What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use?

What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use
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If you are a passionate gamer, you tend to be more and more like your favorite streamer. You like to follow the habits that help them increase their performance. Their PC setup and the accessories they prefer. Everything counts a role in their outstanding performance. If you are a gamer who spends most of his time sitting and playing games, the most important thing for you is your chair. You can agree that your gaming performance skyrockets if you have an upright posture and a comfortable gaming chair. It helps you to focus and predict the enemy’s movements and make better decisions. Your reflexes are boosted. And most importantly, you do not get tired after many straight hours of gaming.

Top streamers like Shroud, spend plenty of time on their chairs and they put a lot of thought into their choices. They chose the best among all, and that makes their followers interested in knowing their choices. That’s why you are here to find out the chair of choice of your favorite streamer Shroud.

What Chair did shroud use?

Shroud had been using the Maxnomic 9 Pro by NeedforSeat®. This model comes with a 4D armrest, and it has Durable cold cured foam that soothes body temperature which is covered by high-Quality PU leather. But shroud has recently shifted from this model. Although he used it for quite a long time and it is also budget-friendly.

So what chair does shroud use?

Shroud has recently shifted from Maxnomic 9 Pro by NeedforSeat® to Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. This is a minor upgrade, but it has also escalated a discussion on Shroud’s spending habits and his interest in updating accessories.

Aeron by Herman Miller

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I’m sure you want to learn more about Shroud and his gaming chair. You should know that you have come to the right place. We will tell you more about your favorite streamer and his magical chair. And not just that, you will also learn about the best alternatives. Let’s start:

Who is Shroud?

Shroud’s real name is Michael Grzesiek. He is a Polish-Canadian streamer, born on 2nd June 1994. He earned great name in competitive games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Blackout, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, Minecraft, Battalion 1944, World of Warcraft Classic, Escape from Tarkov, Fortnite Battle Royale and many more. He is a famous influencer and gamer. He has 6+ Million subscribers on Youtube and more than 253 million views. On twitch, he has 6.45+ Million followers.

About Aeron by Herman Miller

Aeron by Herman Miller is on top of the most expensive chairs in the market. It costs more than a normal gaming chair, but is it worth the price tag? It is a big question asked by people from around the world. Herman Miller has customers all around the world, and their chair is loved in all places. They only produce it in the US, but delivery services are not limited to anywhere in the world.

This chair also has a very interesting history. Sir, Bill Stumpf, and Sir Don Chadwick designed this masterpiece after years of their research in ergonomics. They designed many chairs for Herman Miller, but Aeron, whose name was derived from aeronautics, aeration, was their best creation. This famous chair has been recognized as the “Best-selling” chair of America in 2010.

We will also talk about the cost-efficiency of the chair, but first, we need to take a look at the features of this chair.

Key features of Shroud Gaming Chair

There are tremendous features in Shroud’s gaming Chair. It includes a whooping, 12 years of warranty, adjustable armrests, smart back supporting layout, and many more. But some key features justify not only the pricing but also set’s Aeron as the top choice of many streamers, including our favorite, Shroud. These state of the art features are:

  • Pellicle Mesh material is found only in Herman Miller. It means that this chair has a breathable or permeable membrane. It is the key feature of Herman Miller. It makes their chairs the most efficient in body-temperature management.
  • PostureFit SL technology is found in this chair. This technology is the most efficient one to deal with a lower back strain. It comfortably leans forward the upper pelvis giving a fine shape to your spine. This feature is beneficial in eliminating back pain completely.
  • Highly Adjustable features for personal accommodation. The chair automatically adjusts to the person’s natural body positioning. It supports all the body weight and is very stable leaning backward.
  • It is height adjustable giving you focus when it’s lowered. For long hours of sitting straight, it can be heightened to point your neck downwards that leave pressure off the shoulder muscles, increasing your productivity for a long time.
  • The seat angle is fully adjustable according to your choice. It is extremely comfortable for all types and sizes of desks you use. It helps you to maintain the correct distance and angle from your monitor’s screen.
  • Adaptive posture support is found in some competitors. But Herman Miller likes to stay one step ahead. They have introduced a smart posture layout to align your back correctly for many hours straight without you getting tired.
  • They have implemented Air current flow mechanism to the back too, to let air flow through your seat and back constantly. It is a very convenient feature for long hours of seating.
  • The Chair and its production are entirely environmentally friendly. It is almost completely recyclable. The tolerant design and quality material are 96% reusable. Additionally, it is made in a 100% clean energy facility.
  • The best part for this chair is you will get 12 years of warranty.

This was just an attempt to list all the cool features of this chair. I now want to dive into the explicit features that make this chair the first choice of the gaming king; Shroud.


This chair is long-lasting. It can tolerate way more than any normal chair. All the materials are of the highest quality. Be it the A-grade steel frame or the 8Z pellicle suspension mesh, everything has the most durable qualities. It can stand of pressure from the sitting hours.

These fine materials made it possible for them to offer 12 years of 24/7 use warranty. It’s an amazingly functional feature that promises the lifespan of 2-3 decades.

Color Scheme

Herman Miller offers a wide spectrum of colors in this chair. It has all the colors that can go with a gamer’s choices and his setup. While purely black, graphite is the most common choice of gamers around the globe.

Choice of Sizes

This a rare feature that makes Herman Miller the preferred choice of people of different body types. It has 3 different sizes for people to choose from depending on their body’s proportions. This makes Aeron available to people of all ages.

Cross Performance Design

The ecstatic design allows the body to relax freely and provides individual support to the upper and lower body.

Easy Shifting & Adjustment

The comfortable support of PostureFit SL allows the skeletal system to move freely, sit and relax or recline. The overall shape and size of the chair help you move around with ease.

Body Temperature

The Permeable Mesh supports airflow on the seat and back. It helps maintain body temperature for a long time.

Latitude Shifting

The 8Z Mesh also provides the feature of latitude zones. It gives you comfortable support just when in contact with the body. But it is also very adaptive to support body shape.

How to buy Shroud’s Chair

As you’re reading the cool features, you must adore the choice of Shroud’s Chair more than ever. If you cannot wait to buy it, here are the sources you can book to receive it.

Price of Shroud’s Chair

Shroud is a big name in the gaming influencers that left’s him with no spending limit for his chair. According to the official Herman Miller Website, the chair costs 995$ before shipping. That price tag stands for all sizes but your bill can exceed for customized features. They offer plenty of customizable features that include Casters, back support, changing style, Tilt, Arm pads, and much more.

Is Shroud’s Chair worth the price tag?

Although, the price tag seems huge for a chair. But the convenience and features are all mentioned above that justify the price tag. Herman Miller is a luxurious brand, and luxury always comes with a high price tag. It is still very reasonable for the rare features it has and the tolerance that extends the chair’s life.

Alternatives to this Chair

Although, Shroud’s chair, Aeron by Herman Miller, justifies the price tag. It still is a hurdle for many Shroud’s fans to invest big. But I have some amazing alternatives listed below that can be the closest call to the convenience of Herman Miller.

Furmax Mid Back Lumbar office chair can be a very comfortable choice, and the best feature it offers besides comfort is the price. It is available in less than 100$, which makes it accessible and the most reliable choice.

The Secret Lab Titan is also a very comparable alternative. It provides too many features of this chair at a very reasonable price. We get great quality at an unbelievably convenient price.

Other Gaming Chair Recommendation


Shroud uses the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller which is a bit costly luxury item but it has some rare and convincing features that justify the price tag. You should buy Shroud’s Chair as it is the most comfortable option in the market.

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