[2 Easy Ways] – How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox One?

Xbox one is gen-z’s favorite console for a reason. The console provides gamers with exceptional features and convenience. Mostly, gamers opt for pairing it up with their TVs. But, what if the TV is unavailable? Did you think about using laptop as monitor for Xbox? Let’s see!

So, can I connect Xbox to laptop?

Yes, you can connect Xbox to laptop! Xbox one is not only compatible with TVs/LCDs but also laptops when it comes to choosing a monitor for the console. You can connect Xbox to laptop either via HDMI cable or Xbox app for a wireless connection.

If you wish to have details about using laptop as monitor for Xbox, please continue reading!

how to use laptop as monitor for xbox one
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How to use laptop as monitor for Xbox one?

In order to stream the game without any problem on your laptop screen following are the methods:

  • Through HDMI Cable
  • Through Xbox App

How to connect Xbox to laptop with HDMI?

How To Connect Xbox One To Laptop

How can I connect my Xbox to my laptop? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss below. It’ll take a few minutes at max.

The very first thing you need is to ensure that you have assembled all the essential items required to connect Xbox to the laptop. Hence for this, you need to have the following things.

Always buy a well shielded and high-graded HDMI cable to avoid dropped frames and get a clear picture. If the laptop lacks HDMI input hardware or in case you have missed the cable, we suggest you skip to the other wireless connection method.

It is important to understand that the Xbox is your output source, and most electronic display items have HDMI input sources. At the same time, the laptops are designed with HDMI output ports and cannot stream audio or video from an external source on their screen.

Therefore the availability of a laptop with HDMI input is a major key to completing the process.

Here are the steps to connect Xbox to laptop with HDMI:

  1. Now close all the games, run apps or programs in the background, and turn Xbox One off.
  2. After detecting the HDMI input and output, plug the HDMI cord into the port on your Xbox One.
  3. Plug the other one into your laptop’s HDMI input port.
  4. Power on your Xbox One and wait for a minute or two until the console and laptop notify the connection or recognize the video signal from your console.
  5. If there is no connection notification, go to the display settings and select the appropriate video source.
  6. Xbox One automatically detects the display resolution and sets it for perfection in case the picture quality is not proper. You can also manually configure the display or resolution settings and start playing your favorite games.
  7. Remember your Xbox is the input source therefore the laptop’s graphic setting has no effect on it.

How to play Xbox on a laptop with an Xbox app?

connecting your xbox one without hdmi

The wireless connection through the Xbox app can stream games from your Xbox One to your laptop screen without any delay.

Following are a few requirements that you need to fulfill before you start the process;

  • A stable and fast internet connection to avoid downgrading the stream quality.
  • Connect both the Xbox One and the laptop to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Install Windows 10, the latest Windows permit both laptop and Xbox one to form a stable connection.
  • Install the updated version of DirectX.
  • Download and install the Xbox App, easily accessible on the Windows Store.
  • Log into your Xbox Account from the laptop.

One way to boost up the stream is to use the Ethernet connection instead of Wifi.

Here are the steps to play Xbox on a laptop with an Xbox app:

  1. Now open the Xbox application from the laptop and go for the “Connection” option.
  2. It will automatically search for the Xbox Consoles on the same network and detect your console.
  3. Select your Xbox device shown in the list.
  4. After the connection is established, choose the stream option.
  5. The laptop will start streaming images and audio from the Xbox.

Once the laptop’s screen has started streaming you can launch the game from the Xbox One dashboard and test the connection stability.

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Usually, gamers have more and easier access to laptops than LCD Screens or Televisions. Using a laptop as a monitor for Xbox is the best alternative for a separate display screen which can add an extra burden on your pocket.

As mentioned earlier, the most common and smooth methods can help you enhance the gaming experience without compromising your comfort or bothering the quality of graphics.

Nevertheless, This type of gaming setup is conveniently space-friendly and easily portable. But keep in mind that the connection quality heavily relies on cable and Internet connection quality.

Let us know below if you have any further queries or questions regarding Xbox One or Laptops/ monitors.

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Connect Xbox One To Laptop


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