Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out?

No doubt, Bluetooth headphones are better for some people as they enjoy music without tangled wires and can use the headphones from a far distance. However, most of the time, Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out. Why do my Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out? The audio quality of your headphones can be affected by low battery levels. Ensure the Bluetooth headphones are at least 30% charged before using them.

How do I fix my Bluetooth audio stuttering?

You can fix the ‘Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out’ issue by bringing your mobile and headphones closer. Also, upgrade your devices and reset the Bluetooth device. Next, try disconnecting and reconnecting the Bluetooth headphones with your PC or mobile. Lastly, always keep your headphones charged.

Keep reading to know why Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out and how to fix the Bluetooth audio stuttering.

Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out
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Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out?

Bluetooth Headphones Skipping

If your Bluetooth cuts out often and you hear a stuttering voice, there could be some possible reasons. If the Bluetooth headphones have not stopped working completely, there is no need to worry. Your device is not wasted, and you can easily fix the issue. Before moving onto the reasons, let’s review a few possible causes of Bluetooth headphone skipping sound.

  1. Low battery
  2. A longer range of headphones also causes Bluetooth skipping voice.
  3. Your body might be interfering with the Bluetooth signals.
  4. Long session time, you might need to reset your Bluetooth headphones.
  5. Different obstacles could be a reason to drop signals.

Here are other reasons why Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out.

Duplication of contacts

When you answer a call, your synced contact list often creates duplication in contacts. So when the call is responded to, the Bluetooth headset tends to differentiate between those multiple contacts. That could cause a call drop or skipping audio. The easiest way to resolve this is by deleting the duplicate contacts on your phone.

Signal issues

There could be several reasons for signals dropping. For example, long distance between the devices, headphones turning old, or low range of Bluetooth headphones. These issues cause signals issues, and audio within the Bluetooth device starts shaking.

Cluttered bandwidth

Bluetooth bandwidth clutters when you have multiple Bluetooth devices active in an area. That causes the stuttering problem.

Low quality

When you buy cheap devices, they are not of high quality and expires soon. That’s why you might face signal drop or low range issues and hear shaking or cluttered sounds.

Bluetooth Cutting In And Out

How to fix Bluetooth headphones stuttering

There are plenty of ways to tackle this issue. You can easily fix Bluetooth headphones cutting out audio. Some of these are a little bit technical; others are very simple.

Here’s how to fix the ‘Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out’ issue.

1. Bring the devices closer

On average, Bluetooth devices offer a range of 32 feet. But in order to enjoy the best functionality, you should not be more than 2 feet away from the device.

Longer is the distance between the devices; the lower will be the performance. That’s why the first thing to do to resolve this issue is bringing the devices closer.

2. Reset Bluetooth device

If bringing the devices closer doesn’t affect, try restating the Bluetooth headphones after disconnecting them. Sometimes when the session time extends, the Bluetooth device starting heating up and might need to reset.

Try turning it off for a minute and then reconnect it. There are many chances that will resolve the issue.

3. Reset audio device

Maybe instead of a Bluetooth device, the issue is with the audio device. Try resting that too.

These are a few instant remedies to go for if you don’t encounter stuttering often. These are initial steps to do when you just starting facing them.

But if you have been facing the issue for a while and Bluetooth keeps cutting out, you may opt for the below given solutions:

4. Check the battery and the charger

Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering

If your Bluetooth headphones were working fine but suddenly you start facing Bluetooth audio skipping, that’s could be due to an unreliable battery or charger. You have to ensure that the battery and the charger you’re using are compatible with each other and not creating issues.

This problem occurs when you keep using the same headphone for too long. To settle that, you can change the headphones, or if they’re expensive, you can just change the battery.

5. Make sure that the signal and audio profiles match

Advanced Bluetooth devices will cause stuttering if connected with old Bluetooth versions. That’s why while shopping for Bluetooth headphones, you need to ensure that they support the version of the audio device you’re using.

6. Body interference

We have mentioned in reasons that your body might be interfering with the Bluetooth signals. Now that might sound weird to you because how could the human body interrupt signals, right?

Actually, the Bluetooth signals are not very strong in wavelength. It is difficult for them to pass through water bodies. And our body is up to 70% of water. That is why when your body is in between the headphone’s signal catching port and audio device, they might stutter.

You can just hold them in a way that the body is not in the middle of these two devices. May be, keep them in the right hand and put the earphone in the right ear too.

7. Obstacles in between the devices

Metal surface bounces the Bluetooth signals and cause interruption. That is why; you need to make sure that there is no metal surface in between the devices.

The surface could be a separation wall, the cover of your device, or any other surface. Try to avoid using Bluetooth headphones in that area.

Bluetooth Headphones Choppy

8. Check for updates

There might be some updates in Bluetooth devices that you will have to download. You can check for updates from the manufacturers.

If you have bought them from a reputed company, they will send you an email about any update in the version.

9. Wi-Fi signals

The Wi-Fi could also be a hurdle in the way of Bluetooth signals. The Wi-Fi signals may collide with the Bluetooth signal’s data transmission path. That would cause Bluetooth audio skipping.

Try going to an area with no or fewer signals and check if the audio stuttering stops.

10. Upgrade your devices

May be your previous headphones are old and about to expire. You should consider upgrading them to the newer version.

New headphones are way better in performance, come at affordable prices, and catchy designs. This solution should be your last option, though. If nothing else works, you can go to buy a new set.


When you have so many options, why would you settle for unclear and stuttering audio? Technology has come a far way, and you have as many options as you can think. Bluetooth headphones come in every type of variety based on colors, designs, advancements, and functionalities. Even if you cannot afford to buy new, you can try any of these solutions to resolve your issue.

2 thoughts on “Why Do My Bluetooth Headphones Keep Cutting Out?”

  1. Thank you! The intermittent sound cutting out from my headphones was driving me crazy! Followed your advice about other devices interferring so switched them all off and voila! Much appreciated 🙂

  2. My old Voyager headset started cutting out, so I ordered a new one. I charged it for several days. It constantly cuts in and out just like the old one did. I was using an i-phone 11 with the old one, I have upgraded to the 13 now. I had the same problems with both phones. I have been using Plantronics for very many years. Years ago we never had these issues. There are no other blue tooth devices in my area. It happens whether I’m in my office, during or just walking about…

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