(SOLVED) – How to Reset Toner on Brother Hl-2270dw?

If you have a Brother hl-2270dw printer, you may experience a situation where the toner light stays on, preventing you from printing. You may even get a ‘toner empty’ or ‘toner low’ message on your screen. If the issue remains after replacing the toner, your printer may require a simple reset

How do you reset the toner on a Brother HL-2270DW?

You can perform the Brother HL-2270DW toner reset by turning off your printer and opening the printer’s front cover. Next, long-press the ‘Go’ button after switching on the printer. Release the ‘Go’ button once the LED is on. Now press the ‘Go’ button twice until the drum, toner, and LED lights turn on. Finally, press the ‘Go’ button 6 times (for TN-420/TN-2210 cartridges) to reset the toner.

Keep reading to know all about the Brother HL-2270DW toner reset and how to reset the drum counter.

how to reset toner on brother hl 2270dw
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How to reset toner on Brother HL-2270dw

To reset the toner cartridge, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Turn your printer off
  2. Open the front cover of your printer
  3. Press and hold the “go” button while switching the printer on
  4. Release the “go button when the ‘ready’ LED is on (other LEDs should be off). When you release the button, all the LEDs will turn off
  5. Now press “go” twice. You will see the drum, toner, and error LEDs switching on.
  6. Press the “go” button
    • 6 times for TN-420/TN-2210 cartridges;
    • 7 times for TN-450/TN2210 cartridges
  7. You will now the error LED blinking. You can now close the front door.

After you change the cartridge, you must reset the page counter on the printer. This will switch off the printer’s drum warning light.

To reset the drum, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the front cover
  2. Press and hold the “go” button until all the LEDs are open
  3. Let go of the “go” button
  4. Close the front cover

HL-2270dw toner reset may also sometimes require you to reset the toner sensor. This is a method similar to the first method.

To reset the toner sensor, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the front cover.
  2. Switch the printer off
  3. Press and hold the “go” button. Release it when all LEDs are open
  4. Now press the start button two times. All LEDs should be on again
  5. Press the go button five times
  6. You should see the toner light going off now
  7. Close the front cover
  8. Make sure that only the “ready” LED light is on

If your printer is not working the way it used to work, it is time for you to reboot your computer to continue printing normally.

Another option you can consider is the factory reset for your Brother HL-2270. The instructions are quite simple for you to follow.

To reset your printer to factory settings, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Switch your printer off
  2. Press and hold the “go” button. All the LEDs will light up. Let go of the go button only when the ready LEDs lights turn off. All the lights will turn off when you release “go”
  3. Finally press “go” ten times. Your printer will now return to its factory settings

Overall note: Make sure you print test pages after every attempt to reset your device. This will make sure that your device is working fine.

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Listed above, we have provided you relevant sets of instructions for your ease and comfort. You now know how to easily reset your Brother HL-2270dw.

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