Why Are My Skullcandy Earbuds Not Charging? [11 Easy Fixes]

Can’t figure out the reason behind the ‘Skullcandy earbuds not charging’ issue? The most common cause is earwax and debris accumulation. Therefore, always clean your earbuds with a toothpick and a soft toothbrush. You can also reset the earbuds and clean the charging ports in the charging case.

Why won’t my Skullcandy earbuds charge?

There are more reasons for Skullcandy earbuds not charging issue, apart from the debris accumulation, such as; a damaged charging case, defective cable, internal hardware problem, outdated firmware, incorrectly placing the earbuds in the charging case, and dirt on the charging ports.

Keep reading to find a troubleshooting guide on why the Skullcandy earbuds won’t charge.

why are my skullcandy earbuds not charging
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How to Fix Skullcandy Earbuds Not Charging?

You should always look for two red LED lights when you put the earbuds on charge. If you see only one solid red LED light, it means only one earbud is charging. However, if you see no red LED lights, none of the Skullcandy earbuds are charging.

You can check out the user manual given with the earbuds to try the verified fixes. If they don’t work, you can try our easy do-it-yourself fixes.

Below are the solutions for Skullcandy earbuds not charging issue;

1. Remove Plastic and Stickers from the Charging Port

If you have recently purchased the Skullcandy Dime or Dime2, look for the two white paper stickers over the charging ports of each earbud and remove them. This will resolve the ‘Skullcandy earbuds won’t charge’ issue.

Many users don’t know that they have to remove the sticker on the charging connectors neither it’s mentioned in the manual. The stickers prevent the earbuds from charging.

2. Clean the Earbuds and Charging Case

Accumulated dirt, debris, and earwax on earbuds and charging case can prevent them from charging. If the earbuds don’t fit the charging case anymore, it confirms there is accumulated debris.

You must thoroughly clean the earbuds and the contacts in the charging case.

Here’s how to clean the Skullcandy earbuds and charging case;

  1. Pour some isopropyl alcohol on a microfiber cloth.
  2. Now drape the same cloth on a stick or a pen to easily access the connecting ports.
  3. Wipe the bottom of the charging case, all the contact points, and the earbuds.
  4. Take a toothpick and cautiously clean the earwax from the earbuds.
  5. Finally, clean the earbuds with a soft, bristled toothbrush.

3. Properly Put the Earbuds in the Case

If a solid red LED light doesn’t shine every time you place the earbuds in the case for charging, it means they are positioned incorrectly.

Jiggle and press the earbuds a little when you put them in the case. You should wait a few seconds after jiggling for the red LED light, as it takes some time for the earbuds to start charging.

Also, you should always hear a clicking sound when you close the case. It confirms that the earbuds are placed correctly in the case.

4. Reset the Skullcandy Earbuds

Sometimes a software glitch can cause prevent the earbuds from charging. A quick reset can fix the issue and revert the earbuds to their original state. Reset steps differ according to the model you own.

Here’s how to reset the Skullcandy Dime earbuds;

  1. Open the device (phone, laptop, Mac) previously connected to the earbuds and go to the Bluetooth
  2. Remove(forget) the Skullcandy earbuds from the pairing list and turn off the Bluetooth.
  3. Now remove the earbuds from the charging case to turn them on automatically,
  4. Press the button on the earbuds twice and then long-press it for 2 seconds. (Press>release>press>release>press for 2 seconds).
  5. The earbuds will blink blue LED light, which means they are in reset mode.
  6. Finally, charge the earbuds and pair them with a device to see if the ‘Skullcandy earbuds won’t charge’ issue has been resolved.

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Following are the steps to reset Skullcandy Indy Evo Earbuds;

  1. Unpair the device from the earbuds and remove the earbuds from the pairing list.
  2. Next, turn off the Bluetooth on the device.
  3. Switch off the earbuds by pressing the power button on each earbud for 6 seconds.
  4. Turn on the earbuds by pressing the power buttons for 10 seconds.
  5. Place the earbuds back in the charging case and wait until a red light flashes.
  6. Remove the earbuds from the case to complete the reset process.

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Here’s how to reset the Skullcandy Jib earbuds;

  1. Unpair the earbuds and remove them from the charging case,
  2. Next, switch off the earbuds by pressing the earbuds’ buttons for 4 seconds.
  3. Hold each bud’s button for 10 seconds to reset them.

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Follow these steps to reset Skullcandy Sesh earbuds;

  1. Remove the earbuds from their case and turn them off by holding the buttons for 4 seconds.
  2. Next, press both earbuds’ buttons for 10 seconds to reset them.

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5. Repair the Defective Charging Case

A faulty charging case means the battery is damaged, and the Skullcandy earbuds won’t charge. Moisture and physical damage can defect the charging case.

You can place the charging case in the sun for a few minutes to get rid of the moisture. Moreover, you can go to a gadget technician to fix any physical damage.

