How to Reset Brother MFC l2700dw Drum & Toner?

You should replace the printer’s drum and toner to print smoothly and maintain the printer’s health. Brother MFC I2700DW drum reset is an easy process that you can do yourself. Just open the front cover of the Brother machine while it’s on and press ‘Ok’ for two seconds. Next, press the ‘1’ key to reset the Brother printer’s drum unit.

Why does my Brother printer keep telling me to replace the drum?

Once you have printed 15,000 pages, the Brother printer will display a ‘Replace Drum’ message. You should always replace the drum unit to maintain the print quality.

Keep reading to learn about Brother MFC I2700DW toner and drum reset.

how to reset brother mfc l2700dw drum
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How to replace drum on brother MFC-l2700dw?

If you own a Brother MFC l2700 laser printer, you must know that both the drum and toner parts come separately in this printer, however assembled, making it easier for you to replace the drum when needed. A question might arise in your head: how would you know if your printer drum needs replacement? Well, the LCD screen of your printer indicates when it requires drum replacement.

Drum replacement of the printer is important, or else, you would see messy printed documents, which we believe you would not want! Besides, it is better to replace it on time not to encounter any difficulty in cases of urgent prints.

Here are the steps to replace the drum unit on the Brother MFC I2700DW.

  1. First and foremost, make sure that you have turned your Brother MFC l2700 on.
  2. Next, to open the cover on the front, make sure that you hold the handles on both sides of the cover door and tug.
  3. Your next move is to remove the toner and drum unit of the printer. You have to pull out anyone, and the other would come out since the two work together.
  4. You will see a green lever on the lower-left corner on the drum unit that you have to push down to separate the toner cartridge from the drum unit.
  5. Next, you must have the new drum unit for your printer, remove all the seal or packaging from the new drum unit.
  6. The toner cartridge that you earlier detached from the old drum unit, please insert into the new one. If you successfully insert the cartridge into the new drum unit, you will hear a snap sound that the green lock lever produces.
  7. You should see a green tab on the corner of the drum unit. Please make sure that you slide it several times until it gets back in its original position. You can refer to it as ‘cleaning the corona wire.’
  8. Now place both the drum unit and toner cartridge assembled back into your MFC l2700 brother printer, and make sure that you place it correctly.
  9. Lastly, you have to close the front cover of the printer that you removed in the beginning, and you are good to go!

Brother MFC-l2700dw drum reset

Even after you replace the drum unit of Brother MFC l2700 successfully, you will encounter the ‘drum replacement’ message on your printer’s screen. Well, you need not worry about it as it is ok. All you need to do is to perform the drum reset right away. 

Here’s how to perform a Brother MFC I2700DW drum reset.

  1. Begin with opening the front cover of your brother printer. And then make sure that you hold the ‘ok’ button for two or more seconds.
  2. While you hold the ok button for a few seconds, you will see the ‘replace drum’ statement on your printer’s digital screen.
  3. Next, you have to press ‘1’ that corresponds with ‘yes’ and then press ‘ok.’
  4. In the end, you have to place the front cover back and wait for a while to let the printer process your commands. The ‘replace drum’ message should disappear after you perform the reset.

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How to reset toner on brother mfc-l2700dw

Here are the steps to perform a Brother MFC I2700DW toner reset.

  1. To start the process, please ensure that you open the front cover first, and your printer’s digital screen should show a ‘front cover open’ message.
  2. Next, you need to press and hold the ‘ok’ button for a few seconds.
  3. Next, you might see your printer’s screen saying, ‘replace the drum.’
  4. We suggest you not perform any actions on the printer’s screen; rather, type ‘* 0 0’ on the keypad.
  5. Once you have performed the steps mentioned, you have successfully reset your toner. You can now close the front cover!
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In conclusion

Undoubtedly, brother printers are in great demand worldwide, owing to their brilliant performances. However, some of you might not know how to perform the basic drum or toner resets/replacements on these printers. Therefore, in this article, we have tried our best to quickly help you learn how to replace the drum unit, reset it, and reset the toner on your Brother MFC l2700 printer.

Hopefully, it will assist you!

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