Why Are Kneeling Chairs Good for You? [5 Benefits]

Over the past decade, kneeling chairs are seen in offices around the world. The reason behind their popularity is that they have health benefits over the standard office chairs. They are known to provide more focus and energy for long working hours, and thus, they are gaining prominence in the market. In this article, we will demonstrate why kneeling chairs are so popular among office workers and casual users.

We will help you decide whether to use a kneeling chair by pointing out their benefits and flaws. When you should use them and how you can get more benefits and comfort.

Are Kneeling Chairs Good For You
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What is a kneeling chair?

Kneeling chairs are completely different from the standard office chairs. They have a different structure, height, and ergonomic features. The major difference is there is no back support in a kneeling chair, which forces your back muscles into action. This builds up your supportive back muscles, also correcting your posture.

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Other differences are distributed weight management. Traditional chairs put pressure over your lower backs that cause back pain after long seating hours. But kneeling chairs divide your body weight among your back and shins (Lower Leg).

Brief History of the Kneeling Chair

The modern kneeling chairs were designed by Hans Christian Mengshoe back in 1979. Nowadays, several ergonomics adjustments are seen in varieties of kneeling chairs. Traditional chairs consist of cushions for bottom and shins. But the concept of kneeling chair is elderly. It is believed that the concept emerged from Buddhist Monks who used traditional methods to form similar structures with the same principles and use them during meditation.

Recommended Kneeling Chairs

Are Kneeling Chairs good for you?

We have demonstrated that kneeling chairs are better at weight management and lower back pain due to long hours of seating. But without back support, you might not make through the long hours of seating.

For you to make a smart decision yourself, we will demonstrate the kneeling chair’s benefits and flaws in detail. You can determine what will suit your personality.

Benefits of Kneeling Chairs

Kneeling chairs have tremendous benefits, out of which, major ones are listed below.

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1. Fine Posture

Kneeling chairs give you a fine posture over consistent use. Without the back support, your muscles act, so you sit upright on a kneeling chair. This helps in giving you a fine posture and a strong spine shape.

2. Muscles development

Muscle activity is required to maintain your torso in an upright position. This helps your back muscles to develop when you use kneeling chairs regularly for a long time. Better muscles provide you back strength and an excellent posture.

3. Better Angle

Unlike other office chairs, kneeling chairs do not have an angle of 90-degrees between your upper body and thighs. Still, the angle is 60-70 degrees that slide your lower pelvis forward. This takes away a good deal of load from your lower back, and this angle helps relieve your lower back pain.

4. Weight Management

The Bodyweight is finely distributed among your spine, back, and shins when you are sitting on a kneeling chair. This prevents muscle pains as weight is equally distributed, laying less weight on each set of muscles.

5. Wide Torso and body functioning

When you are sitting on a standard office chair, your body mass is supported by the back support of the chair that contacts your ribs and muscles while your lungs and abdomen are jam-packed.

But in kneeling chair, you are in an upright position, and your spine length is increased. This gives your organs the required space that increases their performance. This helps to improve digestion, breathing, and kidney functioning.

6. Blood Flow and focus

The widened torso and relaxed abdomen improve blood flow all over the body. This also improves your metabolism and body’s ability to regulate blood sugar. Regulated blood flow to your brain and spine enhance focus and productivity. The pressure is constantly divided into the body due to weight management.

Benefits Of Kneeling Chairs

Flaws of Kneeling Chairs

Some flaws always come along with tremendous benefits. We have also mentioned how you can deal with the consequences due to the flaws.

1. Adjustment Struggles

You might need some time and struggle to get used to a chair without back support. It might distract you at first, but you will get used to it, and it’s worth the trouble. You can try taking short breaks and short walks. This will keep you persistent at adjusting with your new chair.

2. Difficulty in getting up

Your legs seem to be tied up, and you may face difficulty while getting up from a kneeling chair. Kneeling chairs are supposed to be healthy instead of luxurious. Although this will need you to put in extra effort, it will have health benefits for you.

3. Blood flow in the legs

The pressure on your shins take some load off from your lower back, but your legs are not used to this new weight. The best way is that you shift between both chairs regularly to earn the benefits.

4. Strange Look

Although kneeling chairs are a good sport, using them at an office can be awkward due to their unusual shape. It is not a common thing you see at any office.

What is the proper way to use a kneeling chair?

Proper Way To Use A Kneeling Chair

You must not treat a kneeling chair like a normal office chair and consider different protocols. They are also very simple and helpful for you.

You need to sit on the seat, laying all your weight on your bottom. After that, you bring both your legs in, one by one, and lay them in the right position. You can put one leg in position while balancing your body with the other.

You will eventually get second thoughts on using the other chair as kneeling chairs are less convenient. It is fine to shift to standard chair frequently until you have adjusted to your new chair. But this raises another question which is answered below.

When should you use a kneeling chair?

Kneeling chairs are designed to keep you focused and attentive. They are helpful when you are performing any complex tasks and require concentration. So you must use them while writing, typing, sewing, drawing, or during other intense jobs.

You are attentive throughout the seating time, but you also need to give your body rest. Don’t keep sitting for too long but take regular intervals during your working hour. Take a walk and keep yourself hydrated. This will allow your developing muscles to relax.


Kneeling chairs help prevent lower back pain, which is a common problem for office workers and startups. They improve posture and develop muscles to support your back. But this is a form of exercise that does require some effort to adapt to it.

So, you must consider a kneeling chair when performing difficult tasks in your work time. They are designed to boost focus. But do not use them for too long consistently and alternate with a normal office chair from time to time.

If you have any suggestions or queries, let us know in the comments.

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  1. im using the kneeling chair for my short term tasks like writing, reading and sewing. It also helps me in my core muscles strength

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