5 Tips to Fix Your Projector Issues

Even if you are maintaining your projector properly, many aspects can disturb the projection or to the whole machine. Most of the issues can be corrected easily at home. And today, we will discuss these common problems that can occur in your projector along with methods you can use to solve these problems

Why Is My Projector Flashing
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Common issues with major components and Symptoms

Some of the most common problems seen in projectors are listed below. You can check if your problem is listed here and find out what is the reason behind it.

Projector Issues


If your projector is not laying colors properly on the screen or the image faints, there could be several expected reasons, such as a malfunctioning VGA cable or fainted lamp. Or maybe the file format you are trying to run is not supported. You should also turn off all unnecessary lights as bright light makes it difficult to detect colors in the image.

Dark Spots

If you can see black spots in the image, that indicate dust particles accumulated on a lens along the projection pathway. That is the primary reason behind these spots. Still, there’s a slight chance that physical damage has dented your projection screen, and there are scars on your projection screen that are not visible unless you introduce the projection.

Over Heating

The heating of your projector is natural as it shoots an enormous amount of light, and the light source also produces a certain amount of heat. But a proper ventilating system is installed in your projector to prevent overheating.

If your projector overheats, it is probably due to some blockage in your projector’s ventilating system. Or sometimes, if you use a size of lamp in your projector other than the default, it can produce excessive heat for which your projector has not primarily designed.

Lamp Burned Out

Projector Not Working

If your projector seems turned on but is not giving out any light, there is a possibility you’re its lamp has burned out. Shutting down instantly and not starting again are the following observed symptoms.

Tips to fix your projector

Here are five tips that can solve the common problems for the projector. If your problem is not listed above, you can still try these tips and see any improvements.

1. Examine All components

To fix the issue, we first need to detect the component that is causing problems. You have to check up the whole projector and see anything unusual such as a burning smell, a faint sound, a flashing light, or any dents.

Burning Smell

If you smell something burning, it is probably caused by the lamp as it produces a lot of light and heat as a by-product. You can check and replace the lamp. If the lamp is working fine, dust accumulates in the gaps, and it burned from the heat. You can clean and try to run, otherwise change the lamp.

Flashing Light

If you see a light flashing, it is pointing out a specific component that has issues. You can search online what such light means for your projector model, but mostly it refers to the lamp or the VGA cable.

Issues with VGA wire

Issues With Vga Wire

If the image does not form correctly, the reason behind it could be malfunctioning wire. You have to make sure if the cable is working correctly and not twisted or bent harshly. If that’s the case, you may have to change the wire.


If there’s a new physical dent, that’s probably the reason behind problems. You should take your projector to a mechanical expert and take his opinion.

2. Cleaning the Projection

It is necessary to clean your projector’s essential components, and if the image seems distorted or spots are there in the picture, you need to clean the parts of the projection pathway.

Primary lens Cleaning

You should be very careful not to touch the lens with bare fingers or even a regular cloth. You can only clean your lens with compressed air or a microfiber cloth as a less recommended option.

Projector Lens Cleaning

Fresnel lens Cleaning

To clean the Fresnel lens, you have to open the peek casement on your projector’s bottom, concealed with a label. You have to remove the label, and the window could be drag opened. Then again, either use compressed air to clean the Fresnel lens or use a cotton swab.

3. Lamp Check

If you have problems that the light is dim or the projection image is not clear, the reason behind this problem can be the lamp. You need to open and clean the lamp, or you have to change it if it is too old.

Most projector lamps need replacement after a certain time, and it is perfectly normal for you to order online and change it at home. It is easy and convenient, but you can always take it to a shop.

4. Ventilation Correction

The most common issues with a projector are somehow related to the ventilation. A projector produces a lot of heat, and it does require proper ventilation. You should use compressed air to clean the vents, and your projector will be ventilating correctly, overheating causes the projector to suddenly shut down and can cause permanent damage to some components.

5. File Format and Drivers Fix

Sometimes the problem is not in the hardware components but in the files itself. You can check if the projector’s drivers are updated, and also you can try changing the format of data you are running if that is possible. You can install new video players or reinstall device drivers.

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All the common problems and reasons behind them are mentioned. If you did not find the fix to your problem yet, the best way is to take your projector to an expert who could thoroughly examine it.

If you have any suggestions or queries, let us know below.

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