Invisible Discord Name & Picture (Transparent Avatar)

A great majority of people, be it gamers or businessmen, use Discord for communication purposes. However, many of them may not wish to reveal their identities for various reasons. So, they wonder whether they can have Discord invisible name and picture.

So, can you have Discord invisible name?

Yes, you can have Discord invisible name. To do so, copy any special symbol to your clipboard. Open your Discord app and move to the User Settings > My account > Edit and paste the special symbol in the “Username box” and click on Save.

To have more details regarding how to make your Discord name blank; please keep reading!

invisible discord name and transparent profile picture
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How to have an invisible Discord name?

You might have noticed several times when you use Discord that your friend’s username or profile picture is not appearing, and you might have asked yourself, how come it’s possible? Well, in a moment, you will also know how easy it is to get an invisible Discord name and profile picture.

Here are the steps to have an invisible Discord name

  • Begin with copying the special symbol given below to your clipboard. You have to put this special symbol (without the brackets) later in the username box.

˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞ ˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞˞

  • Next, you have to open the Discord app, and you can open it wherever you want to, be it a web browser or on your PC.
  • Navigate to the ‘user settings,’ present in the lower-left corner and click on it.

discord settings

  • A list will appear under the ‘user settings,’ where you have to click on ‘my account.’
  • Once ‘my account’ opens, you will see an ‘edit’ button.

discord my account settings

  • Make sure you click on the ‘edit’ button in ‘my account.’
  • Now is the time to use the special symbol that you copied earlier. Make sure that you paste that character in the ‘username’ box appearing on your screen.

discord username

  • Do not forget to click on ‘save’ to get all your new changes saved.

You might think that why do we put special symbols in the username box and why not any other character. Well, Discord does not possess the ability to read symbols. Therefore putting symbols as username will cause the username to appear blank or black because Discord cannot read it.

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How to have a discord invisible profile picture?

If you wish to have a Discord transparent avatar, you don’t have to worry much, since it’s easy to get!

Here are the steps to have a Discord invisible profile picture:

  • Begin with downloading the image that we are attaching with the link here. (discord transparent avatar).
  • Next, you have to open the Discord app on either PC or web browser at your convenience.
  • Then you have to navigate to the ‘user settings’ present on the lower-left corner of your screen.

discord settings

  • Once you open the ‘user settings,’ you will see a list under it. Make sure you click on ‘my account.’
  • When ‘my account’ opens, you will see your avatar or profile picture on the screen. Here you have to select ‘Upload Avatar.’

discord my account settings

  • Make sure you set the same picture as your avatar on Discord that you download earlier from this guide.
  • Please do not forget to click on ‘save’ once you have set your transparent profile picture on Discord.

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In conclusion

Undoubtedly, Discord provides you with best and unique features unlike any other communicating app and supports your privacy. In this article, we have tried our best to let you know how to get an invisible name and avatar on Discord quickly and smoothly, that too in a compact manner. We hope it will prove helpful!

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