How to Reset Brother Toner?

how to reset brother toner
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Did you recently replace your Brother Toner cartridge but the printer is still not working? Instead, you are told that your toner is low or that you should replace the toner. You have tried everything to make that message go away but it just won’t go away? Quite irritating!

You have tried everything including shaking the cartridges to making sure that there are no technical faults in your printer.

Well, don’t worry because we have you covered. Most of the time, you have to manually tell the printers that you have replaced them. Here, we provide a guide for you to reset brother toner printers across different models. Generally, to avoid the warning message, all you need to do is reset the toner counter. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to reset the toner counter.

What is the Toner counter

In simple words, a toner counter is a general estimate of the toner level on a printer. This tells us when to replace the toner.

The problem comes in when some laserjets are unable to read the toner level and require you to manually reset the counter.

Similarly, brother toners lack the ability to read toner – they are unable to provide an accurate toner level, and thus, and brother toner reset becomes compulsory.

Sometimes, when you install a new cartridge, the printer fails to recognize the new cartridge and tells you to “replace toner”. However, you know that the cartridge is new. What to do now? To solve this mystery, it is extremely important for you to know how to reset brother toner.

How to reset brother toner?

Resetting toner on Brother Printer HL

Brother HL toner reset is quite simple. Follow the procedure below:

  1. Install the cartridge into the machine as you normally do.
  2. Roughly after 10 seconds, simultaneously press the “Back” and “Go” buttons for 2 seconds.
  3. Let go of both buttons.
  4. Press the “Back” button again.
  5. From the options provided, select the appropriate version of your cartridge. Press “Ok” to select.
  6. Now press the “Down” button.
  7. Close the front cover and print away!

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Resetting toner on Brother Printer MFC

Brother MFC toner reset is quite simple. Find the procedure below:

  • Open the front cover.
  • Now press “Back”/”Clear”.
  • Then press *00.
  • Press “Ok”.

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Resetting toner on Brother Printer DCP

The DCP brother printers are printers that are used for intensive printing. Brother has both, black and white and colored printers in this series. These can be used in offices and at home. Below are the instructions to reset the toner for DCP-L2540dw.

Brother DCP toner reset is quite simple. Find the procedure below:

  1. Open the front cover.
  2. Press and hold the “Replace” button. You will now see a message saying ‘replace drum’.
  3. Select yes and press the “Start” button.
  4. Now, alternatively, press the “up” and “down” buttons until you see “00”.
  5. Press “Ok”.
  6. Close the front cover and start printing.

Resetting toner for HL, MFC and DCP colored printers

Like all the procedures, this one is also quite simple

  1. Leave your printer powered on and open the front cover. You will see a message saying ‘cover is open’.
  2. Press the “back”/ “Clear” button.
  3. Now, scroll through your options. Options for all colors will be available. Select the most appropriate one.
  4. Choose and select the size and color of the toner that will be reset.
  5. Press “Ok”.
  6. Press “Back”/ “Clear”.
  7. Close the front cover.
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This process of brother toner cartridge reset is extremely simple and easy. You can complete all the steps without any assistance. You will see that your printer starts printing in no time.


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