How to Use Headphone Mic on PC?

Using your headphones mic on a PC is quite simple. All you need to do is plug your headphones into the green-colored port for headphones on your PC. Next, you need to manage the audio settings and see if your mic is working by saying random words and looking for the green signal bars on the screen. You can also use single jack headsets mic on old PCS with two jack ports with a splitter and without a splitter.

How do I use my headphones mic on a PC with one jack?

If you have an old PC with two jack ports but a headset with a single jack, you need to alter the ‘Sound Settings’ to use the headset’s mic on the PC and listen to the sound. First, click on ‘Start’ and go to the ‘Control Panel’. Next, select the ‘Sound’ option and click on the ‘Recording tab’ option to set the current headphone as your default headset.

Keep reading to learn how to use headphones mic on PC Windows 10.

how to use headphone mic on pc
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How to Use Headphone Mic on PC?

Start off by looking for the line-in jack on your pc. These jacks are usually referred to as microphone jacks and are colored green. Plug your headphones into this jack.

Once done, go to the search box in the ‘Start’ menu and look up “Manage audio devices.” This will appear on the search tab as you type; click on it.

manage audio devices

Now you will enter the control panel for sounds. To use headphones as mic, you need to check whether it’s working in the first place or not. When you’re in the sound control, anything you say in the mic will reflect in the form of a green bar on the screen. The bar will raise as the mic picks up sound vibrations.

microphone settings

There will be a recording option, press it, and record your voice using headphones as a microphone.

How to use headphone mic on pc windows 10?

Every person’s hearing abilities differ to the slightest extent. You may be able to hear a tad bit louder than your friend. In fact, anyone who isn’t exposed much to loud sounds tends to have a better hearing than those who often wear headphones and blast loud music. It means that you need to adjust the sound for optimum performance while using headphones as a microphone.

You need to adjust your equalizer settings and make some tweaks in sound for proper optimization.

Here’s how to use headphone mic on PC Windows 10 by adjusting the sound settings.

  • Start off by going to your control panel through the start menu and accessing the sound settings.

control panel hadware and sound

  • Select the driver installed to enable the ‘properties’ button below.

sound playback properties

  • Now click on the ‘levels’ tab and adjust the volume according to your preference. You can also click on the ‘balance’ button and adjust the balance of sound you hear in each headphone.

microphone level settings

  • From the tab ‘enhancements’, you can choose from the different options whether you like boosted base or increased loudness. There is also a preview button on the right corner below to check if the option you opted for suits how you want to use headphones as a mic on PC.
  • The ‘advanced’ tab on the right above will allow you to choose the different qualities of sound. Simply click on the dropdown menu and choose the quality of sound you prefer. You can also test it as well.

sound quality format

  • Now close this tab, and reopen the ‘Sound’ section from the control panel (it will still be open unless you closed it yourself). Here you can enter the ‘recording’ section and adjust your mic, similar to how you adjusted your sound output above.

mic format settings



How to use headphone mic on pc may sound like a complex thing to adjust; however, the entire job takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. It means that you will be done with the entire settings within ten minutes and will be able to use earbuds as mic on pc with the sound optimized to your preferences.

Now go ahead and make crystal clear audio calls, send audio messages, and hold virtual conferences without worrying about mic or sounds.

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