Which Aeron Chair Size Suits Me Best?

Are you upset because your long seating hours are going nowhere, and the body pain has gotten on your nerves? Well, in this case, aeron chairs will help you! The varied aeron chair sizes let you choose which one fits you to prevent serious body posture problems.

So, what aeron chair sizes are available?

There are 3 aeron chair sizes available in the market; size A, B and C. Having a height of less than 5’4” and body weight around 60 KGs, you can go for size A. The aeron chair size B is perfect for heights between 5’4” to 6’4”, whereas the size C matches people who are taller than 6’4”.

Aeron chairs are exceptionally comfortable chairs of high-end quality. To learn more about aeron chair sizes, dimensions, reason of their superiority over other chairs; please keep reading!

Which Aeron Chair Size Suits Me
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About Aeron

Aeron is the most comfortable chair which was built by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf back in 1992. This chair has all the features to assist comfortable seating. It prevents back pain caused by long hours of seating, which is a common problem among office workers. Aeron is the result of years of ergonomics study.

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Democratic Chair

Along with great features, this chair is available in three different sizes that can fit every body shape and size. This makes it an ideal chair for a larger audience with a broader age and weight limit.

Although the size of this chair has a broad limit of body types, the chair correctly carries full body weight, and ergonomic features of all sizes are alike. The price tag of all three sizes is also kept the same by Herman Miller.

Which Aeron Chair Size Suits Me?

It is a widespread concern that out of these three sizes, which one will be a perfect fit for you? The following figure illustrates the weight and height of all three sizes. Based on this graph, you can make a close estimation of the most appropriate size for you or a person you know.

Aeron Chair Size Chart

Size A

If your height is anywhere less than 162 cm, or 5 feet 4 inches, the most suitable size for you is size A. This is most appropriate for kids or women who can commonly weigh less than 60 kg.

Size B

This size is appropriate for more than 80 percent of the customers as this is the standard size that is suitable for most of the adults and elder audience. It suits the average body sizes, which exist between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches and for people who weight between 60-100 kg.

Size C

The largest size fits any person with a height higher than 6 feet and 4 inches and is capable of ergonomically supporting weights for more than 100 kg. This chair has all the features of other sizes, but they are just more extensive.


Even if the above graph helps you make a close estimation of your chair’s perfect size, the length of limbs and neck can be different in people with similar heights. Due to this reason, it is suggested that you take a seating test on all these chairs once. This will let you know how supportive each size is for you and what suits you the best.

Comparison of all Sizes

Although all these sizes have considerable differences in dimensions, they look very similar, and they also feel very similar. All these dimensions are made at a larger scale and provide the same support to the overall body. You can find other sizes supportive for you, but a perfect fit will be better as they will be a pillar to the right pair of muscles in all positions. It is important, especially if you have to sit through most of your day.

Which size is my chair?

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The designers have kept a simple way to differentiate between all three sizes of Aeron by Herman Miller. If you already have a chair and are not sure of its size, we will tell you how you can recognize its size.

You have to check the back of your chair for a Herman Miller logo. This logo will be at the top center of your chair’s back support and running your fingertips over it; you will be able to feel a notch in the form of dots.

If you feel a single dot, your chair is Size A, which is the smallest size. If you can feel two dots with your fingertips, it indicates that your chair size is B, which is standard. And if you can feel a triangle of dots, your chair size is C, which is the largest size.

This trick works for all original chairs of Herman Miller, and you can always rely on this method to be assured.

I have some other brand chairs as well that can be used instead of the Aeron chair.


Aeron chair has three sizes that are suitable for a broad audience. You can find the size that suits you the best based on your weight and height. The size with the highest sales is B, which is a perfect fit for standard heightened people that range from 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 4 inches.

You can quickly figure out the size suitable for you based on the table above. But it is still suggested to test a chair physically before you buy it. Some stores will surely allow you to take a seating test.

If you are buying online, you can rely on the estimation, as this will be entirely accurate for almost everyone despite their age and gender.

If you have any queries or suggestions, you can let us know below.

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