Ue Boom 2 vs Jbl Flip 4 – Which One Should You Buy?

ue boom 2 vs jbl flip 4
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In 2021 almost everyone is obsessed with music. The reason behind that is that music provides us comfort and reduces stress. Some people do believe that music is the food for soul and we can’t agree more.

People listen to different types of music to make themselves relaxed and comfortable. That’s why they need a Bluetooth device to enjoy their music. In Bluetooth speakers there are two reliable brands UE Boom and JBL. Both speakers are providing high-quality sound when it comes to comparison.

Winning is subjective to many people. On general grounds, we can claim that UE Boom 2 is the winner. But that does not make JBL flip 4 any less of a competition. Since every good thing comes at a price, both these products fall in average price range but the money is totally worth it. Yet we have to dig a little deeper before we give our final decision because we all have different preferences. So let’s go deep into both brand features to take a better decision.

A Quick Overview Between UE Boom 2 VS JBL FLIP 4

UE Boom 2 and JBL Flip 4 have some identical features, e.g. both are waterproof. However, they do have some differences. A few considerable differences are:

Battery life 15 hours Battery life 12 hours
Two colors Six colors
4000 mAh Battery 3000 mAh Battery

Main difference between UE Boom 2 VS JBL FLIP 4

Let’s now jump into the extensive overview of the features of UE Boom 2 and JBL FLIP 4.

Features UE Boom 2 JBL Flip 4
Bluetooth Version 4 Version 4.2
Charge time 2.5 - 3 hours 3.5 hours
Battery 4000 mah 3000 mah
Battery playtime 15 hours 12 hours
Frequency 90Hz – 20kHz 70Hz – 20kHz
Battery Level Indicator
360 Degree
Weight 1.2 lbs 1.4 lbs
Size 2.5 x 2.5 x 7 inches 2.76 x 6.89 x 2.68 inches
Colors Two colors 6 colors
Voice assistant
Check Price Check Price

UE boom 2 Speaker

There are many stunning features that UE BOOM 2 offers. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Waterproof wireless speakers

It is IPX7-rated waterproof. It means you do not have to worry if you got messy with the drinks at the party. You can enjoy music even it is raining and on the beach without worrying. UE Boom 2 is also dirt-proof and made from high-quality premium material. Talking about the wireless features, you will be surprised that UE BOOM 2 can be paired up to eight enabled Bluetooth devices. You can even ask your friend to connect his mobile to the speaker as it has two source connection capacities. The wireless range is 100 ft. but in most cases, it is up to 70 ft.

Sound quality

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Portable Waterproof & Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker - Patches

The primary purpose of speakers is to produce a quality sound that UE Boom 2 is providing. These speakers have better midrange. The bass is also quite remarkable. It produces high bass without causing any trouble to our ears. However, there is a little distortion of the voice. The low bass is also good. However, the only problem is that it doesn’t go as low as people want. But we all know that sound is subjective to people when listening to music. If you want a better sound experience, pair it up with other UE BOOM speakers by downloading the UE BOOM app.

We all need high-quality music when it comes to having a party with our friends. In that case, UE Boom 2 is the best option for you.

Battery timing

Whenever we are partying with friends, we need long battery timing for our speakers, so the party does not stop as music is the party’s soul. UE BOOM 2 has a lithium ION battery that is rechargeable, and it plays for up to 15 hours. The estimated charge time is between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Portable Waterproof & Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker - Patches


UE BOOM 2 is compatible with smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, etc.  Having access to Bluetooth is now in every part of the smartphone.


The UE BOOM 2 is a cylindrical shape which means it allows 360 degrees audio of audio. It is a significant feature because the voice spread equally all over the room, and we do not have to change sides.

The weight of UE boom 2 is 1.2 pounds, and it is just 7 inches tall. It is super easy to carry. The fabric is fantastic, and because of that, it is comfortable to hold. There are two large click buttons on the face of it for volume up and down. If you tap on the upper front, it will pause and play, but we have to hold the speaker to do that. You will get to know the battery percentage by clicking the buttons simultaneously.


  • 360 degrees audio
  • Waterproof
  • It can be paired up to 8 Bluetooth devices and connect to two.
  • Stable connection
  • Good battery timing
  • High and low bass is preferably stable


  • Expensive
  • Only two colors

JBL Flip 4 Speaker

When it comes to listening to -quality music JBL 4 is a better option. Now let’s get to know the features of JBL 4 precisely.

Waterproof wireless speaker

It is a portable speaker, and also it is water-resistant. It has the same IPX 7 rating that means it cannot go underwater for up to 3.3 feet. It can bear water for up to 30 minutes. The other good thing about these speakers is that they do not float in water.

We can connect up to 100 speakers simultaneously, which is great when having a party. You can go upstairs or move around the house, and the signal will still be quite useful. It also allows us to make receive calls. We can have access to SIRI, GOOGLE, etc.

Sound Quality

JBL FLIP 4 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black

We often listen to high bass music when we are in the mood for a party. JBL FLIP 4 lacks there as it does not perform very well at high volumes due to distortion. That could be counted as a drawback in comparison to UE Boom. Overall voice quality is pretty good. It can go about 50 meters without any disruptions in the sound.

Battery timing

The battery is one of the significant features of playing music for long, either on a road trip or friends gathering. JBL Flip 4 has a battery timing of up to 12 hours. It has built-in 3000mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery support.

JBL FLIP 4 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black


It is compatible with smartphones that have access to iPhone, Samsung, etc. Also, it is compatible with other wireless that has Bluetooth options.


JBL FLIP 4 has the same cylindrical shape as UE BOOM 2. They come in six mono colors. However, UE BOOM 2 comes in only two colors. The material used to make these speakers can bear a lot of shocks if dropped. JBL Flip 4 has pause and play buttons, but they do not have dedicated buttons for track management like UE boom 2.


  • Waterproof design
  • Connects to multiple Connect+ enabled devices
  • Portability is very easy
  • Sound quality is excellent with decent bass


  • No track management buttons
  • Problem with high volumes

Final Advice

The final winner between UE BOOM 2 and JBL FLIP 4 is UE BOOM 2based on its features.

While both speakers have things in common, i.e. IPX 7 certified but JBL Flip 4 doesn’t float. They also have big physical buttons. But the controls of JLP FLIP 4 are easy to use. We have to press the pause button two times to skip the song. However, in UE BOOM 2, we have to tap the front of the speaker. UE BOOM 2 claims to give 15 hours battery time. However, their average battery time is 12 hours which is similar to JBL.

IF you are tight on your budget then you can go with JBL FLIP 4. They are charging quite a reasonable price than UE BOOM 2. Also, JBL handles high volumes fuller and better. You can make the final decision as per your preference but the comparison winner for us is definitely UE Boom 2. It is better at high volumes which is enough reason to choose it over any other speakers.

Image Title Bluetooth Version Battery Buy
Product ImageTop Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 4 15 hours Check Price
Product ImageTop JBL FLIP 4 4.2 12 hours Check Price


Both speakers have unique features. Whichever speaker you are using, make sure that it matches your requirements. We all want the best option for ourselves. Unless you want a 360 degrees speaker that is a little bit louder and the price isn’t a concern for you, go for UE BOOM 2. Every feature is listed for you. Now you have an idea of both the speakers and hope that you will choose the best one for you.


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