Why Won’t My PS4 Connect to the Internet? (Causes + Fixes)

Playing multiplayer games online either with a squad or random strangers is the best use of your PS4. However, the smooth online gaming is based on an uninterrupted internet. But, what if your PS4 cannot connect to network? Getting your PS4 internet connection failed is truly frustrating!

So, can you fix the ‘PS4 internet connection failed’ error?

Of course, you can fix the ‘PS4 internet connection failed’ error. Mostly, restarting or resetting the modem resolves the problem. You can also change the DNS settings to fix it. Replace the Ethernet cable if needed. The other times, bringing your PS4 nearer to the router also helps!

To get your hands on other methods that can resolve your PS4 that won’t connect to Wi-Fi; we suggest you to keep reading our short guide!

why is my ps4 not connecting to wifi
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Why is my PS4 not connecting to WIFI??

You need to narrow down the causes of this problem by inspecting certain elements. 

Here are the causes for your PS4 not connecting to Wi-Fi:

1. WIFI Limit

One of the most common reasons is that the WIFI connection limit at once is reached. Even if you are using an Ethernet cable for your connection, an excess of other connections can disturb your network speed drastically.

2. Modem

The internet modem might not be connected to the internet. You should check if other connected devices have access to the internet. This way you can narrow down the issue to know if your PlayStation 4 has the issue or otherwise.

3. An issue with PSN

The PlayStation Network (PSN) has been dead commonly enough to be included in the suspected problem’s list. Any major launch can bring enough traffic to overload the servers and in the past, security reasons have caused the PSN to be down for around 23 days.

Sony servers have improved greatly since then, but outages lasting a few hours are common and Sony is sometimes unresponsive to reason with them. Sources claim the reasons to be security threats.

4. An issue with ISP

Poor weather conditions or accidents with the wired connections of your ISP can be a reason for your internet connection to be dead. You can try to use different Wifi if possible and check if the issue is with your Wi-Fi connection.

5. Signal Problem

Your modem might not be receiving proper signals. Lack of signals might be causing the internet connection loss error.

Settings: The PlayStation 4 might not support the frequency your modem is operating on. You should change the security options as explained in solution # 3.

If your problem is recurrent and seems to be with the physical hardware, there must be an issue with the hardware which is resulting in PlayStation 4’s connection being lost.

6. Connection Medium

Chances are that your PlayStation 4 is not connecting to the modem due to some fault in the connection medium. If you are using an Ethernet cable, maybe the wire is damaged. If your PS4 is connected to the modem through a wifi connection, maybe there is too much distance or many walls between the two.

Now that you are aware of some common problems associated with the internet connection failing error, we will see how this can be fixed.

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How to fix PS4 not connecting to Wi-Fi?

If you have reasoned for the error, you can start implementing these solutions as they are found to be effective against fixing this issue.

Here are the methods to fix PS4 not connecting to Wi-Fi:

1. Restart the Modem

The issue can be as minor as an error in connection with the modem. Maybe the modem has been running for a very long. You should turn it off for 10 minutes and retry the connection.

2. Out of Range

If you are connected to your internet using Wifi, the PS4 might be out of the range of your Wifi. Either the distance is too much or there might be many walls between them.

You need to fix this issue by moving the modem or PS4 closer to the other. Find a higher or more reliable spot for your modem or you can use a wifi extender to increase your modem’s range.

3. DNS Settings

Updating the DNS settings as such has fixed the issue for many users. You need to go to Settings then go to Network and Set up Internet Connection. Set the DNS settings to Manual.

Now you need to add a primary and a secondary DNS. You just add as the primary and as the secondary DNS. Now set the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) to Automatic.

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4. WIFI Transmission Mode

Wi-Fi Transmission Mode determines the speed of the network which can be higher than what your PS4 supports. You need to change the setting and try connecting to the internet. Go to your Router’s Setting and head to Wifi Transmission Mode. Here you need to drop it to 54 Mbit/s.

5. Turn off Wireless-N Mode

For the same above reason, you should also try to turn off Wireless-N mode which is an add-on to the Wifi Speed. But it can be operating at a rate unsupported by your PS4. Go to the Wifi Settings of your Modem to turn off the Wireless-N mode.

6. Reset the modem

If you have changed other settings recently, those might be the reason for your internet connection failing and you need to revert them to proceed. You can simply reset your Modem to bring back the default settings. You can do that in the settings or by pressing the reset button physically on your modem.

7. Change Connection Type

If none of the above works, you can also try to change the security settings which can also cause this issue. Go to the security options of your modem and change them from WPA-PSK AES 256 to WPA-PSK TKIP 256 Bit or vice versa.

8. Disable Media Server

You should disable the Media Server as this has been effective to fix the connection issue with PS4. The method to do it is simple enough. You go to the Settings of your PlayStation 4 and open Network. There you will find Media Server Connection and you can disable it from there.

9. Ethernet Cable

One of the most common reasons that your PlayStation is not connected to the internet might be a faulty Ethernet connection. You should check if the cable works on another device such as a laptop or a desktop PC.

You should change the ports in which you are plugging in the Ethernet cable on your modem. If it is at fault, you need to get a new Ethernet cable. Most modems have a spare cable and you should check the packaging of your Modem.

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These were the common reasons and most effective solutions for the Internet Connection failing on your PlayStation 4. All of these are easy to implement and you can try them before assisting a professional. Most likely, you won’t need to.

I hope these solutions were effective to solve your issue. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topic, let us know in the comments below.

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