(8 Easy Steps) – How to Reset Toner on Brother MFC?

Are you annoyed by the ‘Toner low’ and ‘Replace toner’ messages on your Brother MFC printer? Don’t worry; this error is common, and a simple Brother MFC toner reset will resolve the issue. Brother printers have a built-in toner counter that keeps track of the number of pages printed by the TN-221/TN-225 cartridges. Once you have printed 15,000 pages, you need to replace the toner and reset it to maintain the print quality.

How to reset the toner on Brother MFC?

Just open the printer’s front cover, and simultaneously press the ‘Exit’ and ‘Clear’ buttons. Next, click the ‘Clear’ button again to view the reset menu. Now choose the toner you wish to reset and press ‘okay’. Finally, close the front cover to complete the toner reset.

Keep reading for details on the Brother MFC toner reset.

how to reset toner on brother mfc
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How to reset toner on brother MFC

Brother MFC printers often make a mistake. Because each print job needs different amounts of each color, even if many pages are printed, the toner cartridges may have plenty of toner. This is especially true for individuals who exclusively print in black and white with their Brother MFC.

This issue will only be resolved after resetting the toner counter. But before going ahead with that, you need to first check which color cartridges need to have their levels reset. To check your toner levels for each cartridge, you simply need to press the toner icon level and then press the toner life button. The ones that show an exclamation mark need to be reset. Now you can reset the toner to print smoothly.

Here are the steps to perform the Brother MFC-L2710DW toner reset.

  1. Open the front cover. A message will pop up saying that the front door is open
  2. Simultaneously press the “exit” button along with the “clear” button
  3. Quickly press “clear” again
  4. You will now see the reset menu. Look for the appropriate toner.

TNR-STD – Select this option if your toner yield is standard (tn-730).

TNR-HC – choose this option if your toner has a high yield, such as tn-760

  1. Press “ok” after selecting the appropriate toner
  2. Now press the up arrow. This will make sure that your reset is successful
  3. Close the front door
  4. Print away!
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The appearance of a “toner low” message on your display scene is an issue that is often reported by the users of Brother MFC printers. Fortunately for you, the fix is not difficult. Follow the list of instructions mentioned above to quickly and easily solve your problem.

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