What Does Rebuild Database Do on PS4? (Rebuild in 3 Steps)

Among other exceptional features of PS4, the rebuilding database entity holds a significant place. You have landed on the right spot if you have been looking for a precise guide to performing a rebuilt database on PS4. Rest assured!

Do you know what does rebuild database do on PS4?

Well, the rebuilding database on PS4 helps you manage heavy, corrupted, unwanted, or any files to make your console work smoother and faster.

Please keep reading to find out more about rebuilding the database on PS4, its benefits, and how you can perform it without any hustle.

what does rebuild database do on ps4
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What does rebuild database mean on PS4?

As mentioned earlier, the rebuild database option on your PS4 enhances and improves the console’s functionality. As your console turns older, it contains a lot of data that might start to work slower than usual. If you observe that your PS4 has started to work very slowly, then rebuilding PS4 database would surely do wonders.

Undoubtedly, rebuilding the database on PS4 consumes your time, but it is all worth it! You surely would not mind investing your time in the process since the unique feature manages all your console’s malfunctioned files. Besides, it also arranges all the relevant data of every game in specific locations. Moreover, once you perform a database rebuild on your PS4, your newer games will work in a flow without any crashes.

How to rebuild PS4 database?

Rebuilding database on PS4 is no rocket science. However, it is a little time consuming!

Here are the steps to rebuild PS4 database.

  1. First of all, you have to turn off your PS4 console before turning it on again.
  2. Next, please press and hold the power button until your console turns on in the ‘safe mode.’
  3. While you use your PS4 in safe mode, please pay attention to the wired/USB connection of your controller with the console.
  4. Remember that your PS4 will not work in ‘safe mode’ if you forget to connect the controller through a cable.
  5. Next, you will see the ‘rebuild database‘ option in the ‘safe mode.’
  6. You will know when your database starts rebuilding. Besides, the time it consumes depends on the data you have got on your console.
  7. Once the process finishes, your PS4 will continue to work as usual, except that it works faster and smoother after the procedure.

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Is it safe to rebuild the database on PS4?

Rebuilding the database is one of the most remarkable features by the users of PS4/PS5 since it boosts up their consoles in terms of working. Unknowingly, your console might contain many corrupted files that crash every new game you try to download. Not only that but these unwanted and hidden files also trouble the console leading to slow functioning.

You can count the rebuilding database option on your PS4 as a savior! It removes the contaminated files that make your console sick without interfering with any of its standard files. While rebuilding the database, the system reviews the entire storage and every detail of the data on your console to make sure you lose nothing but the trouble-causing files.

When to rebuild database on PS4?

Understandably, for every other bug you face on your PS4, you would not want to opt for the rebuilding PS4 database option since it consumes a lot of time. Therefore, for a clearer picture, we provide you with a few examples of when you should perform the rebuild database on your PS4.

  • One of the most familiar problems is when you want to access a file and find out that it is being processed much longer than usual. Sometimes, the file may not open as well. You know that you may need to opt for rebuilding the database on your PS4.
  • When there is any lag while you use PS4, like input lag, or maybe the movement and actions of characters of the game you are playing are not coordinating.
  • You can rebuild the database on PS4 if your games have started to crash very often and do not let you play in peace.
  • When you become tired of going through long menus, that is when you know there’s a menu lag. Such a problem will resolve after rebuilding the database on your PS4.
  • If the process of downloading games has become hectic and tiring, the rebuilding database option on PS4 may help you with faster downloads.
  • If your PS4 has turned quite old, and your hard drive is also about to surface, that’s when you may need to rebuild the database on your PS4 for better functioning.
  • The rebuilding database on the PS4 option also helps when your system tells you that the hard drive is malfunctioning or corrupted.

What does rebuild database do on PS4?

In simpler words, you can call the rebuilding database process in PS4 scanning. Once you have opted for the feature, the system reviews, opens, and analyses all the data stored on your PS4. If it finds out files that are the cause of slow working of the console, and are unnecessary, then it removes them at once.

However, below is the list of the tasks that the rebuild database option does on your PS4;

  • It makes sure that your PS4 console does not take a long time to load already installed games.
  • Also, you will not face any delay in downloading new games.
  • Since the rebuilding database option clears unwanted data, you will get space in storage.
  • It does not delete anything without your permission on the console. However, please remember that the corrupted files always end up in the recycle bin.
  • You will not have to go through game or menu lags like before.
  • Your PS4 console will start to function much better, especially out of proportion to its age.

Tasks that the rebuild database on PS4 do not include

Many of you might think that performing a database rebuild on PS4 must be another form of ‘reset,’ which is undoubtedly incorrect! The former is entirely different from the latter, which is why it is one of the most admired features of PS4/5. As we have mentioned how the database rebuild on PS4 helps your console, let us also say the tasks that the option does not include;

  • First of all, you must not worry about losing your favorite games on the console after rebuilding the database, and the option does not bother your finely installed games.
  • Next, your console will still have all the necessary data after the process.
  • All the profiles on your console shall remain there once the rebuilding database finishes.
  • Long story cut short; the rebuild database option does not delete anything on your PS4 except for the files that have caught the virus and are troublesome.


The PS series has blessed gamers with outstanding and extraordinary consoles and a way out of the problems they might face while using these. The newer PS consoles like PS4/5 possess the rebuilding database option, which ensures better working and functioning of the console.

In this article, we have tried our best to provide you with necessary information regarding PS4 database rebuild, what it means, its significance, whether it is safe or not, and when you should perform it. Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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