(SOLVED) – How to Reset Canon Printer to Factory Settings?

How to reset the Canon printer? You can factory reset your printer by pressing the ‘Setup’ button while the printer is on. Next, go to Device Settings> press ok> Reset Settings> press ok> Reset all and press ok. Finally, select the ‘Yes’ option to factory reset your Canon printer.

Can you hard reset a Canon printer?

Many Canon printer users face errors such as the offline printer error. You can hard reset the Canon printer to get rid of the errors. Just long-press the ‘Stop’ button on the printer until the printer alarm sequence starts. Finally, release the ‘Stop’ button once the alarm flashes 19 times to hard reset your canon printer.

Keep reading to learn about resetting the Canon and Canon Pixma printers to factory settings and how to reset the ink cartridges.

how to reset canon printer to factory settings
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How to factory reset canon printer?

There are various methods to reset Canon printers, which we are listing down below. However, only two of these methods people frequently opt for are factory reset and ink reset. Besides, these often used methods are also not relatively easy, and you may need an excellent guide to perform these.

  • Power reset.
  • Ink reset.
  • Hard reset.
  • Resetting Canon Pixma Printer.
  • Factory reset.

How to reset Canon printer to factory settings?

Here are the steps to reset Canon printer to factory settings.

  1. Make sure you turn on your Canon printer, first and foremost. Then, move to the menu option.
  2. Next, to set up the menu, you have to access the directional arrows.
  3. Next, make sure you navigate to the device settings and click ‘ok.’
  4. You will see reset options. Make sure you press ‘ok‘ so that the resetting process starts!

How to reset Canon Pixma printer to factory settings?

There are different types of Canon printers, one of them is the Pixma printer. These Canon Pixma printers produce beautiful, brilliant, and high-quality images. These are one of the preferred printers worldwide for their fantastic features.

Here’s how to reset the Canon Pixma printer to factory settings.

  1. Firstly, turn on your Pixma printer and then navigate to the device settings after opening up the menu.
  2. Once you open the device settings, you will see the ‘resetting‘ option. Make sure you click ‘ok‘ so that your device can begin with the resetting process right away.
  3. Next, you have to turn off your Pixma printer. Besides, make sure that you hold the printer’s power button along with the stop button for a while.
  4. Next, you have to release the stop button after a while. Then press the stop button again twice. Please make sure you do not let go of the power button while you release and press the stop button.
  5. Almost after 30 seconds, you will see an ‘O’ on your printer’s screen. Once you see this ‘O,’ the next thing you have to do is press the stop button four times.
  6. Afterward, you have to press the power button twice and then one more time for the last time to turn it off and finish the reset process.

How to reset Canon ink cartridge?

Here’s how to reset the Canon ink cartridge.

  1. Firstly, you should perform the ink cartridge removal from the printer and then insert it into the resetting mechanism.
  2. Please check if the chip on the ink cartridge is maintaining good and firm contact with the resetter’s plate.
  3. Next, you need to hold the ink cartridge with a light hand and wait for the LED light to start flashing.
  4. Please make sure that you keep holding the ink cartridge and wait for the LED light to become stable and constant.
  5. Next, you have to remove the ink cartridge from the chip resetter.
  6. Lastly, you need to get those ink cartridges installed on your Canon printer so that you can resume your printing activities!

How to reset Canon Pixma ink cartridge?

Here are the steps to reset the Canon Pixma ink cartridge.

  1. First and foremost, please make sure that your Canon Pixma device is no more in contact with any cable, be it USB cables or power cables. It would be best if you unplug all the cables.
  2. Next, you have to open the ink cartridge door. To perform this, you have to press the power button.
  3. Please make sure that while you press the power button, you reconnect all the cables back!
  4. Lastly, you have to let go of the power button. Besides, close the ink cartridge door. This step completes your resetting Canon printer procedure!

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In conclusion

Indeed, Canon printers continue to rule over users’ hearts owing to excellent services and unique features. Besides, a few issues with every machinery device is pretty much understandable. However, resetting your Canon printer may solve many problems quickly, but you must ensure that you perform the reset as mentioned in this guide.

We hope this article will help you reset your Canon printers in no time!

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