How to Schedule Avast Scan? (In 9 Steps)

Avast has recently updated its software offering a better UI and even invulnerable security shield. But these changes have left some loyal customers to wonder how to access the basic, traditional features like running a simple Avast Security Scan as they have made the hidden features more accessible in the interface while making it a bit crowded.

We bring for you a brief guide on how you can schedule a customized Avast Scan on your computer. The steps are simple and easy, but you can ask in the comments if you have any questions. Not that you’ll need to because if you read the content till the end, you will learn all things you need to know about Avast’s UI changes to schedule a customized scan.

how to schedule avast scan
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How to Set Avast Schedule Scan?

All versions of Avast allow you to Schedule an Avast Scan on your computer. We will discuss the method about the latest version of Avast, which is “20.10.2442” released on 9 December 2020. Even if your version is higher than this, you must find the following method operational as major UI changes are rare for any software.

Just follow these simple steps so you can easily Schedule a scan from your Avast Antivirus.

  1. Open ‘Avast Antivirus’ from Bottom right on the ‘Icon Bar’ or search it in the Start Menu.

open avast

  1. In the Avast Security Interface, open protection settings by clicking on ‘Protection’ in the left column.

virus scan avast setting

  1. Click on ‘Virus Scan’ in the protection interface.
  2. Next, click on ‘Custom Scan’ to modify directories to be inspected.

avast custom scan for schedule

  1. Here, you click ‘Create A new scan’ and chose a name for the scheduled scan.

create new scan avast

  1. Select an option from the “frequency” drop-down menu, like “daily”, “weekly”, “monthly” according to your need.

avast schedule scan

  1. Now select a “day” and “starting time” for the scan. Even if you set a time, Avast will ask for permission if you are amid a task at the selected time on a particular day.

avast schedule settings

  1. Save your scan by clicking ‘Save’ Button.
  2. Your scan has been scheduled successfully, and it will automatically start at your chosen time.

avast scan save preview


This was a simple method for scheduling a scan on latest versions of Avast Antivirus. I hope you found this method helpful. If you see any changes in a later version, let us know in the comments below so we can update the information in this article.

If you face other similar problems with Avast’s new UI, check out our other articles to resolve your issues.


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