Why Is My PS4 so Loud? (Causes + 7 Easy Fixes)

Nobody wants to get stuck in a situation where their PS4 loud fan ruins their gameplay! It is truly annoying when your PS4 starts making loud fan noises and you have no clue to fix it. But, PS4 loud fan noise is pretty much fixable; therefore, don’t worry!

But, what’s the reason behind PS4 loud fan noise?

A failing hard disc is the most common reason behind PS4 fan noise. However, the PS4 can make loud noises if the cooling fans are dusty or damaged. At times, there are technical problems with the console that leads to PS4 loud fan noise.

To learn about how you can fix PS4 loud fan in a detailed yet precise manner; please keep reading!

why is my ps4 so loud
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Why is my PS4 fan so loud?

If you’re wondering, ‘why is my PlayStation so loud?’ this article will inform you about some primary reasons why this is happening. It could either be the hard disk, the cooling fans, or the PS4 could be old or broken.

Here are the reasons for why your ps4 making loud fan noise:

1. PS4 hard disk

PS4 console hard disk is a major cause of the issue. This happens when the platters are spinning continuously to seek data. PS4 making loud fan noise is a warning sign. It indicates that your hard disk is failing, and once noticed, it needs to be looked into ASAP.

In PS4, not enough free system memory could also be the reason for loud fan noises.

2. PS4 cooling fans

This is one of the most frequent causes of ps4 loud fan noise. The cooling fans assist in cooling down the processor, console, and motherboard.

If this is broken, loose or dusty, it can lead to overheating and shut down your console. The primary fix is to clean PS4 fan.

3. Old or broken PS4

Over some time, your PS4 console may have animal hair, dust or lint accumulate in it. This can cause different parts to get blocked and not operate properly.

Motherboard and fans are most commonly affected by the dust.

Parts of your old or broken PS4 can become movable and detached with time. Some features may stop functioning entirely due to excessive wear and tear over time. These loose parts may also produce vibrations and creaky noises.

How to fix PS4 loud fan?

As discusses above, these are the leading causes of your PS4 making loud fan noise. Each issue has a different solution. If the fan is the main issue, you need to perform a PS4 fan loud fix.

Here are the methods to fix PS4 loud fan noise:

1. Analyze and isolate the source of the noise.

Above, we have identified different causes of the PS4 making loud fan noise issue. Before you apply a solution from among various solutions, you should isolate the source of noise specific to your PS4.

A tip is to analyze the issue carefully. If the console is overheating before shutting off, it is most likely a cooling fan issue. If there are vibrating and noisy parts, then it is the old/ broken PS4 console.

A whining noise could indicate a hard disk issue. The noise will be loud and obnoxious and only stop on shutting off the PC.

Check out our article on how to fix PS4 turns on by itself.

2. Make sure there is enough ventilation.

Whenever your console starts overheating, the fan will start doing its job of cooling it down. The fans spin faster and faster to clear out the hot air. This hot air can be due to an obstruction.

Repositioning your PS4 to allow the air to clear out is the solution. This will ensure that there is adequate ventilation for the fans to work properly.

Make sure there is no object on the side or back such as towels, bags, etc. Avoid placing objects on top of your PS4. Also, avoid putting it away in closed spaces such as cupboards.

3. Make use of a can of compressed air.

To get rid of accumulated dust, animal hair, and other small particles in the fan and other parts of the console, make use of a can of compressed air to spray the vents of the console.

You can perform this hack once a month to maintain cleared vents. This is especially helpful if you live in an area with a lot of dirt in the air.

Please avoid using a vacuum cleaner as it can damage your PS4 console and its parts.

4. Fix corrupt system files

If the database and system files of your PS4 console are corrupted, it may result in the fan spinning very fast to cool down the system, so its various functions continue.

This may also occur if the games aren’t installed correctly, leading to system errors and overheating. Note that the fan spins even faster when the system overheats, leading to PS4 loud fan noise.

5. Position your PS4 console vertically.

Usually, we place our PS4 consoles in a horizontal position. By positioning it vertically and upright, we can get rid of the issue of overheating and obnoxious noises coming out.

It is worth giving this hack a try. In case it doesn’t work for your device, it is time to move on to a more invasive process of opening up your PS4 console. Having a look on the inside and cleaning the PS4 fan may work. But opening it up will require professional/ expert assistance.

6. Clean PS4 fan

Note: Before you proceed with this process, you should know that once the console is opened, its warranty is lost. So unless your warranty has already ended, it is best to send your device to the official sellers, such as SONY’s maintenance department.

If the above hacks did not work for you, clean the PS4 fan to resolve the issue. Follow the steps below to do it.

  1. To remove screws, use a T9 or T8 Torx such as TECHMAN 10 IN 1 Torx Screwdriver Set. Click on the amazon link given here.
  2. Remove the four screws at the back of your PS4 gaming console. Open the device to see a fan.
  3. Now using a clean cloth or a spray can of compressed air, wipe off the dirt covering the fan. Spraying compressed air on other parts can help improve their functioning too.
  4. When your cleaning is complete, put everything back in place and screw back the screws. Now turn on your device and enjoy a flawless gaming experience!

7. How to shield your PS4 from dust

YouTube video

PS4 still loud after cleaning?

Dust is one of the primary causes of PS4 fan noise, as discussed above. To protect and shield your PS4, you need to make sure dirt does not enter the PS4 console and its parts.

A great way to do that is to purchase a dirt-proof cover. This will help keep the console shielded while also maintaining adequate ventilation.

Get a good quality PS cover with a longer shelf life and say goodbye to pestering dirt particles and the issues associated with it.

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Fixing the PS4 loud sound issue may seem intimidating and difficult at first, but it can be done quickly with good knowledge and skills.

A tip for you is to try more straightforward hacks first, such as improving ventilation and only resort to invasive techniques such as opening the console to clean the inside as the last option. Either way, one of these hacks is sure to solve your issue.

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