What Does Pu Leather Mean? [Pros & Cons]

Leather is widely used to make high-quality office chair, bags , shoes and coats which are appealing, stylish and valuable. But there are many imitate products that can be hard to differ from real leather. Though, there are more qualities to genuine leather which they lack, such as durability. These alternatives appear brilliant at first, but they are spoiled easily with time.

PU leather chair is one of the well-known alternatives of genuine leather chair. It is famous due to some remarkable qualities that we will discuss in this article further. We will also demonstrate the pros and cons of this synthetic leather that will help you decide if it’s beneficial to select it other than genuine leather.

What Does Pu Leather Mean
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What is PU leather?

Pu Leather

PU leather, (Polyurethane Leather) is artificial synthetic leather which is widely used as an alternative for genuine leather, in specific industries. One significant benefit of PU leather is that no animals are harmed in its production. But it is mostly available in a slightly impure form known as “Bi-cast leather”, which contains a fraction of leftovers from the creation of original leather.

PU leather has mostly similar qualities and uses as real leather. It is widely used in industries as a cheap substitute of leather.

Synthetic leather is cost-efficient and much more customizable than natural leather. It is available in a wide variety of designs and colors. However, still, it is intolerant when compared to real leather. It does not last very long.

PU leather Pros and Cons

Below, we have listed all the reasons you should know to understand why a person chooses or rejects PU leather chair over genuine leather chair. Also, how you can make a clever decision based on your priorities and expectations.

Pros of PU leather

Easy on the wallet

The primary benefit of PU leather is that it is much more affordable than genuine leather. It is synthetic and commercial production provides a noticeable difference in the price.

Variety of colors and styles

Faux Leather Colors

As it is synthesized commercially, it is available in a wide range of colors and styles to blend with your home or office decor. This is a very classy feature of this leather that makes it appreciated at theme-based restaurants and offices.


The surface of this synthetic leather does not allow liquids or fluids to get absorbed or cause any bad smell. This is a significant factor as genuine leather gets stained easily. But PU leather is designed to be liquid-repellent.

Easy Maintenance

PU leather is also easy to maintain as its surface is smooth; you can rinse it with water without fearing water absorption. This keeps the leather fresh as new for long.

Cons of PU leather

Not breathable

PU leather is made such that it does not allow air to pass through as genuine leather does. It is one prime quality of natural leather that is really difficult to clone. So, PU leather might give you a tough time sitting for a long time, causing your back to heat.

Bad Smell

PU leather composes of a variety of chemicals that give it an odd industrial smell. It is not very noticeable unless you introduce it to direct sunlight or heat source.


Pu Leather Meaning

Although PU leather looks remarkable in your room, it can be easily identified as substitute leather due to the hoax charisma. Anyone with a keen eye might recognize this synthetic leather easily.

Polish Shine

PU leather has a gleaming look that makes it easier to differ from natural leather. It might cause glare of lights and sunlight along with bleeding colors if washed.

Short life

PU leather has a shorter life than genuine leather as it is easily rotten with time. Real leather has a higher tolerance for harsh conditions for a long time.

Hoax Essence

When the surface of genuine leather undergoes oxidation for years, they develop a patina which is admired mostly. However, PU leather does not get this antique appearance, but it starts to rip off.

Not Environmental Friendly

Although it is vegan, it mostly consists of plastic which is not eco-friendly and will be causing pollution on the planet for millions of years.

How to differentiate between real or synthetic leather?

Real Or Synthetic Leather

Identifying original leather and PU leather is actually effortless. Anyone can differ by paying attention to certain qualities or appearance.


The significant difference in PU leather is that it is less costly than real leather. You can compare prices and determine the quality of leather. But expensive is not always authentic.


You can sense a smell of chemicals and industrial fluids to determine whether the leather is real or synthetic. Gentle rubbing the surface might give you a better clue of the truth.

Water test

PU leather does not soak any water, and it is both favorable and contrary quality. You can pour a few drops of water to see if they are absorbed. But this water test cannot be done with the furniture you don’t own. You can try other methods.


YouTube video

The best and easiest method is to identify the visible difference of texture of PU leather and genuine leather. Genuine leather has an uneven pattern with certain flaws in the appearance. It gives them the real antique look. In contrary, PU leather has a smooth texture which is flawless and seems crafted.


It is your personal choice to decide according to your priorities. If you need something that is budget-friendly, vegan and in a variety, you must choose PU leather. But if you require something more lasting and superior in quality, you should choose genuine leather. There are several ways how you can distinguish PU leather or genuine leather.

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What Is Pu Leather

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