How to Use Headset Mic on PC With One Jack?

The amazing sound quality offered by a headset with a mic stays unrivaled. Especially for gamers, earphones with a receiver with just one jack can upgrade the total gaming experience. So, you might be curious about how to use a headset mic on a PC with one jack or how to utilize a single jack headset on a PC without a splitter? Say no more! We have got you covered.

How to use headset mic on PC?

You must plug your headset into the PC and click on the ‘Start’ option. Next, go to the ‘Sound’ settings and choose the ‘Recording tab’ to set your headset as the ‘Default’ headset. However, if your PC doesn’t have any common port for both sound input and output, you need to purchase a Y-connector to enjoy music and gaming experience.

Keep reading to know why you should choose the headset mic with one jack and how to use the headphone mic on a PC.

How To Use Headset Mic On Pc With One Jack
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How to Use Headset Mic on PC With One Jack?

If you buy a headphone that has an incorporated microphone and might be thinking of using it for playing games and for other purposes then there might be a hindrance that work system setups and desktop computers accompany a different mouthpiece or headset jack. On the opposite side, the PC and office computers normally integrate a 3.5mm sound jack only.

Thus, shockingly, you need to module the earphone to the sound port and tune in for listening, and just in case if you need to use your headphone receiver for calls or something similar, then you need to plug the earphone into a mouthpiece and use them for talking. You can’t do both simultaneously.

You can likewise utilize Bluetooth earphones with integrated microphones which makes it simpler for you to adapt up to the different sound jack issue. Yet, the Bluetooth earphones are commonly made such that their association is intended for mobile phones for better stable quality.

How To Use Headset Mic On Pc

In case your PC doesn’t have any common port for both sound input and output, then you need to purchase a modest Y-connector which parts the sign in two to use your headphones as a speaker and mike at the same time. The Y-connector joins both the sound going to drivers in your earphones which contacts you and the sound you are creating through the microphone.

When you have the Y-connector close by, you have to plug in your earphones into the female port or the male port as per the suitable port on your PC. The pink-shaded port is for the input device also known as the microphone, while the green-hued port is for earphones or speakers.

Without a doubt, you can see the symbols close to the port to connect it appropriately, on the off chance that you don’t discover symbols, then another option for you is to set the port manually by going in the sound settings available in the windows settings.

These y-connectors are fitted with two female connectors (TRS) and one male connector (TRRS).

It’s better than if you don’t depend on these connectors totally as they are not completely ensured to work every time, and the result varies from device to device. In any case, the beneficial thing is they are not all that costly and you can easily change or replace them.

If you are looking for a more reliable and efficient solution with simple controls for volume then the best solution for you is to get an economical USB sound card.

Why should you use headphones with only one jack?

Using headphones with only one jack can be an extraordinary decision for gamers. Per our specialists, speaking with companions/individual gamers utilizing a console during a warmed gaming meeting can be an overwhelming and joyful experience for fellow gamers.

Try not to depend on your PC’s microphone since they are not sufficiently able to catch your voice, and they may pick various sounds likewise like the sound of your room’s fan or PC’s fan. This is the place where you realize the importance of a headset with a mic with one jack.

Headphones with only one jack can be the most ideal decision for gamers. They are entirely prepared to find some kind of harmony between the gaming sounds and your voice during a sound visit. This as well as agreeable for long term gaming.

Headset With One Jack

Here are some other reasons why you should use headphones with only one jack.

Satisfying Sound

The only thing that gamers worry about is acceptable sound quality. So here it is, these earphones give predominant quality sound when connected to a single sound port while they don’t perform so well whenever connected to an ordinary double input jack.

Easy to connect and less cumbersome

Old headsets make a feeling of irritating environmental factors, and they have two wires one for mic input and the other for headset input. Increased connection means more wires and results in the inconvenience of the user. Then again, the headphone which is made for one-jack sound has only one wire making them easier to connect and more convenient.

Increased support

Headphones with a mic with one jack involve a Tip Ring Ring Sleeve (TRRS) jack that upholds both mic and earphones and produces lower impedance signals.

Then again, conventional earphones with a mic and two jacks involve Tip Ring Sleeve (TRS) jacks that don’t uphold the mic sound however make a remarkable showing with supporting sound system sound.

Headset With Only One Jack

New innovation

In the era of modern technology, a single jack earphone is considered a more efficient device while connected to a pc or a desktop computer. The TRRS jack makes a lower impedance signal and has a better sign than voice proportion.


All things considered, especially if you are a gamer, it’s ideal to utilize a headset with a mic with one jack. It’s less lumbering to utilize, simple to the interface, gives extraordinary sound quality, and contains fewer associations and wires. You don’t have to buy a splitter to connect your headset with your PC/PC/cell phone.

Present-day PCs and desktop computers are built in a way such that they can integrate single sound jack earphones easily, however, if you still have an old PC, no need to worry. We have stated a couple of different solutions for you up there.

Earphones with mic with a single jack are less irritating and simple to utilize. All you need to do to them is to plug them into the joined sound jack cautiously. While the earphones with two jacks are very hard to deal with.

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