if it does not, try turning it on in safe mode as well.

If it does start in any of the modes without the hard drive, it is understood that the problem is with the drive so you might have to replace it. Or maybe just try reinstalling and then trying to turn the console on.

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8. Bad power supply

A bad power supply or low voltage supply is a very common reason for PS4 not turning on. Check if the power supply is consistent and has high voltage to ensure the smooth running of the console.

If that happened, turn the console off instead of running it on a bad supply because that could damage the device more and it might become irreparable.

9. Power button fix

If your PS4 stops working after you open it to clean, there is a chance that the power button is not properly connected internally. The power button on the console cover has a small metal contact to push it on the internal circuit board.

When you reinstalled the cover, there is a chance that you did not properly align the metal bar with the internal circuit. That is why the power button does not hit the circuit and the console is not turning on.

Remove the cover again and check the alignment of the power button with the circuit and try turning it on again.

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PS4 is one of the top rated gaming consoles and is loved by gamers around the globe. Investing a lot of money in it and then not being able to enjoy it due to PS4 not turning on could be frustrating.

In this article, we have tried to list down every possible method to resolve this unwanted situation. Try out these and they will definitely help to get out of that state.

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