What Is an Ergonomic Chair? Features of an Ergonomic Chair

Having a job which requires seating for long hours, you must take good care of your body posture to avoid pain and health problems. An ergonomic chair helps you with perfect sitting posture owing to its plenty of features that favor a human body.

So, what are ergonomic chairs and their benefits?

Chairs that come along with various adjustable features as per different body shapes and sizes, are ergonomic chairs. These chairs have adjustable armrests, height and depth. Besides, an ergonomic chair comes with efficient lumbar support to make sure your back never hurts!

If you wish to know more about ergonomic chairs, their benefits, why they are preferred over regular chairs; please continue reading!

What Is An Ergonomic Chair
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What is an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is a chair designed to suit various types of people. As people are of different heights and sizes, but most companies introduce ergonomic features for the standard height and body shape. Although some ergonomic chairs are available with plenty of adjustable features that make them suitable for a variety of sizes and body shape. These features include adjustable seat height, seat depth, lumbar support, adaptable armrest and many more.

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair aligns according to your body’s axis, and certain features ensure that you can sit comfortably throughout the day. They help you focus on your work while aligning you in such a position to enhance blood flow that boosts your energy levels and productivity.

Essential Features of an Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chairs have several features depending on their quality and prices. But we will demonstrate the most essential elements that are commonly seen in ergonomic chairs.

Without any of these features, a chair can not be entitled as an ergonomic chair.

Height adjustment feature

A chair with an adjustable height feature is much more democratic. It can be used by people of any height. Short heighted people can increase the chair’s height and rest their arms and neck on a standard height desk. While tall people can increase or decrease the height to rest their legs on the ground and arms on the desk. This is important for a chair to be referred to as an ergonomic chair.

Depth adjustment feature

This feature keeps your knees above your hips and provides your upper body with a forward slant. This takes your body weight off of your legs, elongates your spine, and increases the area of the abdomen. This also regulates blood flow to your lower body. The elongated spine helps you inhale adequately, and enhanced blood flow ensures oxygen supply within the body, which eliminates the risk of common complaints among office workers such as deep vein thrombosis.

Backrest adjustments

Backrest Adjustments

The backrest is one of the most essential parts of a chair. Comfortable back support which aligns your spine correctly improves your focus and productivity during long working hours. And it benefits on long term preventing any complaint of back pain or breathing difficulties. An ergonomic chair with adaptive back support can be the best luxury to an office worker or a person with a home setup that has to sit through consistent working hours.

Back Angle adjustment

An ergonomic chair allows you to adjust the Back angle of your chair. This prevents you from sitting in the same posture for too long by often changing the angles automatically whenever you move back or lean forwards. This helps to make some of your muscles relax by changing muscles in action. And reduces pressure on the same bones by dividing them among different bones. Such a chair that can shift body weight and support your back at a comfortable angle can be referred to as an ergonomically correct chair.

Adjustable Arm rests

Armrests are there so that your arms do not hang around for long. They provide support even when you are using your hands to write or type. But if the armrest of a chair is fixed to one position, they could not provide the necessary support to the arms during different tasks. For instance, if armrests are reliable for you when you are typing, you will be hanging your arms when you are not keeping your hands on your desk. This makes it a necessary feature of an ergonomic chair to have adjustable armrests that change position according to the seater’s mood.

Back titled adjustment

Tilted back is a standard feature for ergonomics chairs as it helps to keep the spine elongated and in proper shape. If you lean forward, tilted back will support your back to stay erect. The elongated spine will increase the area in your abdomen, allowing your muscles to relax and lungs to expand properly.

Chair Base

Swivel Base

If you have a large desk or multiple desks, you must be aware of the importance of a revolving and moving chair. You can shift between desks very fast and efficiently without disrupting your workflow. Thus an essential feature for your work-friendly chair.

Ergonomic Chair Benefits

We have demonstrated essential features of an ergonomic chair we conclude that ergonomically correct chairs have a lot of benefits over regular chairs. They are more adequate means of seating that is suitable for a broader range of body types. Now we are going to list all the benefits of an ergonomic chair over a regular chair.

  • Posture Support
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Prevents neck problems
  • Prevents back pain
  • Divides body weight among different pair of muscles
  • Elongates and aligns your spine correctly
  • The elongated spine allows your abdominal organs to relax, improving breathing, intestinal movements, and kidney functioning.
  • Enhances blood circulation.

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We have demonstrated the importance of an ergonomic chair and elaborated features that distinguish an ergonomically correct chair from regular chairs. Without these features, a chair can not be considered an ergonomic chair.

An office worker or home worker spends a large part of the day on his chair. So your chair must be ergonomically correct. It is a crucial widget of your office as you are always in contact with it while working. You are using it for consistent hours, so it has got to be comfortable and convenient.

Ergonomic chairs help prevent many uncertainties caused by seating for long hours daily. These problems are pervasive among office workers, and ergonomic chairs have reduced these problems to the minimum heights.

If you have any queries or suggestions for us, let us know below.

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