6. Charge the Case Properly

The Skullcandy earbuds won’t charge if the charging case isn’t charging properly. You can correctly charge the case with the original USB cable that comes with the earbuds. Moreover, clean the charging port and cable weekly to prevent this issue in the future.

7. Consume the Battery Entirely

When a user uses an earbud more than the other for a long time (mono mode), one of the batteries drains quicker than the other. Therefore, the unbalanced batteries prevent the earbuds from charging.

This problem can be confirmed when only one earbud charges and the other doesn’t.

You can fix this by equally draining both batteries and then fully charging them. This requires 24 hours.

Here are the steps to drain the Skullcandy battery;

  1. Remove the earbuds from the case and keep the earbuds aside.
  2. Turn off the Bluetooth on the device.
  3. Keep the earbuds out of the case for a day. The battery will drain as they search for nearby Bluetooth devices to pair with.
  4. Place the earbuds back in the case after 24 hours and charge them.

8. Update the Outdated Firmware

Outdated firmware can cause software glitches resulting in poor performance and preventing the earbuds from charging.

Here’s how to upgrade the Skullcandy earbuds’ firmware;

  1. First, download the Skullcandy app and install it.
  2. Pair the earbuds with the app and open the app.
  3. Next, select the ‘Update’ button on the product card.
  4. Download it and install it to upgrade your firmware.

The Skullcandy firmware update might fail sometimes.

Here’s how to prevent the Skullcandy update from failing;

  1. Charge your earbuds at least 25 % or above before updating the firmware.
  2. You should have a good and stable internet connection.
  3. The device (phone or laptop) should have a 30% battery or above.
  4. The device and earbuds should be connected to the Skullcandy app.

9. Regulate the Temperature of Earbuds

Skullcandy earbuds won’t charge in extreme cold and hot temperatures because they have lithium-ion batteries that don’t work in extremes.

Always keep the earbuds to room/normal temperature and then charge them.

10. Replace the Faulty Cable with a Compatible Charger and Cable

You must use a charger rated less than 18W (5V/3.6A) and a cable that comes with the Skullcandy earbuds.

An incompatible charger leads to slow charging. Whereas a faulty cable doesn’t light up the red LED light when you put the earbuds to charge. So, replace the faulty adapter and cable with new and compatible ones.

Another way to charge your earbuds is through the laptop or power bank with a compatible cable.

11. Contact Support Team

The last resort is to contact the Skullcandy support team if all the above fixes don’t resolve the ‘Skullcandy earbuds not charging’ issue.

You can get the earbuds repaired for free if you have a 1-year warranty. Just fill out the contact form on the Skullcandy website to contact them. Also, include videos and photos of the problem you are facing.


Why are Skullcandy earbuds not charging in the case?

The debris and dust might be blocking the charging ports. Therefore, clean the charging ports with an isopropyl-soaked microfiber cloth.

How do you charge Skullcandy earbuds without a case?

The earbuds come with a USB cable. If the USB cable has small and narrow pins, attach them directly to the earbuds to charge them without a case. 

Why are my Skullcandy Indy earbuds not charging?

Following are the reasons for Skullcandy not charging issue;

  • Outdated firmware
  • Software glitches
  • Extremes of temperature
  • Dirty earbuds and charging ports
  • Faulty cable

How much time does it take for Skullcandy earbuds to fully charge?

The Skullcandy earbuds typically take about two hours to fully charge, depending on the model and usage. It is recommended to charge the earbuds using the provided charging cable and to ensure that the charging ports are clean and free of debris for optimal charging.

What does the charging light indicate on Skullcandy earbuds?

The charging light on Skullcandy earbuds indicates the current charging status of the earbuds. Typically, when the earbuds are placed in the charging case and charging, the light will turn on and remain solid until the earbuds are fully charged. Once the earbuds are fully charged, the light will turn off or blink to indicate that the charging process is complete. If the charging light is blinking red, it may indicate a low battery level or an issue with the earbuds.

Is it possible to overcharge Skullcandy earbuds?

Skullcandy earbuds are designed with built-in protection to prevent overcharging, so it is generally not possible to overcharge them. Once the earbuds are fully charged, the charging process will automatically stop, ensuring that the earbuds do not continue to charge and potentially cause damage to the battery.

Can Skullcandy earbuds charge while the case is being charged?

Yes, you can charge your Skullcandy earbuds while the charging case is being charged. The charging case is designed to charge both the earbuds and the case at the same time, so you can plug in the case and charge both the earbuds and the case simultaneously.

What could be the reason for the red blinking light on my Skullcandy earbud?

If you see a red blinking light on your Skullcandy earbud, it could indicate that the battery level is low, or that there is an issue with the earbud.


We hope you can fix the ‘Skullcandy earbuds not charging’ issue. Remember to keep the earbuds away from moisture and temperature extremes, charge them entirely even if not in use, and clean them occasionally.

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