How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop?

How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop
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There is much more than just your technical expertise in overspecialized software that counts when it comes to a modern employee’s life. From knowing the ins and outs of your system to finding your way around everyday problems, you have to know everything.

But the modern employee is not fixed to a chair in front of a screen like traditionally was the norm. Thanks to ever-advancing technology, the computer moves with the worker. You can discover a variety of l different brands in the market manufacturing and retailing their laptops.

Screenshots on the Asus Laptop

Asus is one of the biggest computer manufacturers around the world. The Taiwanese company takes pride in making durable computers that are a perfect fit for the modern employee.

And while they operate on the same OS as other laptops, you will need some navigating before you can find the screenshot feature on Asus Laptops. But we are here to help you out through this pickle.

How to Screenshot on Asus laptop?

Using the “Print Screen”

Print Screen Button

When you talk about taking a screenshot on an Asus laptop, you must understand that the laptop makers realized the need for a screenshot. This is why they embedded a key within your computer system to take a screenshot.

You will be able to find this key on the top right corner of your alphabetic keyboard. The position varies, but it is usually on the top right border. Pressing this key on your laptop will automatically capture the entire screen.

However, if you want to save it, you will have to put in some effort. What you must do is:

Windows Paint

  • Open “paint” from the start menu.
  • Press “Ctrl” + “V” is the shortcut used to paste the screenshot that was automatically copied to your clipboard. Alternatively, you can choose to right-click and then click on the “paste” option.
  • Once the screenshot is pasted, you can edit it with the built-in tools in MS Paint.
  • Then, save the picture by pressing on the icon on the top left or press “Ctrl” + “S” on the Screen.

Said is the easiest method which you can learn how to screenshot on an Asus laptop. But there are some variations to taking a screenshot on Asus with the “Print Screen” key that will make your life easier.

Using the “Ctrl” Key with “Print Screen”

It is possible that for many people, the print screen alone does not suffice for a screenshot. In a similar situation, how to take a screenshot on an Asus computer?

Ctrl With Print Screen

Well, all you have to do is take advantage of your “Ctrl” key. You will have to follow the entire procedure for going to MS Paint and pasting the screenshot there before you can save it.

Using the “Fn” Key with “Print Screen”

But it is possible that both the above variations with “Print Screen” do not work for you. But there is another way to take a screenshot.


What you do in this method is to locate your “Fn” key – often found at the left bottom of your keyboard – and hold it before you press your “Print Screen” key. Again, you will have to follow through with the entire procedure of going through MS Paint to save the picture.

Using the “Windows” Key with “Print Screen”

If you like, you could pair the “Windows” key with the “Print Screen” to save some effort for you. When you use the “Windows Key,” the screenshot automatically saves on your laptop.


To find the screenshot, all you have to do is navigate the “Screenshot” folder in the “Pictures” folder.

Using the “Alt” Key with “Print Screen”

Another variation of how to screenshot on the Asus laptop is to use the “alt” key with the “Print Screen” key. This is for those that are always multi-tasking and have several tabs open on their screen at any one point.

Alt With Print Screen

When you have multiple windows open, you can hold the “Alt” key. What this does is take a screenshot only of the active tab window then. If you were working on your program while another spreadsheet was open, the screenshot would only have your program.

You will have to go through the entire loop with MS Paint to edit and save the screenshot.

Using the Snipping Tool

But what if you cannot find the “Print Screen” on your keyboard or don’t want to go through the hassle of MS Paint and edit later? How to screenshot on Asus laptop in that case?

The answer is simple: Snipping Tool.

Snipping Tool

If you use a Windows operating system, you will find the Snipping tool installed on your computer already. Just open the start menu and search for it by writing “Snipping tool.” Once you see the tool, click on it.

Snipping Tool App

Once the tool opens, you will be able to see some options. Click on the icon titled “New.” But before you do that, remember to set your preferences for the type of screenshot you want. You can set your preferences from the drop-down with the “New Icon.” You can choose to take the following types of screenshots:

  • Free-form: draw on the Screen in any shape you like to take a screenshot.
  • Rectangular: select a rectangular part of your Screen with your tool to take a screenshot.
  • Active Window: the active Window will automatically be captured.
  • Full Screen: the tool will capture the entire Screen

Once you have decided your preference and taken the screenshot, you will again have to use MS Paint to edit and save the screenshot.

Using the Steps Recorder

But if you had to capture a sequence of screenshots, wouldn’t the “Snipping Tool” and the “Print Screen” option be too cumbersome? How to screenshot on Asus laptop in that case?

You use the Steps Recorder.

Steps Recorder

This is another tool already installed on your Windows. Go to the start menu, search for the steps recorder, and open it. Once it opens, click on the “Start Record” icon, and the recorder will start working.

Steps Recorder App

Wherever you click now, the recorder will take a screenshot. After you are done with all your screenshots, click on the “Stop Record” icon, and the tool will save the series of screenshots as a zip file. The places where the click will also be highlighted.

Using the Browser Extension

In many cases, though, you have to take a scroll-shot rather than a screenshot. This is particularly useful when capturing an entire webpage as a picture.

You cannot do this with the “Print Screen” feature and the Snipping Tool. Instead, what you can do is go on the web and search for a browser extension for your screenshots. You can easily find several extensions online.

Extension: GoFullPage

With the installation done, you can select the icon in your URL to screenshot an entire webpage at any given moment. From right there, you can choose to save it in whatever format you want.


With so many of these tools and features, you can quickly get through whatever your professional life throws at you. Happy Capturing!


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