Why Is My PS5 Controller Not Charging? [8 Quick Fixes]

The PS5 DualSense controller is well known for its great and trusted hardware, but many gamers report about their PS5 controller not charging. Is your PS5 controller not charging as well? Is it stressing you out?

So, why is PS5 controller not charging?

Since the battery of a PS5 DualSense is not replaceable, this might be an issue. A weak battery will affect many areas, including how long you can play, the quality of your game etc. Check the charging cable for any damages. At times, issues occur with internal wiring as well!

If you wish to find out more about why your PS5 controller comes up with charging issues, and how you can fix them, please continue reading!

why is my ps5 controller not charging
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Why is my PS5 controller not charging?

When the PS5 controller is having charging issues, the charging cable is usually the culprit. However, another issue can be the connection between the line and controller or even the PS5 console and controller.

Another known issue is the PS5 not charging when it is in rest mode. While most of these problems can be resolved easily at home, sometimes you may have to take them to the Sony repair shop.

Here are the causes for why a PS5 controller won’t charge:

  • Charging a USB cable is faulty: Using a USB cable to capture is not the same as using a proper charger, especially if the USB cable is defective. You will end up with reduced battery life.
  • Batteries aren’t working: If the DualSense batteries aren’t working properly, you will have to visit the Sony Service Center to get the batteries swapped.
  • The console is damaged: Like the controller, if the console is faulty, it won’t charge the controller properly. In such cases, you will have to properly get in touch with Sony repairs.
  • Cable: One common issue that people miss is that the line is not plugged in properly. Due to this, the battery doesn’t charge properly.
  • Software Issues: If the software update is corrupted somehow, then the controller may not be able to charge in the future.
  • Internal wiring: If you have faced an accident such as spilling water on your console, mishandling, or dropping your console, then the internal wiring of your device may be damaged. This may cause many issues.

How to fix PlayStation 5 controller not charging?

Here are the methods to fix PS5 controller not charging:

1. Try switching the charging cable

Since the battery is not replaceable, you are dependent on the charging USB cable for the storm. Make sure that the charging cable works with other devices too. It’s a USB cable, so it is even possible for you to check the workability of your line by connecting it to your smartphone or speaker or a similar device.

2. Check the USB ports

By plugging the cables into different USB ports, you can charge your Play station easily. If one of the charging cables doesn’t work, you can always try a different one. There have been reports of ps5 charging controllers issues in rest mode if you use the front USB type-A port. An easy solution to this Is to use the backports. You may try your PC or USB hub to test it too.

Note: USB hubs can be tricky, so don’t resort to them. Instead, use them as a last option. You may also need to use a separate USB cable when charging via a USB hub.

3. Use a charging station

A very handy accessory is to get a charging station. For example, if you have a PS5 charging station, you can charge your controller. A charging station’s advantage over cables is that they don’t get damaged as frequently as wires do.

4. Charge ps5 controller using PC

Despite all these cool hacks, if you’re still wondering ‘why is my PS4 controller not charging, you must first figure out whether it’s the controller that’s troubling or the console. Once you have this sorted, you can move on to finding another method to charge your PS5.

Whether you own a laptop or PC, you may connect the controller to one of the USB ports to check whether or not it is charging properly.

5. Reset the ps5 controller 

If you’re fully convinced that this is not an issue that has to do with the console, you can opt for the option of factory resetting the PS5 controller. This will revert it to its original factory settings. This hack is especially useful if the charging problem is related to firmware issues.

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6. PS5 software update

Whether you have an issue with your PS5 Dual Sense controller or the problem is something else from the list of the issues we have mentioned here, you should always keep the software updated if an inconvenience arises. The updated software will be able to deal with it better.

 You need to connect your ps5 controller to the console by plugging it in. If that works, turn on your console and check for software updates.

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7. Make sure the port contacts are viable

It would help if you made sure that the ends of your charging cable were in working condition. You also need to check the ports on your PS5 controller and your console’s connection. Make sure everything is in tip-top shape, and there is no dust present in and around. 

8. Contact PlayStation support

Last but not least, contact play station support. If all else fails, make sure you contact PlayStation support. If your device is under warranty, they can help with the appliance free of cost. If not, they can suggest the most suitable repair option. 


Now that we’ve gone over the various reasons your PS5 controller is not charging and some simple ways to fix it, hopefully, you’ll be able to solve these issues in no time.

This article is very concise and apt in helping to solve the various problems that arise when the PS5 controller won’t charge.

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