How to Reset PS4 Controller? (Soft and Hard Reset)

Having PS4 functionality issues in the middle of your favorite game would surely frustrate you! Presumably, you will think about whether you can reset PS4 controller. No doubt, resetting PS4 controller resolves many problems, but not everyone has the basic information!

So, can you reset PS4 controller?

Yes, you can reset PS4 controller to resolve the problems manifested by the controller. There are two types of PS4 controller reset; the hard & soft reset. Both methods require technical know-how!

To have a detailed stepwise guide on how to reset PS4 controller, we suggest to keep reading our guide! In addition, you will also get your hands on other troubleshooting methods for your PS4 controller.

how to reset the ps4 controller
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How to reset PS4 controller?

PS4 controllers, sometimes, make us suffer from hampered excitement and enjoyment. If you face such an unfortunate scenario where your controller does not work, consider resetting the PS4 controller.

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of resets; therefore, you must learn how to hard/soft reset PS4 controller. 

Let’s discuss each type of PS4 controller reset separately

Soft reset PS4 controller

Soft resetting the PS4 controller will reset the entire connection between your PS4 console and the controller.

To soft reset PS4 controller, please ensure that you have got a spare PS4 controller to continue with the procedure.

Here are the steps to soft reset PS4 controller:

  1. Open up the PS4’s main menu and navigate to the Settings, where you have to opt for ‘Devices’ and then ‘Bluetooth devices.’
  2. The next screen will show up with all the controllers that have been connected to your PS4 ever or currently connected.
  3. The same screen will show you two dots of green and grey colors, next to the controller in use and the one that is not functional anymore, respectively.
  4. Now you have to press the Options button on the controller you are currently using after choosing the inactive controller. Opt for ‘Forget device,’ which will remove the controller that does not work on your PS4 anymore.
  5. Press and hold the PS4 button to make sure your console turns off. After a while, the ‘Quick Menu’ should appear on your screen.
  6. Meanwhile, your PS4 is turned off. Take that non-working controller, use a USB cable, connect it to your console, and then turn on your PS4.
  7. Now, press and hold the PlayStation button on the controller connected through a USB cable to the console. If it gets connected to the PS4, it will turn the light bar blue, and you will know that you have completed the soft-reset effectively!

Hard reset PS4 controller

Hard resetting of your PS4 controller straightforwardly means bringing your controller’s settings back to default.

Some people cannot perform the soft reset due to the unavailability of an extra PS4 controller. However, everyone can go for a hard reset.

Here are the steps to hard reset PS4 controller:

  1. First, to reset your PS4 controller, make sure you turn off your console completely and unplug the controller from the console.
  2. Next, turn over your controller, where you have to locate the small reset button near the L2 shoulder.
  3. Moving on, you will need to have a small tool like a paperclip to push the reset button into the hole smoothly.
  4. Push and hold the reset button for a few seconds in position.
  5. Now, using a USB cable, you have to connect the PS4 controller with the console.
  6. The next step requires you to turn on your PS4 and wait for a while.
  7. Now you have to press and hold the PlayStation button on the controller you are using. If it has already paired up with the console, the light bar should turn blue.

PS4 controller hard reset has been a simple and straightforward trick serving as the right way to eliminate several issues manifested by PS4 DS4 controllers.

Other ways to troubleshoot the PS4 controller

Normally, a soft or hard reset of your PS4 controller should fix the misbehavior, yet if your controller is acting problematic, then there are other ways that you can try and see if they work for you;

Controller’s charging

Battery level of the controller is an essential factor. Make sure that you check your PS4 controller’s charging. It may behave weirdly if the battery level is too low to function normally. As a result, it will manifest connectivity issues.

USB cables and ports

Make sure you recheck all the USB cables and ports. You can try any other port on your PS4 console or use a different USB cable to plug in the controller. If you suspect it is the console that is troubling, try using the controller on a different PS4 console.

Check Wi-Fi

It is important to note that the PS4 controller’s connectivity issues might be due to poor Wi-Fi. Before you head onto resetting the controller, try unplugging the router from the main power source and plug it again. See if Wi-Fi is not the problem.

Check out our article to fix PS4 losing connection to WIFI.

Are you still facing the issue?

If you have tried out all the methods we have mentioned above to get rid of the erratic behavior of your PS4 controller and none has satisfied you enough, we suggest you try rebooting your modem.

If your PS4 controller still does not connect with the console, turn off the router or modem and try performing the hard reset. It may work for you.

The other way you can try getting rid of the issue is to send the controller to Sony to get it fixed. You can claim a warranty if your PlayStation is still under a one-year warranty; besides, you must possess proof of buying it.

To send it to Sony, navigate to the Sony’s Fix and Replace page, where you will have to insert the relevant information. Proceeding on, now you can send your controller and let them repair it. However, those who do not have the warranty can buy a new one from Amazon or stores.


Is it necessary to reset the PS4 controller?

It is not necessary to reset the PS4 controller until it starts being problematic and stops functioning. It is the first and foremost thing you would like to do.

What does resetting the PS4 controller mean?

PS4 controller reset means that you bring back all the settings you have made on the controller to date back to default.

How many types of PS4 controller’s reset are there?

There are two types of PS4 controller’s reset. One is a Soft reset, while the second is a Hard reset.

How do I differentiate between soft and hard reset?

Firstly, users prefer performing soft reset because that resolves any soft electrical issues. However, the hard reset of the PS4 controller refers to erasing all the settings on the controller and bringing it back to default.

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Final word

Your PS4 controller may need a repair in the form of a reset if it halts while you are playing a game or if it stops responding to your inputs. We have discussed the probable causes that can affect your PS4 controller and all of which can be resolved quickly with either soft or hard reset.

This guide has tried covering the maximum regarding resetting PS4 controller; hopefully, it will prove helpful!

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