Why Are My Games Locked on PS4? (5 Easy Fixes)

Though gaming is the most thrilling activity, but many times the gaming consoles become annoying! Similarly, many PS4 users complain about their games being locked on PS4, which would be truly frustrating! Do you happen to encounter the same problem?

But, why is a game locked on PS4?

You may have a game locked on PS4 due to an invalid license. Besides, having a slow internet connection can also lock your game. At times, the PSN is down for routine maintenance and you may not be able to play any game on PS4.

Please keep reading to find out more reasons for why you face games locked on PS4 issue and how you can unlock your games without hustling much!

how to unlock games on ps4
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Why Are My Games Locked On PS4?

A locked icon on a PS4 game indicates that you don’t have access to the particular game and prevents you from playing.

Here are the causes for games locked on PS4:

Slow Internet Connection

Slow internet speed could be one of the answers to your question: why are all my games locked on ps4? The poor network connection or low signal issues hinder the validation of the license. A disturbing or downlink between PS4 and PSN causes severe problems with your games.

Not having a valid License

You may want to read this reason very carefully because this may be the very first or most common reason your games are locked. Gamers are very well connected and share gadgets, games, accounts or other accessories with their gaming partners.

Sony has to take care of its business and its gamers’ privacy as well. It has now disabled the accounts sharing option with those who don’t own that game. 

Routine Maintenance of PSN On Your PS4

Why is my game locked on PS4? Well, if you are a compassionate gamer who primarily downloads games off the PS4 network, sometimes you may be unable to play their downloaded PS4 games. Mostly, the lock icon appears next to the game and prohibits users from launching the game.

The PSN goes down for short stretches and contributes towards service maintenance. The only option is to wait as there is nothing much you can do. Additionally, the scheduled maintenance reminder is shown at the top of the page to inform you when the PS network will be offline.

How To Unlock The Locked Game on PS4

To unlock the locked game on PS4, stop playing right away and allow some time to your PS4 and let it reconnect with the server. If you still have the game locked on PS4, the gaming license may be invalid.

Here are the methods to unlock the locked game on PS4:

Method # 1: Restoring Gaming License of PS4

With a strong internet connection, once you have given enough time to PS4 to communicate with the PSN servers and solve the license validation issue but fail. These are the steps you need to follow and restore your PS4 license;

  1. Sign in to the PS4 account with a padlock issue.
  2. Now open the settings option and go to account
  3. After that hit the restore license button
  4. Next, head to the library and select the purchase
  5. Now choose the game you are unable to play.
  6. It will start downloading it.
  7. Once downloaded, now you can locate it at your home screen.

It supports you with a valid license enabling you to play games once again competently.

Method # 2: Deactivate Primary Console

Although these PS4 games’ locked problems do not arise in primary PS4, there are chances you are using a secondary console. The primary PS4 console stores license on the machine without any constant restoration exercise; therefore, the lock never appears on games. 

Follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to account settings
  2. Now click on account management.
  3. Click on activate as Primary and disable it.
  4. It will deactivate your account.
  5. Now enable it before you exit the tab.

Now access all your games that were previously locked on the PS4 console.

Method # 3: Check the Internet

As mentioned above, a slow or unstable internet connection disrupts the license validation. A connection test from the PS4 setting menu can be helpful to monitor the connectivity status. Followed by restarting the router or PlayStation to reset all networking components, the process will enable the system to connect with PSN and validate the license quickly.

Method # 4: Check If Account Is Banned?

It is easy to conclude that in many cases if you strike with games locked on PS4, it’s because the console is unable to validate the license. Moreover, you cannot communicate with a PSN server through a banned PSN account.

Try signing in on a different PS4; if you cannot sign in there and not on your console, then the issue lies with the console and not the account.

Method # 5: Reload The Game

Whether you are a frequent gamer or an active one, this locking would not be a new issue in your PS4 console if you share your games with other players. Unfortunately, this unlikely game-locking event simply explains that you share the game. The premier account holder maintains the access and limits of titles.

Each and every time you face the locked game issue, it’s the access, connectivity issue or some trouble with your account. Reloading the game and activating the PS4 console may resolve the issue, but you have to contact the official site of PS4, as there is no known solution to this problem.


Prevention is the keyword when it comes to PS4 game padlock errors. Read the causes mentioned above carefully to avoid interruption or delay in your game. The primary account holder should resolve the games locked on the PS4 issue and remove the locked sign in no time. It is better if you don’t share your account and game with others.

We have tried to enlighten you with the causes and solutions, and everything you need to know about Why are my games locked on PS4? We hope the content is valuable and helpful for your future gaming endeavors. If you want to ask any questions related to PS4 or gaming consoles, feel free to interact with us.

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