Why Is My PS4 Controller Blinking Blue Light? (7 Easy Fixes)

Have you ever noticed the PS4 controller flashing blue light? Of course, the first time it happened; you must have been very worried. However, we suggest you to stay calm since we have got your back!

So, what does PS4 controller blinking blue light mean?

The PS4 controller blinking blue light means malfunctioning. When the PS4 controller faces trouble while connecting to the console, you may see your PS4 controller flashing blue light.

Please keep reading to find out why your PS4 controller flashes blue light, and some troubleshooting steps to fix it!

why is my ps4 controller blinking blue
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What does PS4 controller color mean?

Sometimes you might misinterpret the PS4 blinking blue light, so before you move on to the solutions, it’s important to understand what do the colors on the PS4 controller mean. Here’s a guide that will help you understand what does the PS4 controller colors mean.

  • No light means your PS4 is powered off.
  • When you start your PS4, the blue transitions to white.
  • Solid white means that your PS4 is ready to use.
  • The blinking orange light means it’s going to resting mode.
  • Solid orange means Resting mode: your PS4 can automatically wake for quick start-up and download updates.
  • The pulsing red color means that your PS4 is overheated.
  • The pulsing white/blue light could mean an error.

If your PS4 blinks blue light then you could unplug your console and re-plug it and if that doesn’t help, then follow the solutions below. 

Why is my PS4 controller blinking blue?

PS4 users are often unaware of what the PS4 flashing blue light means, or why it could happen. To avoid unnecessary trouble, here’s what you need to know.

The blue light mainly shows that your PS4 controller is trying to connect to the PS4 console. If the blinking is consistent then it might signify a problem with syncing in between two devices such as a controller and charger or console.

However, that’s not the only reason why your PS4 light may be blinking.Here are the causes for your PS4 controller flashing blue light.

  • Incompatible devices: You may be trying to connect an incompatible device to your console.
  • Software problems: You could either have a bug in the software, or it may be incompatible with the console.
  • Power supply: You could have faulty or damaged cables resulting in the blinking light.
  • Hardware problems: You might had improperly placed your hard drive or left the screws loose. In the case of the latter, your PS4 may randomly shut off as well.

Now that you know some of the reasons, let’s have a look at the solution.

How to fix PS4 controller flashing blue light? 

Taking your PS4 to the repair shop means spending an obscene amount of money, so before you do, exhaust all your options and see if the problem is fixable.

Here are the steps to fix your PS4 controller flashing blue light.

Fix 1: Have a look at your hard drive

If you’re even a little tech-savvy then it might come in handy – your hard-drive seating could be a reason for your PS4 flashing blue light. If not, then it could potentially prevent the devices from appropriately booting.

How do you fix it?

You can press the power until your PS4 had turned off. Once you’ve disconnected the cables, you can easily remove the hard-disk cover. Have a look at the alignment of the hard drive. You can also unscrew and realign the hard-drive slot, but do this only if it’s necessary.

Fix 2: Check if the CMOS battery needs replacing

Let’s first have a look at what a CMOS battery is:

A CMOS battery is a small battery that is round in shape and allows you to save the day, month, and time on your PS4. Through this, you can turn off your PS4 for a long period of time and still have the date and time saved upon restarting the console. The CMOS battery feeds power to the chip and this stored the hardware settings which enable users identify the hardware and device. A weak battery loses the data and leads to malfunction.

The PS4 flashing blue light could be an indicator. You can check by clearing the CMOS memory and testing if it still works.

Fix 3: Reset your controller

This is easily one of the easiest tricks in the book for your PS4 blinking blue light. You can reset your controller by long pressing the reset button. This can be found in the little hole near the four screws at the back of your controller.

The hole is tiny, but you can use a pin and press it for around five seconds or more. Re-sync the controller once it’s successfully reset and work the controller.

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Fix 4: The power supply may have the solution

Once you turn off your PlayStation, disconnect all of the cables attached to it. Study them carefully to ensure there is no sign of damages or rips on them. To be on the safer side, you can replace all of the wirings, but you can also reconnect them if you’re completely satisfied with their condition.

Fix 5: You can check your TV firmware

It’s important to note that incompatibility with TVs are not the only problem. Sometimes, they could simply use a firmware update, especially if you have a smart TV. Since each television is different, you’ll need to look into specific steps available on your television’s instruction manual.

Usually, the settings menu on your television would be able to guide you on it as well. If it doesn’t help to fix PS4 flashing blue light, you can check with the television manufacturer’s customer support line.

Fix 6: You can try Bluetooth pairing

Begin by resetting your controller. Once you hold down the PS button along with the share button, you can boot the Bluetooth mode. Using this trick, you can connect the Bluetooth and see if the PS4 blinking light disappears.

Fix 7: Try restoring the default settings

Restoring, or re-initializing your PS4 to its factory settings can help fix the PS4 flashing blue light. Here are the steps you can use to restore your default settings:

  1. Begin by launching your PS4 in safe mode (hold the power button until the PS4 turns off. Don’t release the button, but keep pressing it until the “safe mode” appears on the screen. You’ll also hear a beep, and once you do, you can easily press the PS button visible on your controller).
  2. You will be given eight options to choose from: “restart PS4,” “change resolution,” “update system software,” “restore default settings,” “rebuild the database,” “initialize PS4,” “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall system software,” set HDCP mode.”
  3. From these, pick the sixth option, “initialize PS4” and leave your console to restore its settings. This can usually take up to a few hours.
  4. Once the process is completed, you can turn your system on and find that, hopefully, the problem is resolved.

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If these don’t work, then it’s time to take your console to a professional and get the PS4 flashing blue light fixed. Don’t worry, chances are, one of these will definitely fix the problem!

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