Why Is My Xbox One Fan So Loud? (Clean/Replace Xbox Fan)

Undoubtedly, Xbox one is one of the excellent gaming consoles to date. The high-end graphic support and efficient functionality of Xbox one requires great energy. As a result, many users report about their Xbox one making loud fan noise.

But, why is my Xbox making noise?

Well, your Xbox making noise can root to multiple causes, like dust accumulation within the console. Neglecting maintenance of your Xbox is also responsible. Having Xbox one fans loud may also occur due to high temperature of console owing to continuous running!

We suggest you to keep reading to get your hands on how to fix Xbox one making loud fan noise along with its causes.

why is my xbox one fan so loud
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Why is my Xbox one fan so loud?

Believe it or not, the Xbox fan noise is quite common. The Xbox One is known for its 4K resolutions and High Dynamic Range (HDR) images and behind these some serious heat-generating hardware works.

Here are the reasons for Xbox one making loud fan noise:

  • All technicians agree that the primary cause of loud fan noise is the temperature of the motherboard.
  • Poor maintenance of your gaming setup and dust build-up
  • A faulty piece in the manufacturing process or unfunctional fan.

How to fix Xbox one making loud fan noise?

Understandably, Xbox one making loud fan noise is pretty much irritating, which may get worse if you can’t get rid of it. You must stay calm since the problem is common and hence fixable!

To fix your Xbox one making loud fan noise, you can try shifting your console to a ventilated area. In addition, make sure you clean your Xbox one more often.

Here are the methods to fix your Xbox one making loud fan noise:

1. Change Xbox location

If you don’t want your cooling fan to work overtime and do not make loud noises, you should move your console to a cooler location. Poor ventilation or placing of Xbox in a tiny cabinet does not allow it to blow out the hot air resulting in the fan having to try more than its capacity. Identify the issue and move the console set up in a more open part of your shelve or room with an adequate air circulation space.

2. Clean your Xbox from dust

Make sure your Xbox does not catch dust because the console accumulates dust without you knowing most of the time. Moreover, these dust particles block the console’s cooling airways causing more heat subsequently the internal temperature leads the fan to work harder and releases more noise.

It is best to clean out as much dust as you can, follow a schedule to clean it periodically. Otherwise, the fan’s spin will only increase the dust intake. Keeping dust off is easy; you can try compressed air through the holes and fly away dust without taking any console parts away.

3. Apply the thermal paste as coolant

Well, thermal paste is a commonly available substance that is applied on integral parts in Xbox One to keep it cool, and the fan does not have to work harder. The paste work as a coolant coated around the heat-prone parts of the console.

The process requires you to disassemble Xbox, and neither Microsoft nor the experts recommend you to take your console apart.

The thermal paste dries off after quite some time, unfortunately resulting in failure of stopping heating and making the Xbox noise louder than ever.

How to clean Xbox one fan?

Keeping your cooling fan clean should be a gamers first choice. The cleaning will not only minimize the loud noise of the fan but also positively affect the cooling of the central processing unit. That’s why maintenance ensures the fan rotates easily does not intake more dust into the console. 

Here are the steps to clean your Xbox one fan:

  1. Unplug your Xbox One and remove all the batteries, wires or power cables from the console and controller
  2. Keep your setup in a dry place
  3. Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning of Xbox from the outside and wipe down the entire surface
  4. Note that drag the fabric in one direction prevents dust from going into ports and dust grates

The microfiber cloth is similar to the lens cloth and is usually known as dust cloths. The regular dusting obstructs dust build-up on the outside, offering less dust flow inside the console. After cleaning the console from outside

  1. Loosen the dust in and around the console’s vents, opening, and ports with a soft-bristled brush
  2. Place a pin through the gap to prohibit the fan from circling
  3. Spray a can of compressed air in through the holes and blow away the dust from the area
  4. Don’t spray all at once; only apply short bursts
  5. Vents are ideal for air bursts to remove dust from the fan easily

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You can also use a vacuum to suck away all the dust from in/outside, console’s vents, and ports. Once sure about the cleaning, wipe the cloth over the Xbox’s surface one more time.

Xbox one fan replacement

If you have applied all the methods and remedies to lower the loud noise of the fan, this might be the right time and solution to replace it. The option can be adapted to get rid of a noisy or unfunctional fan. The fan is easy to install at home; if you are handy with your gaming system, you just have to find the right size for the fan.

Follow the steps one-by-one to replace your Xbox One Fan easily:

  1. Unplug all the wires, power cables, etc., from your console.
  2. Open your Xbox One box; you can peel the evident tape up.
  3. Without any damage, Microsoft doesn’t throw off any warranties.
  4. Remove the upper case of the console.
  5. Now disconnect the speaker connector from the panel board, followed by a detachment of the antenna cable.
  6. After removing screws, pick up and shift the Wifi Table aside.
  7. Now one by one, remove screws from the peak of the upper metal box and lift it.
  8. Here disconnect the WIFI cable, hard drive, and data cables from the motherboard.
  9. Here you can remove the hard drive tray and optical drive power from the motherboard.
  10. The fan cable is visible now, and disconnect it from the motherboard.
  11. In the last part, use a plastic opening tool to pry up the right and left clips and implant the spudger between sink and fan.
  12. Easily remove the fan.
  13. After taking out the original fan, you can place the new one.
  14. Reconnect the wires and assemble the console again.

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The new silent fan will indeed contribute to eliminating the Xbox noise for a smoother console functioning.


The Xbox One has been a significant mark on the brand’s legacy since its launch, and it’s been everyone’s first choice. It has better console features, improved processing units, and a better graphic card. But it is also a fact that it makes some noise and distracts users while gaming.

Now you don’t have to worry about the Xbox One Fan noise anymore. We believe our detailed guide has acknowledged you with all the tricks that can help you eliminate or reduce the fan noise. If you are still unsure about any of these tips, get in touch with us or share your thoughts in the comments.

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