(9 Easy Steps) – How to Reset HP 61 Ink Cartridge?

Can’t figure out how to reset HP 61 ink cartridge? We have got your back! All you need to do is replace the old cartridges with new ones or refill the low-level ink cartridges. Also, ensure the print heads are not clogged so you can print smoothly.

How do you reset HP ink cartridges after refill?

You need to remove the front panel of your printer and take out the refilled cartridge if the printer fails to recognize it. Then, unplug the printer and plug it back in after thirty seconds. Reinstall the refilled cartridges as soon as your HP printer asks for new ink cartridges. This is how you can reset HP cartridges without difficulty.

Keep reading to learn more about how to reset HP 61 ink cartridge and why are the HP 61 ink cartridge so popular.

how to reset hp 61 ink cartridge
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Why do you need to reset?

Here’s why you need to reset HP 61 ink cartridge.

  • Firstly, the printer showing an error message on the screen about the cartridge. There could be a possible reason that the cartridge has moved a little bit from its original position that caused this error. So you need to reset it to its original position.
  • In another case, you might experience your printer not giving out quality prints. The writing is blur or the print is not of high quality. That could be an indication that the ink cartridge is about to finish and you have to refill or replace it. So, you will have to take it out and reset it.

How to reset HP 61 ink cartridge?

Here are the steps to reset HP 61 ink cartridge.

  1. Remove the top cover of your printer and move the position of the carriage to bring it to the center.
  2. Then take out the cartridges out to clean the dried out ink that might be getting in the way of flawless printing.
  3. Clean the cartridge, if the ink in this is very low, empty it and refill or change the cartridge.
  4. Clean the printhead as well, remove all the ink stains and residue on it.
  5. Take a clean piece of cloth, dipped in cleaning liquid, and remove every stain or ink mark on the ink cartridge.
  6. Then clean all the circuits with a dry cloth, make sure the moisture on anything is completely dried.
  7. After everything is cleaned, put the ink cartridge back in its slot.
  8. Check the control penal of your printer to look for any messages related to the ink cartridge.
  9. Take out a test print and see it has been reset and installed again properly.

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Now, if after doing this whole process, the error persists or the quality of printing does not improve, make sure you installed the cartridge properly. In this case, the printer will show an error message ‘missing ink cartridge’. You will have to take out the cartridge again and insert it properly.

Why is it so popular?

HP 61 is one of the most popular and readily available cartridges in the market right now. The reason for its popularity are:

  • It fulfills the value of money as provides high quality colors.
  • It is specifically known for its consistent and flawless printing quality.
  • It is used in top end printers and is compatible with almost every famous and premium printer brand.

It’s available in 2 types; standard and high yield. Both are good enough; the standard is suitable for regular use whereas high yield could help you with more high-end graphics and suitable for professional level usage.

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The choice of ink depends mainly on your type of usage. HP 61 is good for regular and professional usage for its flawless and high quality output. Resetting cartridges could be a scary thought for some but it is no rocket science. Just follow the steps carefully and you will be able to do it easily.

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