How to Use Two Headphones on PC?

Are you wondering how to use two headphones at once on your PC? One way is to plug a Y splitter into the PC and connect the two headphones with the splitter simultaneously. This way you and your friend can enjoy music or watch a movie together without disturbing everyone. However, don’t worry if you don’t have a Y splitter, as there are other ways to use two headphones.

How to use two headphones on a PC without a splitter?

You need to open the ‘control panel’ and change some settings to connect multiple headphones on the PC. Just plug one of your headphones into the PC and select the ‘Sound’ option from the ‘Start’ menu. Now go to ‘Manage devices’ and change the ‘sound’ option to ‘headphones’. Finally, connect the other headphone with the PC to hear sound in both headphones.

Keep reading to find more ways to connect two headphones on Windows 10 and about multiple audio outputs in Windows 10.

How To Use Two Headphones On Pc
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Why do you want to connect two headphones?

But before that, let’s discuss some reasons to connect multiple headphones on Windows 10. The first reason could be if you want you to listen to music with your friend, but others might get disturbed. So you might want to enjoy yourselves with headphones.

Another reason could be if you want to share an important video or anything with someone but can’t play it in front of everyone else; Windows 10 allows you to enable multiple sound devices.

You can listen to music, watch videos, play games, or attend online class, conference or anything with two devices on the same PC. That too in the presence of extra people around you but without disturbing them.

Multiple Bluetooth Headphones

How to use two headphones on pc?

Now, to use two headphones on the same PC, there are some techniques. We will discuss those one by one in this section.

To have an overview, below is the list of methods to use multiple audio devices on a single PC:

  1. With the help of USB splitters.
  2. Without the splitters.
  3. Through Bluetooth technology.
  4. Use two headphones for particular apps only.

Below are these methods described:

How to use two headphones on PC Using splitter?

The first method to do so is with the help of splitters. You just need to follow the below listed simple steps to use two headphones on PC.

  1. Buy a good quality splitter.
  2. Make sure that the splitter has two separate jacks, for two headphones and one connector.
  3. Plug the connector to your computer.
  4. Connect the headphone through the jack, and it’s done.

After following all these steps, you can test the sound coming from both headphones by playing any sound.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Pc Windows 10

How to use two headsets on pc without splitter?

Here are the steps to use two headphones on a PC without a splitter.

  1. Plug one of your headphones with the PC. Go to the ‘start’ button and select the “Sound” option.
  2. Select “manage devices”, and change the sound option to “headphones”. It will make headphones your default audio output device.
  3. Then you can connect other headphones with the PC, and you will hear the sound in both of them.

This way, you can have multiple audio outputs in windows 10. You can also change the settings to normal whenever you want by following the same steps and choosing ‘speaker’ as your default audio output medium.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Windows 10?

In case you have Bluetooth headphones, you can also connect those with your PC. Using Bluetooth technology will allow you to connect multiple wireless headphones.

Here’s how to connect the Bluetooth headphones to Windows 10.

  1. Ensure that your computer has a Bluetooth adapter inserted. If not, you will have to buy an adapter and install it first.
  2. After it is inserted, turn the Bluetooth on such a computer and headphones could pair.
  3. If you’re having difficulty in pairing the devices, you might have to slow the pairing from settings.
  • For that, go to Start and click on settings.
  • Then select Bluetooth and click on more Bluetooth options.
  • At last, click on ‘allow Bluetooth devices’ and then try connecting the devices again.

Once the Bluetooth devices are allowed, your computer will pair with the headphones, and you can connect headphones with PC.

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Using two headphones for specific functionality

You can use two headphones for specific applications also. Such as you can only use two headphones for zoom or WhatsApp. Similarly, you can use them to play music on particular software.

Doesn’t it sound amazing? You can use multiple audio devices without changing the default settings of your PC. You can enjoy songs, music, video call your friends or attend audio//video meetings.

To enable that, follow the below-listed steps:

  1. On the left side of the taskbar, click on the speaker’s icon.
  2. Then select “open sound settings”.
  3. After that, click on “app volume and device preference”.
  4. No, you will have the list of all apps in the “settings” box. From that list, click on the software of which you want to change settings.
  5. By clicking on it, a dropdown list of outputs will be visible.
  6. In the list of connected devices, you can choose the headphone or any other one according to your choice.

It is a complete manual of how to use two headphones on PC at once on Windows 10. You can choose either method to connect multiple devices. All these methods will certainly work for your devices.


The feature of using two headphones on single PC will allow you to enjoy different activates with your buddies without disturbing anyone else in your room. Using two headphones on a single PC, multiple users can enjoy each other’s assistance in different coordinating tasks like conducting or joining a lecture, playing a multiplayer game, listening to music and others. It is one rare feature and is, no doubt, a very useful one.

You can opt for any of the methods mentioned above and you are good to go. All the mentioned methods are functioning, simple and easy.

We hope this content was helpful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know below.

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