Why Is My PS4 Audio Not Working? (5 Easy Fixes)

PS4 consoles are very popular for offering a high-end gaming experience, high graphics quality, and smooth audio. But, coming across the PS4 no sound issue is not surprising! If your PS4 has no sound, please relax, since we have got your back!

So, can you fix PS4 no sound issue?

Yes, you can fix the ‘PS4 no sound’ issue. To do so, you must check whether the HDMI cables or ports are flawed. Also, take a look on the input source. The other times, having a quick recheck on audio settings resolve PS4 no sound problem.

To learn more about why your PS4 has no sound, and what further measures you can take to fix it; please continue reading!

why is my ps4 audio not working
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Why is my PS4 sound not working?

But before we think about fixing the problem, the question arises that why is there no sound coming from the console despite the full volume and fully functional speakers.

Here are the causes for why your PS4 sound not working:

1. Firmware issue

In some cases, there could be a coding issue with the firmware. That also causes the audio to fail. This problem is very rare but still has an occurrence possibility so we cannot ignore the probability. To avoid any such issue, make sure to regularly update your console.

This issue mostly occurs with people who mostly play offline and rarely connect the console to the internet. Connecting the console with the internet allows it to automatically download the updates.

2. Broken HDMI port or cable

Sometimes people mishandle the HDMIs or roughly insert or unplug it that causes the wire or port to break or get damaged. To verify that the issue is not with the HDMI, you can replace the cable and plug in some other cable to check if that resolves the issue. If any other cable is not available, you can try connecting the same cable with some other device.

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3. Wrong input source

If you are unable to hear any sound from your console, the first thing to check is if the input source is correct or not. Sometimes the input source for sound is different from the one selected on your console. Changing the source should solve this issue. If confused, try out selecting all available sources one by one to check which one is the accurate one.

4. Incorrect audio settings

After ensuring that the input source is rightly selected, the next thing is to check the audio settings. If you are able to see the video on the console but the audio is not hearable, there are chances that the audio settings of your console are incorrect.

To verify that, go to the Settings and check the Auto Devices and Audio Output Settings to verify if these are allowing the PS4 to forward the audio to the TV or the controller if you’re using it. Both settings have to collide with each other to give uninterrupted and smooth audio output.

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How to fix PS4 no sound issue?

By now, you have an idea of the possible reasons for PS4 sound not working. There are methods to fix these problems that do not require any technical expertise.

Here are the methods to fix ps4 audio not working:

1. Check the input device

The multiple HDMI ports could be confusing and you might be using the incorrect one. Try using the other input sources on your TV, and check if the problem resolves. For instance, if you have HDMI 1 cable, it won’t work on HDMI 2 or 3 ports. So, verify that the input source is correct.

2. Replace the HDMI cables

To verify that the cable is properly working and is not broken from any point, try using the same cable on some other console if you have. Or you can try using another cable on your console to check if the port is working fine.

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3. Recheck the audio device settings

In the case of using an audio device, such as headphones, etc, for audio output, the issue of PS4 no sound could be due to a faulty output device. Make sure that the device is properly plugged in and working. To do that, follow the below-listed steps:

  1. Open “Settings” on your PS4
  2. Go to “Devices”
  3. Select “Audio Devices”
  4. Click on “Output to Headphones”
  5. Then select “All Audio”

After ensuring that the audio output settings are all set, go back to your game and recheck if the sound is audible now.

4. Update software

Make sure that you have the latest updates of software installed. To verify, connect the console to the internet and search for any new update in the software. Go to Settings > System software update and download if there is any update available.

5. Restore default settings

If nothing else is working to retain the audio, you should try resetting the console to the default settings. To do so, you can follow the below listed steps.

  1. Press the Power button and shut down the console. Wait till the light blinks a few times and then goes off.
  2. After ensuring that the console is shut down completely, press and hold the Power button until you hear two beeps. One would be heard when you press the button, the other one would be at least 7 seconds after the first one.
  3. Connect the provided USB controller with a DualShock4 controller. Then, press the PS button.
  4. While you’ve successfully launched the safe mode, select option 4: Restore default Settings to reset your console to the factory settings.

Following these steps will hopefully resolve the issue and the audio will be restored.


How to enable sound through HDMI?

To enable the sound through HDMI, follow the steps given below.

  1. The sound icon is located at the lower right corner, right-click on that.
  2. Click Playback devices on the Menu.
  3. Switch to the Playback tab in the sound window.
  4. Right click the Realtek HDMI output playback device
  5. Click enable from the drop down menu.

Optical audio output

If you wonder whether the PS4 has optical audio output, note that since November 2016, all the PS4 Pro devices are confirmed to have optical audio output.

What does audio format mean on PS4?

You don’t need to adjust the output audio format on PS4. When the console is connected to any connectable device, such as your TV, home theater, PC, etc, the output audio format is automatically optimized for that specific device via HDMI. so there is no need to set it up.

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Final words

Now that you know every possible method, you will be able to fix the PS4 no sound issue on your own. The steps are listed as per the sequence of how should you initiate the fixing process. Follow these methods and you will be able to hear the sounds again. In case nothing works, resetting the console will definitely fix everything but keep that as the least priority as it will also remove the data from your console.

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