Is Minecraft Free on PS4? [Get Minecraft For Free 2024]

Minecraft has many editions compatible with various devices so that nobody remains deprived of the amazing and exciting game. However, many people are unaware of whether PS4 Minecraft is free or not.

So, is Minecraft free on PS4?

Minecraft is not entirely free on PS4. The very famous Mojang title of Minecraft isn’t free. However, initially you can try the demo version of Minecraft, and decide whether you want to buy the Mojang title or not!

Without any further delaying, please keep reading to know how to get Minecraft for free on PS4 by tips and tricks.

is minecraft free on ps4
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How to get Minecraft for free on PS4?

As mentioned earlier, Minecraft has different editions for different platforms. Similarly, the Bedrock edition is exclusively for PS4. However, whether the Minecraft is free on PS4 or not matters; of course, it would be not very honest if we say that Minecraft is the title that is free on PS4 because it is not.

Here are the steps to get Minecraft for free on ps4:

1. Connect your PS4 to the internet

If you want to have Minecraft for free on PS4, you will need to follow the instructions that we will provide in the article. So, let’s start with connecting your PS4 to the internet;

  1. To download Minecraft on ps4 you need to connect your console to the internet.
  2. You can connect the device to the internet either through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.
  3. Next in line, you will have to select ‘settings,’ ‘network,’ and finally ‘set up internet connection.’
  4. A screen will pop up in front of you with instructions, and please make sure that you follow them adequately.
  5. If you want to have a wired connection, you must select ‘use a LAN cable.’
  6. Next, you will click on ‘easy’ and let the setup occurs since the connection of your PS4 to the internet occurs on its own.
  7. On the contrary, you will select ‘use Wi-Fi‘ for a wireless connection.
  8. Next, you will click on ‘easy.’ Once you have selected it, you will see a list containing names of Wi-Fi networks available in the vicinity.
  9. You will need to select the network you want your PS4 to connect to and let the setup occur.
  10. If you believe that your desired network is unavailable, you can opt for the manual setup.

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2. Log in to PSN account

The next step towards getting Minecraft for free on PS4 includes logging into your PSN account. Once you have successfully connected your PS4 to the internet, you will need to log in to your PSN account because that is where you will see your Minecraft game.

However, if you are a new console gamer and don’t own an account, please follow the steps given below;

  1. Firstly, you will need to open the menu and navigate the ‘settings.’
  2. Next, you will need to open the ‘PS network’ and then ‘account management.’
  3. Moving on, you will click on ‘create an account.’
  4. You will come across step-by-step instructions which you have to follow to create your PSN account successfully.
  5. However, if you already possess a PSN account, you will skip this step and log in to your existing account.

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3. Subscribe to the PlayStation plus

Moving to the next step, you will need to get a subscription to the PS plus. There are two versions of Minecraft on PS4; one is Demo, while the other is the full version.

You must remember that the demo version does not require PS Plus. However, if you want the full version, you will need the PS plus subscription.

Let’s have a look at how you can subscribe to the platform;

  1. After successfully logging in to your PSN account, your next step includes subscribing to the PS plus.
  2. Firstly, you will need to navigate to the ‘toolbar.’
  3. Next, on the top left corner of the screen, you will see the ‘PS Plus’ icon; please select it.
  4. You will see different subscription plans popping up on your screen, and you can choose as per your convenience.
  5. Besides, it would help if you remembered that your subscription renews on its own every month owing to the credentials you provided initially.

4. Download the free version of Minecraft on PS4

The version of Minecraft that runs for free on your PS4 is the Demo one. The full version of the game costs you a particular amount. To enjoy the Mojang title of Minecraft for free on your PS4, please follow the steps given below;

  1. First of all, look for the ‘PlayStation store’ on your home screen; once you have located it, please open it.
  2. Next, you will search for the desired item in the search bar at the top.
  3. When you search for Minecraft in the search bar, you will see ‘Minecraft: Edition PS4’ and press ‘X’ on the controller.
  4. You will come across the ‘free trial’ option on your screen, which you must select. Then, please wait for the demo version of the game to download on your PS4.
  5. To play Minecraft, simply click on the Minecraft that appear on the home screen.

5. Buy the full version of Minecraft on PS4

It is always a smart move to try the demo version of Minecraft first on PS4 before you move on to buy the full version. If you do not enjoy the demo version of the Mojang title of Minecraft, you will face no financial loss, and you can discontinue playing the game.

However, if the demo version has caught you, and you want to buy the full version, please follow the steps given below;

  1. First of all, you will need to open the ‘PS store’ available on the home screen of your PS4.
  2. Next, in the search bar present on the top of the screen, search ‘Minecraft.’
  3. Next, select the Minecraft: PS4 Edition and opt for the full version.
  4. Speaking of the full version of Minecraft, you will need to pay the charges. Therefore, you will have to follow the payment instructions on your screen.
  5. Once you have entered the payment credentials, the game will download itself, and you can enjoy Minecraft to your fullest!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Minecraft cost on PS4?

As per recent reports, the PS4 edition of Minecraft costs $19.99 currently. However, if you have used Minecraft on PS3, you can upgrade the edition on your PS4 by paying $4.99 only, given that you use the same PSN account on your PS4 as you used on your PS3.

How to download Minecraft on PS4?

Downloading Minecraft on PS4 is pretty simple. All you have to do is connect your PS4 to the internet and log in to your PSN account. Next, you will need to have a PS Plus subscription. Then, download the demo version of Minecraft on your device and decide later if you want to have the full version.

Can you play online Minecraft on ps4?

Anyone who has a subscription to PlayStation Plus can enjoy Minecraft gaming online on PS4. All you have to do is select the ‘multiplayer’ option from the menu and have fun with your friends!

Can you play Minecraft without PS plus?

Whether you can play Minecraft without PS plus or not depends on which version you want to play on your PS4. For the demo version, you do not need PS plus. However, Sony requires you to buy a PS plus subscription for the full version.

Can you play Minecraft for free on pc?

Minecraft does not do injustice to anyone! If you are a PC user, you are no different from others and can play Minecraft for free on your PC. All you need to do is navigate to the on the web browser and play the game for free!

Is Minecraft free on PS5?

Unfortunately, there is no Minecraft edition for PS5, let alone the question of whether it is accessible on PS5 or not. However, you can have the PS4 version of Minecraft compatible with PS5 and enjoy playing one of the best console games!

Can you play Minecraft on the PS5?

Although there is no particular edition of Minecraft for PS5, you can still play the fantastic Minecraft game on PS5. But, of course, you have to ensure that you have got the Minecraft version on PS4 compatible with PS5. Understandably, people who own a PS5 would want to play Minecraft on it no matter what!


Minecraft has always stood out of the ordinary ever since its launch in the gaming industry. It took every platform by storm during the initial years of its introduction. However, the game continues to be the gamer’s favorite!

In this article, we have tried our best to comment on whether Minecraft is free on PS4. Moreover, we have also provided you with a step-wise guide so you can download the free version of Minecraft on your PS4 and have fun! Hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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