Why Is One Earbud Louder Than the Other?

Why Is One Earbud Louder Than The Other
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Has it ever happened to you that a grossly irregular sound playing from both ends of your ears breaks the rhythm of music? Well, this problem can be quite exasperating! In this case, sometimes one earphone is louder than the other. Sometimes, the sound won’t even play at all for one year, and at other times, the headphones are completely quiet in one ear. Did you ever wonder why this problem occurs?

There are several reasons why this problem exists. However, the first and the foremost thing to do is check the balance of your media player. It may be set to one side. Also, check whether there is a loose link in the jack socket in case you are using a wired headphone. Consider checking if one side of your earbud is dirty or if the audio file you are playing plays one side louder than the other. If the problem persists, try swapping your headset’s sides, the right side on the left, and vice versa. If you still find the audio louder in one ear, try consulting an ENT.

We all face this issue where the headset is being quiet, or sometimes one earbud is quieter than the other, especially when it is a wireless headphone or earphone. So in this article, I will describe the possible reasons why one earbud is louder than the other and how to fix earphones on one side is quieter issues.

How to Fix Earphones When One Side Is Quieter?

How To Fix Earphones When One Side Is Quieter

The fact that the left earbud is louder than the right, or vice versa, is one of the most common problems identified by headphone users. It makes the entire piece. In such a case, before this problem rears its head again, we prefer to throw away the earphones entirely and simply buy new ones. However, is this practical? The response will be no! We need to first determine the root cause to repair earphones where one side is louder than the other.

You should check the sound settings to fix your earphones with one working bud. At times, setting changes will ensure that both sides play smoothly. Here is how you can do so:

Apple users

  1. Press on settings
  2. Go to general
  3. Go to accessibility
  4. Scroll down to the hearing
  5. Make sure that the balance of both earbuds is in the middle.

Android users

  1. Select your headphone settings.
  2. Change volume until the sound in both earbuds is the same.

You should also check the audio settings for balancing and for volume for computers, whether it is a PC or MAC:

Window users

  1. For quick access:
  2. Right-click on the sound icon at the bottom of the right corner.
  3. Select open volume mixer
  4. Check the settings and volume levels of your headphones.
  5. Open the start menu
  6. Type sound in search
  7. Select sound settings
  8. Check sound volume again
  9. Look at device properties from the same window
  10. For advanced options:
  11. On the same window, select app volume and device preferences.
  12. Check the headphone and their volume now.

MAC users

  1. You need to check your primary MAC volume first:
  2. Select system preferences by clicking on the Apple menu
  3. Select sound
  4. Choose the Output tab and pick your headphones (If this is not a choice, it means that your headset is not attached to your Mac.
  5. Use the volume slider to check volume.
  6. It should be in the center of the left-right slider to check the balance of your audio.
  7. Secondly, if you still have problems with the volume of your headphones or if the left earbud quieter than the right or vice versa, you need to try to restart the Sound Controller:
  8. Go to applications
  9. Select Utilities and double click on activity monitor
  10. Type ‘CoreAudio’ to find the Core Audio controller in the search bar.
  11. To exit it, click on CoreAudio and then click (X) in the toolbar above to restart the sound controller.

Why Is One Earbud Louder Than the Other?

One Earphone Louder Than The Other

The reason why the right headphone is louder than the left or vice versa may be many. The guilty culprit is always a defective cord. It could also be that at the factory, the drivers were badly timber-matched. In situations where there is passive noise isolation, one of the enclosure seals may be faulty.

That being said, however, with high-quality stereo headphones, this probably won’t happen. What is found, though, is that people have been doing quite a few things wrong over the past few years, and people themselves can possibly fix the peculiar sound problem by finding the root cause first.

Swap sides

To solve the problem, run a fast search first to ensure that the problem is not you. To ensure the hearing malfunction is not from your end, switch the left earphone with the right one. Our hearing can be impaired by wax build-up between our ears, which makes one side of the earphone look weaker.

Check mesh of the earphone

Dirt and earwax can accumulate inside the earphone mesh when headphones are regularly used. This appears to disturb the volume flow. Usually, dirty earphones are the reason why only one side is quieter. Before you throw away the whole package, you can quickly spot grime on the earphone surface and clean it.

Shorted wire

The wire attached to it is another famous explanation quoted behind one malfunctioning earphone. It is preferred to bend the wire close to the audio jack at odd angles while playing music or videos in the confines of our homes, which can cause a disturbance. A short wire will momentarily begin playing music when bent at a specific stage. The sound may be incoherent, but the issue will help you understand it.


Try linking yourself to an alternative media player. The problem is with your headphones if one earbud is still louder than the other is. However, if all earphone balances are working, check your current device’s volume settings or Bluetooth compatibility if you are using wireless headphones.

Clean your earphone

The problem lies with the wrong one if the left earbud is louder than the right one. Take a Q-tip and wipe away gently like the headphone surface on the net. This will eliminate any grip and ensure that your piece runs smoothly.

Tape the wire

Try this fast way of repairing a short wire that makes one earbud sound louder than the other. To spot the place where the earbud plays some music, although briefly, tweak the wire. Simply add electric tape to the point that, when you bend it, the headphone starts working.


All the details have been mentioned in the article above.

Headphones in which one earbud is louder than the other maybe a hassle. The different volumes can be nerve-racking from both sides! Try these super quick hacks to repair your earphones before you throw them out due to sheer frustration. Save time, cash, and long drives to the store right on your phone when you have the answer! To ensure their smooth functioning, define the root cause, and move on to the simple steps mentioned above.


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