(7 Easy Methods) – How to Stop PS4 From Overheating

Though the great ventilation system of your PS4 keeps it cool, yet PS4 overheating is a very common problem encountered by every other user. PS4 overheating isn’t healthy for the console since it may lag behind or loses efficiency.

So, can you fix PS4 overheating problem?

Well, yes you can fix PS4 overheating problem which is mostly caused by blocked dusty vents, external high temperature or continuous usage. To fix PS4 overheating, make sure you allow it to rest, or maybe clean it to unblock the vents. Also, clearing the corrupted data reduces the system load, so may fix the problem!

To get your hands on PS4 overheating, its signs, why it occurs and how you can fix it; please continue reading!

how to stop ps4 from overheating
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How do I know if my PS4 is overheating?

If your PS4 is making some noise or it is warm when you touch it, this does not mean the console is overheating. Fairly high temperatures are normal for gaming consoles as they’re performance demanding machinery. They can run without overheating for 10-18 hours straight depending on their overall health.

You should only worry about the overheating if the power indicating light on the top turns flashing red, or the system makes a lot of noise and lags. Turning off suddenly is also a safety feature to prevent any damage from the excessive heat.

If you analyze the system is overheating, you should know the answer to this question before starting to implement solutions.

Why is my PS4 keeps overheating?

Here are the causes for why your PS4 keeps overheating:

  • Dust Particles: If your console hasn’t been cleaned in a while, the main reason for it to overheat is that dust is accumulated in the internal hardware that conducts and stores heat.
  • Faulty Hardware: Hardware components can be producing a lot more heat due to some issue.
  • Faulty ventilation: A component of the internal ventilation system is not working properly.
  • Blocked Ventilation: If the grills are blocked by dust or some hardware accessories, this will block the ventilation system. You might have placed a box or device near one of the grills which blocks the air flow.
  • Thermal Paste: It is uncommon but the thermal paste on the processor can deteriorate overtime. Consider this is the issue if your PS4 is quite old. Mostly the thermal paste dries out or if you have changed it, maybe it wasn’t applied properly.
  • Background Processes: You haven’t turned your PS4 off for a while and left it on when not using it. You might need to give it a few hours of rest.
  • External Temperature: If your area has a really dry and hot climate, your environmental temperature is also affecting the PS4’s internal temperature. External temperature can also trigger the internal sensors given the amazing ventilation system at force.

TIP: Always place your PlayStation 4 horizontally on a flat surface and leave air flow space in front of the grills. If you place the PS4 vertical to one side, one of the main grills is completely blocked.

Now we will answer the most important question of this article.

How to Fix PS4 overheating problem?

Now that you have gathered some information about the problems with your PlayStation 4, let’s have a look on how you can fix it.

Here are the methods to fix PS4 overheating problem:

1. Make it Rest

The first effective action you can take is to turn off your PlayStation 4 and make it rest for a few hours. Try and let it rest overnight. This will cool down the internal parts for once. Turn it again the next day and see if it overheats again after a few hours.

2. Checking Fan and other components

Check if the fan is blocked or making a lot of noise, dust must be accumulated in the fan blocking it to blow air or even move. You need to pump air through it using blow dry or canned air.

3. Unblocking the vent

The vent grills play a very important part in the cooling which is why they must never be blocked. Use a brush to clean the vent properly from the outside and try to blow air through it. Use an air pump or canned air for this purpose.

4. Cleaning the dust

If you have not cleaned your PlayStation 4 in a while, it might be the time to do it as the dust traps heat and raises the internal temperature of your PS4. To thoroughly clean the internal components, you might need to open it which is not recommended.

Especially if your PS4 is under warranty, opening it will wave it off. In this case, you should take the PlayStation 4 to a professional.

If you have little technical knowledge and have no warranty left, you can open up your PlayStation 4 and clean it with either canned air or a cool air blow.

5. Software Update

Delaying software updates results in your PS4 working slower which means reduced efficiency. You should update your system in order to increase its efficiency. This will actually have a significant impact on the performance of your PlayStation 4 console.

6. Corrupt Database

Corrupted files running in the background exhausts the system resulting in it to produce excessive heat due to excessive processing. These files also reduce the working of the system and you should get rid of them by updating the software regularly.

7. Improper Assembly

If you have recently opened your PS4, and nothing else seems to be the reason for your PlayStation 4 console heating up, a simple reason might be improper assembly of the internal components. You might need to reassemble the internal components again.

Either take professional help, or see an online tutorial for proper guidance. Check if every screw is tight and the system is well closed again.

8. Change Thermal Paste

Now if you have some technical knowledge, you must be aware of the importance of thermal paste on the processor. If it conducts heat properly, the system can efficiently work without heating up.

And if thermal paste is not spread evenly or is dried out, the performance of the system is highly affected. You need to change the thermal on your Playstation’s processor in order to fix this issue. The best recommended thing to do in this case is to reach out to a professional.

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Now you have got all the information you need to resolve the overheating issue with your PlayStation 4 you can attempt to resolve it easily. If your console is still continuing with the overheating issue, you must take it to professionals for a proper diagnosis.

I hope this article would’ve been helpful for you. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this topics, let us know in the comments below.

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